Austen’s context highly valued the social conduct of women, but Weldon’s contemporary context reflects a relaxed attitude to social conduct. Therefore, it can be seen that familial attitudes and relationships have undergone great change over time for women. The importance of sharing advice between women is seen through this medium of correspondence, and also reflects advice passing down the familial social structure. Below are the different parts/criteria that IB will be looking for, when they evaluate and grade your essay. In a two hour exam, would you use 30-40 minutes of planning for paper 2? Weldon’s metaphor demonstrates the contemporary perspective of familial relationships, revealing them as relevant to the lives of women, which is influenced by the positive family values instilled by literature in her context. Darcy’s dialogue reiterates the need for education to increase the likelihood of a marriage proposal. Create notes for all main characters, core techniques and core themes, and collect quotes for each of these categories. Although I was aware of the general context of Pride and Prejudice and Letters to Alice, the comparative study of the texts has shown me the change and lasting issues relevant to women’s lives in society- education, advice, relationships and social conduct. Well, IB English Paper 2 is all of those things, plus extensive preparation. This is usually replaced by words like “evaluate”, “analyse”, “examine”. Compare and contrast the effectiveness of the use of irony in two or more texts you have studied. The answer is brainstorming. Have they made any glaring mistakes? That doesn’t sound very sophisticated, does it? Read through the following example comparative essay and annotate as a marker would. But don’t fret! So the take-away message here is to not be ‘imprisoned’ by the philosophical quotes at the start of the prompts. 1.5 hours for Standard Level (SL) students, and 2 hours for Higher Level (HL) students. “Gurus” suggest using flashcards to memorise things, like quotes, but I’ve never been organised enough to make them and then use them consistently. Tegan has several degrees from the University of Sydney, including a Bachelor of Medical Science, a Master of Letters in English, and a Master of Arts Research in the field of Australian poetry. Your time is being spent well. Your ability to adapt the quotes and ideas to a new prompt that you’ve never, ever encountered before. What does a good plan generally look like? The importance of these values for women in Austen’s context is difficult to understand from a contemporary perspective – it was a dominating part of society, even at the expense of individual emotions: “politeness, warred, as always, with desperation”. Austen’s attention to the level of education was driven by the notion of marriage. Let’s stick with the above example about the theme of “imprisonment”. In her patriarchal English context, it is stressed that a woman “must possess” an “improvement of her mind by extensive reading”. IB English A2 SL Year 2 September 21, 11 Tomohiro Urakami Comparative Commentary In the poem, “How a Girl Got Her Chinese Name” by Nellie Wong and vignettecalled “My Name” from a novel, The House of Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, theyillustrate similar setting that both main characters, Nellie and Esperanza are biculturalwho live in America, … The brief listing contrasts the change in social expectations of women, revealing them to have shifted to the other direction over time. Maybe we study different paper 2s cause as far as I know, as long as your dealing with two or more texts in one essay then definitely you got to compare and contrast. The mentoring relationship between Alice and Fay is founded through giving advice within letters: “what others say are your faults… may it be carried to the extremes, you strengths, virtues”. Physics, Chemistry and online tutoring. Second, in order to adapt the ideas in your text to the prompt, you need to know how far you can stretch those ideas while maintaining their validity. The paper 2 is not really a compare and contrast essay. Instead, I memorised my quotes through repeated usage, i.e. Weldon’s use of didacticism is evident of the imperative value of familial relationships in her context where family is significant in shaping an individual, regardless of conflict.

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