Open the paper-towel dispenser's cover using your Philips head screwdriver and turn it counter-clockwise. With a variety of options available, it is best to first decide where your paper towel dispenser will be located. Go to #2, Attempt entry with one of these: Universal Paper Dispenser Key 2 Pack ---Success? Copyright 2020 There is usually enough of a gap in the bottom of the door to pull the key out with the lanyard part that is still attached to it. Partition Mounted Toilet Paper Dispensers. Toilet tissue dispensers come in open and enclosed styles. To do this, slide the latch down so that the door can barely close. There's no lock. Pull the lever of the paper-towel dispenser a few times to dislodge any remaining paper towels. Choosing the right paper towel dispenser for your business may seem difficult, but this guide will explain the different designs and types of dispensers so you can make the best choice! A paper clip or small flat screwdriver may work? So you are using the string or elastic to pull the chain toward the centre of the door. Slowly close the door and the elastic will pull the chain out of the track. We carry dispensers that vend two or three products at a time, with varying capacities per chamber. The outer knob has a hole in the center that lets you insert small rod (in our case a paper clip). Right. If so, you have the benefit of out-of-the-way operation with this type of unit. Whether you are looking for a surface-mounted or countertop dispenser, we have a selection of styles and colors to choose from. PA The mounting style and type of dispenser will affect how paper towels are stored, as well as how they are dispensed. Determining which style will work in your establishment is priority number one. Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser (PFO-RD0026-01F), Palmer Dual Roll Standard Toilet Paper Dispenser, White (PFO-RD0028-03), Palmer Two Roll Standard Toilet Paper Dispenser, White (PFO-RD0025-03). Meet the criteria established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), helping make your business more accessible to people with disabilities. Feminine hygiene disposal bags often feature an undercut lip to enable easy opening, for proper, discreet disposal of feminine hygiene products. You would be surprised at how many of the locks and latches around us can be bypassed with a simple paperclip. How can we improve it? Except the doorchain, when properly installed, must be pulled towards the center of the door to unlatch it. It appears to be opened from the top using a hinge attached to the bottom. The lesser the angle of the string, the better, so that you are pulling the chain toward the hinges as much as possible, rather that upward, which can cause it to bind in the track. It appears to be opened from the top using a hinge attached to the bottom. Or, find something that will fit into the slot and push down to release the latch while gently pulling towards you. You will only be charged when your orders ship. Please let me know if you need any other details. If you have a key to use as an example, try to replicate its shape as well as you can. Toilet tissue dispensers come in recessed, surface mounted, and partition mounted styles. Soap dispensers help prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, thus reducing illnesses and sick days. There was a lot of controversy back in 2008 about some Medico locks being "bump" picked (Google it). This pushes on a pressure plate that disengages the latch. ...uuh... yeaah.. ... .... that should work. Medico did redesign their locks after the bump-technique was revealed and they made a claim that the new design was bump-proof. We carry single coin, double coin, and no coin options for just this purpose. These dispensers typically require a lock-and-key operation to open and close the dispenser during maintenance, and may feature concealed brake or tension springs to provide controlled delivery of toilet paper, stopping the roll from spinning freely. I wouldn't futz around with it because you might need to replace the unit if you mess up trying it on your own. Even so, you can apply film to glass to make it harder to break (3M makes it) or apply plexiglass over the windows in your door. The number of rolls a dispenser holds directly impacts the amount of maintenance the dispenser will require. Reply. Remove the roll of paper towels. You may have heard of people opening a door with a credit card. Well, you can usually do the same thing with a paper clip. Close the paper-towel dispenser's cover. Remove any stray bits of paper towel that you find. Service calls do not result in replacement or repair, just the reset, which lasts about a day. Locking toilet paper holders are perfect for highly-trafficked areas such as public restrooms, rest stops, and gas stations. 