That amounts to around $4500 to cover 15,000 miles which is the average distance most people travel in a year. and with the service programs offered on the H3 cost per mile is competitive. It would cost the government 56 Billion the first year, 156 billion the second year and up to 500 Billion in 3 to 5 years. View detailed gas mileage data for the 2004 HUMMER H1. 16 t0 18 mpg is more than acceptable to me. However, they do all agree. Despite its relatively compact design compared to the H1, the H2 doesn’t impress in the mileage department. If you are driving a gas-guzzler, you want the vehicle to have a decent fuel tank to extend your range. The average for the Hummer in the city is 12 The other modification I made on our return trip was to my driving style. This is because of their bigger size and often sluggish pace. Of course, what they’re really thinking is: What kind of an asshole are you? The H1s produced from 1996 to 2004 came with two fuel tanks that could hold 42 gallons. Transport laws allowed vehicle manufacturers not to state the fuel economy ratings of vehicles that exceed a certain weight. Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik? Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve written a book. This increased the fuel capacity to 51 gallons, making the Alpha the H1 with the longest range. Low-pressure tires increase friction between the road and the Hummer, reducing fuel efficiency. But its off-roading capabilities trump that of regular SUVs. when you buy american you buy more than just the car. We share projects and helpful information. Popular auto writer Doug Demuro once tracked his Hummer H1’s fuel economy on a drive between Princeton and Philadelphia. I was getting passed by guys towing trailers. I'm betting within a year he to will be out of a job along with the other 3 to 5 million people that are directly impacted by GM from suppliers to dealers to the corner store. The two-gallon reduction was because the tank also housed the fuel pump and needed space for vapor. you have your options and i have mine. Hummer owners try a variety of tricks to improve fuel economy. All variants including the automatic and manual transmission H3s deliver over 14 mpg combined. However, most H1s were diesel-powered and delivered low mileage on the pavement. i'm sure there's a kia with your name on it. The H1 has a curb weight of 8,113 pounds and gets about 10-12 mpg depending on the speed, model year, and design. gm,ford, and chrysler all build good cars. That’s what it’s like to drive the Hummer. Here’s what happened. For example, I am told that it can crush a Chrysler PT Cruiser. 9.6 Avg MPG; 4 Vehicles; 8 Fuel-ups; 1,711 Miles Tracked; View All 2002 Hummer H1s H2s with their 32-gallon tanks require $96 for a full tank. In fact, you can buy synthetic fuel that offers higher mileage per gallon to boost your Hummer’s range. EDIT: didn’t know they made a gasoline version. Consider the cost of any modification and the potential reduction of fuel expenses. This increases friction creates more drag and raises fuel consumption. It could deliver 13 mpg on the highway and 10 mph in the city. If another question comes up i'll ask you. You can gain a mile or two by ensuring that your tires are always well inflated. Cruise is great, but when it will be less efficient with hil... ... © 2020 - All Rights Reserved. Thought it was all diesel. I'm not saying that that is the magic answer just that it's hard to compete when you start off $1600 in the red per car. The first models were built to mimic the military ones, and they used a 6.2 liter Detroit Diesel V8 with a three speed direct drive TH400 transmission. Fortunately, we came to several important conclusions during the filming of this video. Here is the fuel tank capacity of each Hummer model. The gas trucks hold less because the fuel pump is in the tank and there has to be room for vapor expansion. Use our handy tool to get estimated annual fuel costs based on your driving habits. The H2 SUT seems to fair better than the base trim H2s. But how do they compare to other trucks in their class? This makes the experience of Hummer owners a valuable resource when determining the mpg you can get on these beastly trucks. I'm not really for national health care. So for the drive back to Philadelphia, I decided to make a few aerodynamic modifications to the Hummer. Cars from the 1930s. It is like driving a brick box and the vehicle experienced tremendous drag. Expect 10mpg or less around town and offroad it can drop to low (very low) single figures. 3 Hummer H1s have provided 5 thousand miles of real world fuel economy & MPG data. what with all gas everybody else is saving under obama's plan there is plenty for me. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? What is the rising action of faith love and dr lazaro? But suffice it to say we did not reach my goal of respectable fuel economy, and I don’t think the cardboard and the painter’s tape really had any major effect, aside from littering a substantial portion of Interstate 95 in Mercer County, New Jersey. Just think of the tax dollars we would lose if GM went out of business. the problem i think is perception. We have another in-depth article about the Hummer Limos and how much they cost to rent (or buy). This year is my senior year and my parents have offered to buy me a used h1 (year 2000 and up) for graduation. Political turmoil, economic troubles, and conflict can raise or lower oil prices at short notice. Also – and this is a completely true fact – it makes you get to your destination slower. So before you complain about the gas-guzzling nature of a Hummer, find out how many miles you can get on a similar-sized truck. The price of oil fluctuates every day. The H3 has the most accurate fuel economy figures of all Hummers. and as for off road it is a silly guestion. The vehicle is designed for partying and moving in style, not to conserve fuel money. H2 figures come from half a dozen personal acquaintances, though I can't vouch for the accuracy of their calculations. Considering that the Hummer Limo is derived from the H2, the fuel economy will be below 10 mpg. There are no official figures of the H2’s mileage. Forty-six miles is all it took to reach Princeton. I know what you’re thinking: Who the hell are you? What I mean by this is, I taped some cardboard boxes over the wheel wells and I stuck a bunch of blue painter’s tape on the panel gaps in an effort to reduce drag and make the truck more slippery. The tank on a gas truck holds 23 gallons while the diesel tanks hold 25. We love cars, pickups, and everything with wheels! First, if mileage is a big concern, you probably have no business buying a Hummer. This is comparable to the fuel economy of the same model year of the Chrysler Aspen and Jeep Commander which get 14 mpg and 19 mpg in the city and highway, respectively. People marvel at the exceptional off-roading capabilities of the Hummer but complain about its fuel consumption. As far as the increased costs for domestics I saw a recent estimate that the first $1600 of a cars price come directly from health care costs. If you are keen on cutting fuel expenses, the Hummer is not the ideal vehicle for you because it’s size demands that the truck consumes a lot of gas. The H1 and H2 have poor aerodynamics. I know that the hummer sucks down the gas but neither this site or consumer reports list a range for the gas mileage for city/hwy. Its atrocious need for gas is part of what makes the truck so powerful-it’s not a weakness. Please respond to. Your location can also affect the price of fuel. The average gas mileage of a Hummer depends on the model, year, engine type, terrain, and driving habits. Namely: the Hummer is an awful transportation device if you’re interested in driving on roads, or streets, or highways, or in liberal college towns, or cities, or neighborhoods. Some estimates put the gas mileage of Hummer Limos at 3 mpg. The truth is, I don’t really know what kind of gas mileage I get, because I haven’t really measured it. Hummer H1 Gas Mileage Looking for the Hummer H1 Gas Mileage article, you happen to be visiting the appropriate web site. We settled on 40. How long will the footprints on the moon last? Thank you very much for all your info. They [non-permissible content removed] a little and follow through. we really love our hummer is there anything i can do as far as modifing/adding anthing to get better gas mileage. At 60 miles per hour. Converting your Fuel Guzzling Diesel H1 to CNG can triple your fuel mileage! The H3 has listed number which give people a rough number.

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