If you plan on using your portable cooler frequently, the Alpicool fridge freezer has some handy features that you’ll appreciate. The exterior is made from tough materials. This unit is not ideal for maintaining frozen food, as it may end up melting down. I haven’t heard this product before. They offer a longer standard warranty in Australia. It seems that the cold bleeds through metal parts of the cooler. It is easy to find 12v refrigerators nowadays since going off-road is gaining popularity. The best thing about the Housemile Thermo is that the 7-liter type is so small you can easily carry it around, even with food inside. camping, fishing, tailgater, picnics, at home, the office, trucking and more). This small RV fridge is an awesome portable appliance – it runs quietly, keeps food and drinks cold for longer, and is quite durable that it can withstand long-haul trips. If you are looking for a 12 volt refrigerator compressor that can deep freeze your food, Alpicool C20 might just be the one for you. Considering that there are always more than 15 people in all our families combined and would, therefore, need a better option than a regular cooler, I got this camper fridge instead. If you have solar power installed, it can run well on a 12-volt deep cycled battery. For the value that it offers and the size of the unit, it is actually affordable which is pretty awesome. To adapt to this new and moving environment, the RV refrigerator has cut-off some processes and parts in favor of lighter weight and a speedier process. It is the most affordable when you take into consideration its cooling capacity, storage capacity, durability, insulation, power usage, and price. The heated vapor rises up to the evaporator, where the hydrogen absorbs the heat. Therefore, you can open the fridge and freezer sides separately. The high performance compressor can cool food down to -7°F. It also runs on electricity. This means the actual unit is not insulated enough to run efficiently alone, which is a downside for such an expensive product. I also find the door lock feature of this RV refrigerator absolutely amazing. However, once it reaches your target temperature, it will only consume about 1 to 2 watts to maintain the coolness inside. However, now I have to be extra careful with how I power this fridge. I actually appreciate this feature. My only concern with this freezer/cooler is that the rolling wheels are not seamlessly built into the body of the freezer, so they are a bit protruding. This one, however, conveniently removes any standing water out of the unit. It could either function as a fridge or freezer, depending on the temperature you set it to and cools pretty fast when using either AC or 12V DC power. The Ausranvik portable freeze is definitely not something to look down on. The difference in temperature between the top and bottom is very evident, so make sure you place the food you need to keep fresher at the bottom. I can run this mini refrigerator using 12V, 110V, or propane. Is a 12 volt refrigerator necessary for you. Indeed, the RV is the modern-day steed that helps the weary traveler’s journey go smoother and safer!

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