705 General Washington Avenue | Suite 703, Forms, Recordkeeping & Reference Materials, Transcription & Transcription Accessories, Georgia Pacific Toilet Paper Dispensers (8), Kimberly Clark Toilet Paper Dispensers (10), Gatco 21" Toilet Paper Stand, Fits Jumbo & Regular Rolls, Nickel, Each (1431SN), Bobrick Theft Resistant Toilet Paper Spindle for ClassicSeries (BOB273103), Bobrick Replacement Spindle for Classic/ConturaSeries Dispensers (BOB42889), Palmer 4-Roll Carousel Toilet Paper Dispenser (PFO-RD0044-01), Kimberly Clark 9551 Dual JRT Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser, Smoke/Gray (KCC09551), San Jamar R4000 Twin Roll Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser, Black (SJMR4000TBK), Kimberly Clark 9507 JRT Jr. Escort Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser (KCC09507), San Jamar Oceans Twin JBT Toilet Paper Dispenser, Black (SJMR4090TBK), San Jamar R2090 Oceans Single JRT Toilet Paper Dispenser, Black (SJMR2090TBK), Gatco 21" Toilet Paper Stand, Fits Jumbo & Regular Rolls, Brass, Each (1431B), Gatco 21" Toilet Paper Stand, Fits Jumbo & Regular Rolls, Chrome, Each (1431C), San Jamar Duett Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Black Pearl, Each (SJMR3590TBK), Gatco 21" Toilet Paper Stand, Fits Jumbo & Regular Rolls, Black, Each (1431MX), San Jamar R4000 Twin Jumbo Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser, Black (SAN R4000TBK), San Jamar Single Jumbo Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Trans Black (SJMR2000TBK), Kimberly Clark 9608 Twin Jumbo Coreless Toilet Paper Dispenser, Smoke (KCC09608), Georgia-Pacific Micro-Twin Toilet Tissue Dispenser (GPC59206), Palmer Twin 9" Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser, Stainless, Each (PFO-RD0327-09F), Bobrick Stainless Steel Dual Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser (BOB2888), San Jamar R3600 Versatwin Dual Toilet Paper Dispenser, Black Pearl (SJMR3600TBK), San Jamar Locking Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Chrome (SJMR260XC), San Jamar R3500 Duett Dual Roll Toilet Paper Dispenser, Black (SJMR3500TBK), San Jamar Oceans Reserva Stub Roll Jumbo Toilet Paper Dispenser (SJMR3090TBK), San Jamar R200XC Locking Toilet Tissue Dispenser, Chrome (SJMR200XC), Tork 3 Roll Bath Tissue Roll Dispenser for OptiCore, Black (TRK565828), Tork Twin Jumbo Roll Bath Tissue Dispenser, Rigid Vinyl Plastic, Black (TRK56TR), Tork Jumbo Bath Tissue Dispenser for 9" Rolls, Smoke (TRK66TR), Georgia Pacific Jumbo Jr. Unless you're Popeye you should be able to get your arm through far enough to touch the knob at the end of the chain. Tear off the paper towels just above the rollers. You can then turn the outer knob and open the door. Failure? These rudimentary locks just have a small spring loaded clamp that holds the U-bar (called the shackle) in place. 2) Locks CAN slow burglars down quite a bit...if you have good ones (and reinforce the strike in the frame). Hi, and thanks for everyone's comments. Pull the paper-towel dispenser's lever three or four times to make sure the paper is completely fed through. Most often you can open a dispenser by inserting the straightened tip of a paper clip into the key slot and pressing down on the plate below. This spring loaded plate is usually located just above the key hole. Open dispenser with key 2. Toilet Paper Dispenser (SAN R4090TBK), San Jamar Standard 1 Roll Capacity Toilet Tissue Dispenser (SAN R200XC), San Jamar Single Jumbo Jr. I have picked an Abloy and a Medeco in the same week before. Or at an angle if necessary. This form is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Lower capacity than jumbo roll dispensers, Better suited for low traffic environments, or areas where space is of concern, Great for use in hotel rooms, small, intimate establishments, and office restrooms, Higher capacity than standard roll dispensers, Better suited for high traffic environments. What to do if the screw on the top rotates freely and does not open the dispenser? But usually there are one or two spring loaded plates that latch around the front cover. The lock is generally located on the top of the paper-towel dispenser. Just the two holes on the sides, opposite from one another. It looks like this. Some are cheaply constructed. Many dispensers are field-convertible to allow for single, double, or no coin operation, and most come pre-set on one of these settings. Again, it might take a couple of tries if the chain binds at the end of the track. Minimize abuse and extending the product's life. It's a frustrating situation, and one of those where the best solution is the one that works. Don;t know this particular brand. Note: A paper clip can not be used to unlock actual police handcuffs., New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Rejoice! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Add Comment Cancel . If there is no slack - even with the door closed - you can always use the hook and elastic method: Get a peel-and-stick hook and an elastic. Add a comment .

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