Nov 17, 2009 205 28. As Carlist Spain, you must simply win the Spanish Civil War and then complete the Restore the Iberian Union focus. To form the Greater Indonesian Confederacy, you must be playing as the Dutch East Indies or British Malaya. I did not enjoy the defense-oriented Democratic UK too much. Again. The flag will change to the original flag of  Austria-Hungary. The early bird gets the worm, as the saying goes. To actually form the nation the states of Leningrad (195) and Stalingrad (217) must be under German control. The Megali Idea is the supreme dream of all Hellenic people. The number of factories and population you have access to is just ridiculous. Controls Stalinabad, Kashmir and Tashkent: Gibraltar (118) is also cored, despite the lack of relation to any Persian empire's holdings. The problem is, by the time you form the EU there's no real opponents left. (Britain leads the East Asia Co-Prosperity sphere lol!) When you control all of this, you can then Restore Byzantium. The Royal Navy keeps all enemies at arms distance, and can be easily be expanded such that rival powers do not dare attack British colonies while you may invade their colonies at your own leisure. Additionally, you must control all Belgian states in Europe, all Italian States in North Africa and Europe, all Portuguese states in Europe, all Spanish states in Europe and Spanish Africa, all French States in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa and all British states in Egypt, the Eastern Mediterranean, and the Middle East. And then you need to beat full power Axis who will now have got to peace conference France thanks to you not intervening. I did an Imperial Federation game last night but I couldn't get the decision to form the pan-American states to be clickable despite everything being checked. So much fun, and completely overpowered when you do it. In addition to the core Federation, multiple possibilities for expanding the Empire exist: First, if the  United Kingdom defeats the  United States in a war through the national focus Unite Anglosphere and all American cores are owned and controlled by the UK, a decision called "Create Pan-North-American State" will appear and once chosen, all North American territories owned by the UK will be given to  Canada, which will have its name changed to the "Dominion of North America", and gain cores on all US cores, including Alaska along with a new flag. The odds of successful passage of the Federation proposal are thus the chance below for each of the five dominions multiplied together. If it refuses,  Spain will get a War goal. To form the Roman Empire, you must be playing as Italy. You must also control all Polish and Lithuanian states. Ive done the Imperial Federation once as the Facist UK. To create the Holy Roman Empire, you must be playing as Germany with Victoria as your country leader. To form the European Union, you must play as Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom, or West Germany. Once that focus completes, the UK will annex all of its dominions, adopt a new name and flag, change its color to a deep red color and will gain cores on all of the dominion territory apart from the whole of India and Transvaal in South Africa. After that, the national focus Commonwealth Ties opens up the branch that ultimately leads to the Imperial Federation. And you must control Luxembourg as well as the Dutch states in Europe and the Belgian States in Europe. The Persian Empire (not to be confused with  Iran which, if fascist, will be named "New Persian Empire") represents a modern incarnation to the various Iranian imperial dynasties commonly referred to as "Persian Empires", existing intermittently in various forms from 550 BC to 1925. If those countries are unaligned and at peace, you can then unite them into one kingdom. The  Kingdom of Franco-Spain is a Union between  France and  Spain that can be formed by  France if they go monarchist under the Legitimists and does the focus Unite the Crowns. To form  Iberia as  Portugal, you have to go Communist by doing the focus Workers of Iberia, Unite!, which will cause a civil war in  Portugal and join  Republican Spain in the Spanish Civil War. I agree it takes a while. If one wishes to restore the historic borders of the Qing Dynasty, they should take the National Focuses One China Policy to conquer all Chinese states (including Tibet) and then take the National Focus Demand Mongolia to annex  Mongolia and  Tannu Tuva. This is true. Once the decision "Realize Roman Ambitions" is enacted and the Roman Empire formed,  Italy will change its name to "Imperium Romanum", change its color to a scarlet red and adopt a Roman imperial flag. I haven't confronted Germany yet, but its 1942 and I have 400 military factories and 14 million manpower in the pool on extensive conscription(gotta love that 0.7% non-core manpower fascist Britain can get) , with large puppet states to draw manpower from too. How am I supposed to make everything states is what I'm wondering. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Once  Portugal's is under Spanish control, they will become a puppet. Mutapa is a formable nation that represents the native Kingdom of Mutapa that existed in southern Africa from 1430 until its disintegration in 1760. To form the Greater German Reich, you must be playing as Germany, be fascist, and have Adolf Hitler as your leader. Honor the Confederacy unlocks a set of decisions to "restore popular support for the new regime by connecting with the past", which in this case entails reforming the Confederacy from the First American Civil War, by doing things such as moving the capital to Richmond (the original confederate capital), "enshrining states' rights", "permitting confederate flags", "celebrating Montgomery Convention Day" and finally, rewriting the American constitution through the constitutional convention. The Imperial Federation was a concept proposed in the decades before WWI, as an alternative to imperial colonialism that had