Visas are a topic you’ll have to consult Fiji Immigration about. If you plan to drink or stay out late, take your card or just as much cash as you need for the night and don’t put your phone anywhere that’s easily accessible. The video game allows players to build with a […] Is living in Fiji really as idyllic as it seems? Oh ye newcomer, prepare for a wild ride when it comes to finding housing in Fiji. I would not suggest getting a standalone house without a fence that’s out in the boonies. I hate spam. If you love something, stock up. These are the tips I would tell a friend. You’ll be seeing former lovers on a regular basis. Opening Hours: 9.00 am - 5:00pm. Suva tends to skew less conservative than the rest of the country. P147 Ratu Mara Road, Samabula, Suva, Direct Dial Phone: (+679) 7736301 Though spending time on an island might not be exactly how you might imagine, it certainly is an adventure in itself. If you go for a run or walk, stick to the areas you know and keep your shoulders and knees covered if you venture outside of the city center. Another art gallery has been set up in Suva to help exhibit art from local artists and designers who do not have a place to showcase their work. There are so many expats here in a similar position, it’s accepted that everyone is constantly looking for new friends and activity buddies. Most resorts are kid friendly and tend to run activities from sun up to sun down, giving parents some time to themselves. Try not to get involved in or start drama if you’re not willing to have it follow you around. At the resorts, you may need to alert them in advance if you have any dietary restrictions so that they can prepare. The Red Pencil, located at Shop 4, Toorak, Suva, was opened last Thursday, 23 November 2006. It’s a common misconception that hospitality/tourism jobs are easy to come by in Fiji, as locals tend to be naturally friendly and excel in these positions. I am here to help you, but I am not here to do your research. Share Wednesday, 13 August 2008 08:14 AM. Quick overview of living in Nadi : Nadi is the tourism hub of Fiji — where most people start and end their journey. Business is critical for disaster recovery, Regional Capacity Building Workshop and AGM 2017, Brussels Briefing 46: Howard Aru, Director General of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Vanuatu, Brussels Briefing 46: H.E Ambassador Roy Mickey Joy, Brussels Briefing 46: Agribusiness Development & Tourism Markets in SIDS, Vanuatu Agritourism Policy Setting Workshop 2016, Samoa Agritourism Policy Setting Workshop 2016, Supporting Pacific Agri-Food Recovery at EDD 2015, Vanuatu Agritourism Festival 2016 (Storify highlights). You can find seasonal fresh fruit and produce at the market and products with a long shelf-life at the grocery stores. Quick overview of living in Nadi: Nadi is the tourism hub of Fiji — where most people start and end their journey. After traveling to tens of countries and living as an expat in Australia for five years, I have to say that Fiji is one of the best destinations for making friends. What happens when you leave your life and decide to move to a tropical country? They are usually trying to get the attention from someone across the street/someone who they know, similar to how you might whistle or shout at someone. Rather, they have a hotspot that can be used all throughout the country. You may have luck as a scuba diving guide or instructor. This does not mean that they are blowing kisses at you. the views expressed herein are While you might find some homes featured on Facebook, the pictures are often deceiving. While it’s easy to make expat friends, it might be a challenge to find a solid group of local friends–especially if you don’t work alongside many locals. Always take pictures of your car before you drive off the lot. Avatars from the previous version should continue to work without change. Read: Driving in Fiji 101: Everything You Need to Know and How to Buy a Car in Fiji. The work on setting up the Solomon Islands High Commission office has been progressing well, according to the Under Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Seda Fifi'i. Don’t reveal any expensive items–and be wary of anyone who seems overly helpful. Since most spouses of working expats cannot work themselves, there are many stay-at-home mothers and fathers.

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