But there will always be that baseline worry over the responsibility of caring for another’s life that will be there. I don’t think anyone understands how much I hate this cat because they brush it off as if I’m just annoyed. Once she’s settled down, quiet and calm, then give her attention and play with her. I have hated his cat ever since I first met her and I think it probably stems from issues we have had with his ex but I have no idea what to do about how I feel. Then another $150.00 when one scratched the other near the eye and it got infected. – Others hotels charge $20 per pet – per night. To our surprise, I got pregnant after years of infertility. The pica stands a chance of getting substantially better like in my brother’s case (he has an article up on the topic here). Milspouse Entrepreneur Giveaway Alert: Zoom Backdrop from RemoteOffice, 9 Ways for Milspouses To “Glow Up” Their LinkedIn, Why Your Milspouse Owned Small Business Should Have A Podcast Too, You’re Not Going to Love Every Duty Station and That’s OK, These 4 Friends Will Make Your Military Life a Joyous Adventure, MTF versus Civilian Care: My Anxities Over Sequestration, The Smart MilSpouse’s Guide to Voter Registration, Raise Your Hand If You Have Military Life FOMO. People who are always perfect and right and never make mistakes! @ Gene, Funny, when given a valid argument, you lean on that straw man fallacy. Not long after I moved in and it became my cat. Most of us know, when we take in a pet, that they will require a ton of work, care, and money. Ituri! Why do I hate her so much? Now that he’s older, he’s settled down, but I still find the air purifier very helpful for when I need to drown out other noises (like outside ones). Eventually he does and I find him lying on my bed looking sad but quiet. I’ve had cats before, but we were totallly bonded together, and I was quite devastated by her death. I have grown to hate my cat because she will poke, claw, and scratch me awake every single night to want to cuddle me until I cannot breathe. But, this dog is so high energy and I’m so sick and in pain, I just don’t have the health to take him for a walk everyday. My new cat tried eating soap before (= diarrhea), and since this feeder, he doesn’t try eating random things anymore (crossing fingers this continues). He genuinely makes me happy, I just can’t help but know that life would be easier without him. It’s not the 1700s. “I honestly feel like biting her sometimes to teach her how it feels.” < quite literally made me laugh out loud He gets lots of attention that I can’t give, and I will likely be rehoming my other dog soon as well for personal reasons that I’m not going to share because honestly to those who are so inexplicably fanatical about the topic you will argue any point anyway. I had 5 litter boxes in various locations, but she would sit outside whatever room he chose and wait for him! Dog runs. You could have made out some plan for someone to walk the dogs or find a similar solution. To create the feeling of space for cats, simply stack furniture in ways that make it easy for them to jump high – like pushing a chair next to a short dresser, next to a taller dresser, next to a bookshelf, etc. I came very close to strangling the old one, and have come close to throwing the other one out the door. When I have guests over now I’m giving him attention and when he’s hyper I redirect his energy on his toys and prompt my guests to do so as well. Then, one day, my ex-partner showed up at home with 2 new puppies, no warning, no anything. Don’t forget that most people love their pets very much and it’s not like they enjoy having to make he difficult decision of rehoming their pet. I have had to rehome animals plenty of times. Was rehoming the best option? It doesn’t sound that bad, but I can’t even explain to people how terrible this is for my anxiety. I never could have know what I was getting into with these 2 darling little creatures when my husband and I initially rescued the kittens from the vet. I hate that we have to put her in a cage when she eats, because if not she will eat all the other cats food and they just leave their plates. when I moved into the house I live in now it stank of cat wee, and it didn't go until all the carpets were replaced. Please don’t get anymore animals. From a person. To create the feeling of space for cats, simply stack furniture in ways that make it easy for them to jump high – like pushing a chair next to a short dresser, next to a taller dresser, next to a bookshelf, etc. Our children come first, period. Set it to let his microchip/RFID tag in, but not hers. Over the last 8 years she has systematically DESTROYED our house.She pisses EVERYWHERE - she wont go on a litter tray at all (we have tried everything we can think of) - she scratches the walls/lead off the doors - even when the doors are fucking open! When my two cats got old they started pissing all over my lounge rug and it took years for the smell to go! My wife, however, is totally against this. I wasn’t feeling it, but they thought she was great so we adopted her. Obviously, I have no idea if these things will work, but based on my limited knowledge with bringing in new cats, and trying to quell the anxiety of a kitty who’s anxious about too much change, they should help at least a little. Someone please tell me if this is okay or not. Completely agree with you. i would get rid too, i don't agree with the more hardcore cat owners who think she should stick with through thick and thin. I feel so selfish, I don’t want her to go but, is it fair to keep her. Yes I feel terrible but I feel like I made the right choice for Harvey. The thyroid meds produced diarrhea and more vomiting plus she’d fight tooth and nail to avoid pills then throw them up along with the food I’d tried to get her to eat. Or rehome him in a safe environment? How dare you!”, “You should have gotten a kid friendly dog! It’s gotten so infuriating that I’ve even thought about trying to rehome her. Second, no parent should leave their kids with the dogs unattended. That’s my other struggle – the things she does don’t seem to bother my wife. I can relate to this! I just SMH at the nonsense of it. Not just food and liter but added home cleaning and things to make the house smell good and not like a liter box. Problem:”I dont have a fence and have to walk my dogs” Solution: train your dog not to run away and stay within the perimeter, it’s easy and if you don’t know how seek help. If you can’t put in the time, if you’re not home a lot, if you’re not patient, if you can’t provide the time, love and attention they need, especially when they are puppies, then by gosh you should NOT get a pet. At this point I’m just ensuring that he has food and water. They were snuggly, friendly, and one of them, especially, was my kitty soulmate. That sounds ignorant. Honestly, I want to love him because he’s cute and always wants attention, but every time I look at him I think about what he did and it makes my blood boil. Human organs can’t handle such continuous stress and overload. Pets are pets – children are people. You don’t know them or their situation. I honestly think im just frustrated he keeps ruining my things. So many saints found right here in the comments section! Her personality is not her fault but I just can’t imagine living with this cat for the next several years. I’ve never been mad at him before. She is now a year old and she spends 10 hours a day by herself. Hun, if smell is an issue, you should try changing cat foods (so long as it’s safe to do so with the cat you have). Anxiety is terribly frustrating to deal with – add the poor sleep and I’m sure anyone would be driven up a wall. Because 2 of my other dogs are large & quite intimidating, one with severe health issues (stemming from neglect before she came to me) & the other has some behavioural issues, I believe that Elly, my staffy, has the best hope of being rehomed. Sad to say, your second cat is not being stupid, he has a medical disorder called “pica.” My brother’s cat, who he loves to bits, also has this, and will sometimes revert to eating random objects these days, although not even close to how often he was before. My biggest challenge is the biting. OMG! And their words hurt more than any text happy internet troll. He clearly just tolerates the kid, but if the dog makes a move at her it’ll be gone faster than you can blink! I truly do my best at cleaning. What irritates me even more is how my husband just ignored these problems for so long. She will come up to me sitting and leap for my arms and really dig her nails in there. In other words, it is NOT possible for Em to have a conscious. He must sense that it often leads to a soft bite. I did take her to the vet. I feel terrible feeling this way, I am a cat lover who has had cats my entire life.

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