been the norm for the major imperialist nations. Furthermore, in order to reconquer Outer Manchuria, one should annex the states of Vladivistok (408), Khaborovsk (409), Birobidzhan (657), Nikolayevsk (560) and Amur (561) from the  Soviet Union. The Federation decision must be accepted unanimously to have any effect. If you play as the United Kingdom, you can complete the Unite the Anglosphere focus. Unlike most other formable nations, Iberia is not formed through a decision but is instead created through national focuses. If you’re ready to play more with factions, you need to know how (and when) to bail out. Restore Byzantium and have Italy, Romania, and Russia as subjects. In order to form the United Kingdom of America, the United Kingdom must force through the marriage of Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, empower the King's Party, complete the National Focus  Unite the Anglosphere and finally, conquer and own all of the starting core territory of the  United States. There are a total of 21 formable nations by decision, with several others being formed within focus trees or events. In recent years we have moved away from the traditional values our nation was originally founded upon. The Hungarian national focus tree allows  Hungary to become this new country, swapping colors with  Austria, if following the monarchist branch. The net probability of all five dominions agreeing lies between 3.1% in the worst case to 52.8% in the best. Up until its collapse, the Austro-Hungarian Empire was the second-largest empire in Europe, second only to the Russian Empire. With this in place, you can then Unite Polynesia. Now that we have united the peninsula under our rule, we may at last announce the formation of a united Arabia! Chris Snellgrove is a professional nerd turned nerdy professional. With Sicily, Crete, and Cyprus now in Andalusian hands, we may once again restore these territories to their rightful Moorish overlords. Multiple have existed in this region, and we only need a name to serve as a symbol. You must then conquer territory controlled by China, the Guangxi Clique, Yunnan, Xibei San Ma, Shanxi, Communist China, and Sinkiang. You fucking disgust me, you traitor to the concept of Britannia. The  German Reich's capital will change its name from Berlin to Germania. It is high time we hold another conference, especially if we want to … I was only able to focus on Germany after this and followed with Soviet Union and Italy (who I was allied to beforehand). Instead of having an actual army to speak of, the anarchists simply focus on arming the people themselves, relying on self-organized militias and paramilitaries. You can form Gran Colombia if you are playing as Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, or Venezuela. The Imperial Federation is a special formable nation that only appears in the Man The Guns DLC and can only be formed by the United Kingdom as part of its National Focus Tree. If Benito Mussolini is still in power when the New Roman Empire is formed, he will change his name to "Augustus Mussolini" and his portrait will change to a version of him wearing a golden laurel wreath. The Roman Empire existed until 395 AD, when it was divided into the Eastern- and Western Roman Empire. Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. With the islands of Hawai’i, Aotearoa, Tahiti, and Samoa under our control, we may be able to unite all Pacific peoples. With Mao as your leader, win the Chinese Civil War. accept any proposals for Imperial Federation. The year is 1867, and I have a good amount of colonial points (1800 aprox. It's just a grinding world conquest at that point. Oh and never tried Communist UK following decolonization. The  Third Bulgarian Empire is the greater state that  Bulgaria tried to form during WWI and WWII. Are you playing in the latest update? The following decision can be unlocked with the The Damascus Dictat or the Reclaim the Fallen Empire focuses. It is only visible to you. To form the United Kingdom of Portugal and Brazil, you must be playing as Portugal. Athens was the capital of the First Hellenic Civilization, Constantinople was the capital of the Second Hellenic Civilization, but Thessaloniki - the eternal 'co-capital' of Hellenic history - shall be the new capital of the Third Hellenic Civilization. Socialists and militarists were at each others throats after the London stock market clash, our wise and noble King calmed the factions and now not only reigns, but rules the Empire with a circle of trusted advisors. Understood on it not being OP compared to how much faster others can do it. If you control Bechuanaland, Cap, Mozambique, Natal, Rhodesia, and South West Africa, you can then Recreate the Zimbabwean Empire to form Mutapa. Communist China can form the  People’s Republic of China by doing the focus Proclaim the People’s Republic. This will give those former US states to Canada and create the Dominion of North America. This will form the Confederated States of America. Second, if the  United Kingdom is Fascist, then after the Imperial Federation is formed with the United States included, this opens up the curious fact of the United Kingdom being the only country that is allowed to form the  European Union while fascist, allowing the Imperial Federation to be expanded to its greatest possible size. I got the decision to form the pan american state by owning all US cores. To form the Chinese Empire, you must first play as Manchukuo and take the national focus named Claim the Mandate of Heaven. Many formable nations do, however, grant cores on territory, which are otherwise unavailable, and thus allow a nation to increase its manpower and industrial capacity, in some cases decisively, though more practically, many of these merely represent ultimate end goals for ambitious players. Upon formation, the country color changes to a light shade of blue and all required states plus British Honduras (311) will be cored.

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