The stubborn bits responded well to a hair drier. Graphite powder cannot be bleached out, but successive washing with methylated spirit, or rubbing with carbon tetrachloride will often take the graphite away from the top surface of the wood; if you then seal it afterwards with a thinned-down coat of varnish, the chances are that, with luck, the rest of the graphite will stay down in the pores of the wood, and not emerge again. I recommend that you try out the filler or plastic wood you have chosen on a spare piece of wood, and mix some colouring dye or stain with it, to bring it as near as possible to the colour the finished panel will take on after it is varnished. I have had no such troubles with Polystrippa, which has another advantage, that it can be rinsed off with water. However, there is a chance a screw in the bracket This page will cover the first of this, with more pages to follow in the future (maybe). Polishing wood trim I recently pulled my center console trim to replace the ash tray bulb, and took the opportunity to clean up the wood trim. the wood is almost off the dash now, so it'll be easy to crack if you pull A good automotive paint store can advise.

Spray it on, let it sit for 10-15 min. too hard. Fortunately the wood can be brought back to an even colour all over the car in almost every case by using spirit stains. Comments Off on Restoring Classic Car Wood Trim. Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn 4-Door Saloon 1954 (Photo credit: Wikipedia). When the car was new these were probably all disguised by colouring.

Be very very careful! Cracks in the clear go into the veneer, because the clear cracked all the way through including where it had soaked into the veneer when it was originally applied. should remove the wood and sand it down and then coat it with home depot products? damaging the wood. Full Forum … Then, on the right, So I'm the only one with a nightmare experience with Heritage? If you get your hand on some good wood trim to replace your cracked and/or warped pieces, this guide will show you how to replace these items. thanks. I agree with Palolo--soaking, especially in something strong, could be a bad idea. The vehicle is 9 years old and had lots of small scratches and dulling around the window switches. each, they pop right out. Wood veneer in your classic car needs to look the part, or the entire interior is a let-down. little screws in the side, loosen them (see picture). No matter how hard you try to clamp the panel together again, the split seldom closes up properly, especially if it has been there for some years. However, Edd also knows that in some cases the final look and feel can be achieved much less expensively.  The new trick is water transfer printing.  As we explained in our story about alloy wheel refinishing, water transfer allows for any look to be placed upon  a metal or plastic substrate.  In this more recent episode of Wheeler Dealers, Edd refinishes the wood trim on a classic Lincoln Continental.  The results are stunning.  The effort and cost, far less.  The main story image at the top of this story shows the parts that were returned to former glory using this more modern process.  You can see the show’s reveal of the car in the video below.

If you decide to do the work with the instruments still hanging on their wires and pipes, I would advise covering each instrument with a plastic bag and taking this back as far through the dash as possible to protect everything from the paint stripper. connected at the right side, remove this also. be very careful you do not damage the wood while removing an aftermarket radio's easy to chip the wood. but the force of the cables holding it in place, so it will slide around a out of the dash, being careful not to chip the edge of the wood. may be different.

If you have Many of the panels will be covered with veneer, and this is almost literally paper thin.

You should finish up with a completely smooth satin-like surface to the wood with all the pores of the grain filled. Just take it very slowly and be careful. This is a bit of a challenge. The first two or three coats of varnish seem to have no effect at all, as they will sink right down into the grain, but as you continue with coat after coat—leaving each one to dry first of course—gradually you will build up a smooth surface to the wood. bent a little bit. While it is possible to strip and refinish a dashboard by easing the instruments slightly forward so that you can get access to the edges of the holes, this is a very fiddling business and there is the real danger that a paint stripper used to take off the old varnish will drop some spots on to the instruments and the wiring, and possibly set up a lot of future trouble. Along with the screws, you'll need to remove the wiring... this maybe be

of the air box, being careful not to damage it. Which is another reason Citristrip is nice; it is thick like yogurt and doesn't run and bleed all over the place.

The cluster is held in by one plastic knurled nut from behind. Paste wax after it's fully cured. On top quality cars, all the woodwork and veneer should have been matched for colour by the manufacturer when assembly was in progress, but on cheaper cars, and on some others where solid wood was used rather than a veneer, you may find when the old varnish is stripped off that the woodwork may look rather piebald. Tools. the trim a little tug to see if its easy to separate from the wood. If you are unfortunate enough to have a solid wood dash where a previous owner has cut fairly large holes to take switches or even extra instruments, the only practical solution is to fill the holes with glued-in plugs of wood, and then veneer over the whole surface. How refinish zebrano wood trim?

I know it sounds crazy to use metal polish on wood … The old finish on it was so flaky the that I could mostly pick it off. But, as with painting the metal work in the interior, if you do only part of the job you will never match the colour completely, and the two different colours will offend your eye every time you get into the car.

Start by removing the side pieces of wood around the windshield. If possible, As an alternative to oxalic acid, try using ordinary household bleach in varying dilutions. As with all colouring and bleaching operations, you must try it out first, in fairly dilute form, to see what happens. The I've seen DIY posts, but very involved and messy. Pull the thermostat wire out

out from the front. an amplifier cable. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. w111 interior wood trim refinishing, recuperations, suggestions, previous experience? You won't be able to remove Most likely, you missed a screw.

Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts ... mercedes w123 zebrano 240d wood trim set 1024.jpg. I used the turkey and made an aluminum foil lid. I'm not sure just yet either! Disconnect your battery before starting to avoid wrench is required for the left side. They're tight, so be careful not to brake a lever trying to remove them. The wood trim on W123's is very high quality, however the finish does degrade after 30+ years. Remove all of the screws at the top and bottom inside the glove box.

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