Scout Ii Rocker Arm Shaft Ih International For Sale. IH is rectangular. Notify me of new comments via email. request will get distributed instantly to a nationwide network of auto recyclers, salvage yards, wrecking yards, junkyards and parts The Scout II (made between 1971 and 1980) had the following engine options: the 196 4-cylinder, 232 6-cylinder (early production), 258 6-cylinder (later production), 304 V-8, and 345 V-8. Plans included that the unit could be purchased as a stripped-down shell ($960 installed), or as a "deluxe" unit, which included a dinette set, stand-up galley, and a screened chemical toilet that retracted into the wall ($1850 installed). These models were identifiable by removable sliding side windows in 1960–1961 and even some very early 1962 models, a fold-down windshield, vacuum windshield wipers mounted to the top of the windshield, and an IH logo in the center of the grille. International engines powered thousands of dump trucks and school buses, and the rest of the running gear is pretty common stuff. Consequently, they simply cut off four of the cylinders and sold these two engines as half of the V-304 and half of the V-392. The Patriot had a hard top and the same blue/red side applique, but was available in a Scout II, Terra, or Traveler. Patina Paint Job: 1964 Chevrolet Impala SS. Later, chief designer Ted Ornas recalled: ...the market potential for a four-wheel drive recreational vehicle was an unknown quantity in the early 1950s. Read more about this topic:  International Harvester Scout, “America is like one of those old-fashioned six-cylinder truck engines that can be missing two sparkplugs and have a broken flywheel and have a crankshaft that’s 5000 millimeters off fitting properly, and two bad ball-bearings, and still runs. Scouts were powered by the new Comanche 152ci, 93hp four-cylinder, an engine with a story. Boone completed the run in 19 hours 58 minutes, crossing the finish line at Ensenada almost 2 hours ahead of his closest competitor: a Jeep CJ7. The Spirit also had blue interior, racing-type steering wheel, and 15x7-inch chrome rally wheels. This model included a soft top with soft doors, Jeep-style mirrors, plastic door inserts, special plastic grille, and a roll bar, among other options. It had planned to produce a sedate 50 units per day but soon doubled and later tripled that. Beginning in March 1967, a 266 ci V8 engine was also offered. The Light Line of pickup trucks received bodywork similar to that of the Scout in late 1969. [2] The "Champagne Series" Scout was an upscale model offered in the Scout 80 and later Scout 800 models that featured a headliner, door panels, and carpet. All rights reserved. Sealed Power 4070m Main Bearing Set Suits International Scout 80 4 … The front bench seat has a couple of rips but they don’t look that bad. L x W x H (in): 154 x 68.6 x 67 Some Scouts from this transitional time are a mix of old and new designs, with the rear driveshaft running at an angle. The last of the 800 series was the 800B, available for less than eight months, from August 1970 until March 1971, before it was replaced with the Scout II. Our design sketches with the flat-side, no-contour look never excited the executive committee. Looking back, it was a remarkable program with fast-paced engineering and manufacturing developments. The 196 motor achieved 20 mpg. The owner’s maintenance records are also included. The Monteverdi Safari was made by Monteverdi, the Swiss brand of luxury cars, who used Scout IIs to produce well-equipped luxurious off-road station wagons. The Scout 800 replaced the Scout 80 in 1965. V8 Connecting Rods And Standard Bore Pistons Edited For Sale. Line ticket codes included: 10876 for the side applique These components were mounted in a fully boxed chassis with long and relatively supple leaf springs, giving the Scout a much stouter backbone than the Jeep, though with a 500-plus pound weight disadvantage. In 1953, it added a truck-based people carrier, the Travelall. 1970 - 1991 International Scout Jeep Amc 360ci 5.9l 401ci 6.6l V8 Cylinder Head For Sale. A concept for its replacement was initiated in 1964 and approved for production in mid-1965. The 800A could still be ordered with the Sportop (a slanted sporty top made of canvas or fiberglass), and later in Aristocrat and SR-2 packages. 219161r91 International Harvester Scout Pulley New Oem Ih For Sale. Clevite Mahle Rod Main Crankshaft Bearings International 345 392 304 266 Scout For Sale. Considering IH started with a blank sheet, going from sketches to production in around 24 months is nothing short of remarkable. Energy Suspension 6.4101r Body Mount Set For 72-80 International Scout Ii New. When the Scout project started, IH went looking for a four-cylinder engine because the company had nothing suitable in-house. Improvements included more creature-comfort options, a slightly different front-end treatment, drivetrain upgrades (heavier rear axle and quieter Dana 20 transfer case), and the options of a 196 four-cylinder, 232 six-cylinder, 266 V8, or 304 V8. Models included the Family Cruiser (or just Cruiser), the Street Machine, and Off-Road Vehicle. brokers across the country. During the 20-year period (1960–1980), 532,674 Scouts were produced. Bore & stroke (in): 3.88 x 3.22 The 1978–79 package order code on the line ticket was 10992. The line ticket can be checked to identify the axle model, gear ratio, and whether it is equipped with a traction device, using an International parts code book. AMC is round. Should sell for some healthy $$$!! The new Scout 80 came as a 4x2 or a 4x4, sat on a 100-inch wheelbase, and was offered in four configurations, the no-top Roadster, the Cab-Top pickup, the Travel-Top station wagon, and the Panel-Top panel. The first special package was the "Red Carpet" series, celebrating the 100,000th Scout manufactured by IH, and only 3,000 were produced. The 1961 model year Scout 80 made its debut in late 1960. The May 1963 issue of Mechanix Illustrated contains a full-color advertisement for the Scout Camper on the inside cover, which features two artist's renderings of the unit and a form to fill out and send in for free literature. Engine: 151.8ci I-4, OHV International Scout 304 C.i. Axles originally had a tag bolted to their differential cover stamped with their gear ratio, but this tag often rusted off over time or was intentionally removed. Along the way, the project morphed into a more stylish, sporty, and civilized rig that lost nothing in the utility department. I like them and think they are cool but after having a friend who had several i am also very aware of the issues with owning one but none the less they are cool and fairly rare. Transmission: 3-spd manual, Warner T-90A International Harvester began building trucks and pickups in 1907. God bless America. CVI: Custom Vehicles Incorporated (also associated with Good Times, Inc.) was a company located around the corner from the Ft. Wayne Scout Assembly Plant (Good Times was located in Arlington, Texas) that produced special models for IH dealers in 1979 and 1980. © 2020 Four Wheeler | MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC. The 1975 had chrome and black, square trim rings around the headlights; 1976 had the same headlight trim rings as 1975, and a chrome center grille of 15 horizontal bars split into three sections was used in this year only. Several SSIIs were champions on the off-road racing circuit during the late 1970s. Clay models of this showed an evolution of the Scout II into a more rounded body somewhat resembling the Chevrolet S-10 Blazer. 1961- International Harvester Scout 80 Hub Crank Shaft Pulley Oem 151123r1 For Sale. These vehicles had swivel bucket seats, shag carpet, color-keyed interiors, door panels, headliner, grille guards, dual sunroofs, overhead clocks, third seats, reading lights, tinted windows, fender flares, and special side appliques and paint designs. Most notably different, these models were extended by 18 in (46 cm) in the region between the door and the front of the rear wheel well. new grille and a more luxurious interior. Fuel capacity (gal): 11 (std., opt. 1967-80 International 266 304 345 392 V8 2 Groove Crankshaft Pulley Scout P/u+ For Sale.

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