I want the casino red and have 7/9 but no clue what it is to get the other 2. Getting Winner's Circle (Top 10) in the premium tournament in yahtzee with buddies will get you awarded dice when they announce "win black diamond dice" etc... What is the fairy in the Nutcracker showdowns, The "fairy" is the last dice master to beat in the nutcracker challenge showdown in yahtzee with buddies.http://yahtzee-with-buddies.blogspot.com/2015/12/how-to-earn-nutcracker-dice-in-yahtzee.html, If you want to see what you have to do to unlock a certain dice, you have to click on the star at the bottom of the screen. This Canberra especially handy when looking for someone to play with.NOTE: it does not mean someone is online.found this on the help button on the front page. I just started playing and got butterfly dice. Aside from getting some play time, beating the Dice Masters will also get you cool rewards. Here's how: Everyone starts off with the standard dice. Does anyone have a picture of Watermark dice or Fluttershy dice? You can usually beat them and they make some pretty awful moves. Anyone know why? Please note that it is updated on an almost daily basis. Yahtzee with Buddies (Everything You Need to Know), Yahtzee with Buddies & Dice with Buddies Custom Dice List. www.tinyurl.com/ywbdice Do you have pics of both Watermark and fluttershy? When I've got custom dice I can't see all my rolls eg the butterfly dice I roll and let's just say I have 33564 if I keep the 33 then roll again I will not be able to see what I've rolled just 33 and a butterfly on each of the other dice. Just follow the tips and tricks listed above and you’ll surely win every match. Do you know what the 3 platinum achievements are the for the platinum dice? Those are the names Scopely auto-assigns to each account when they are set up, and many people don’t bother changing theirs to something better. I saw that but figured everyone would know what I meant :) Glad it gave you a chuckle.! At the bottom of that, you will see a ring that says Section Bonus. they said it indicates someone who has had activity in the last 24 hours. But I don't know what the PvP is. Rewards include experience and scratchers which are useful for getting even more experience. Please help! There are ads that show that you can get a random dice with the purchase of $99 worth of dice. The butterfly is the number 1. What do I do with them? :) Good luck. Watermark Dice - Offered with the $49.99 bonus pack purchase. Sky Blue Dice - Purchase for 200 Diamonds. I'm playing the Halloween game and have treats. Info on how to beat the Dice Masters, Dice Duels, and PvP. There is a sale for $2.99 and you get 18 bonus rolls and a set of custom dice. The top left on the first row. Butterfly Dice - Purchase for 2,000 Diamonds.

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