Anterior tergosternal suture of the first segment extending laterally from the helcium in a distinct arch which extends dorsal of the dorsal helcial surface. Note sinonimiche. Zool. Erect pronotal hairs 0-80; when present, varying from short (about as long as maximum scape width) to elongate (much longer than the maximum scape width). Anterolateral hypostoma reduced to a thin sclerite. 71: 370pp (page 88, Iridomyrmex in Dolichoderinae, Dolichoderini), Carpenter, F. M. 1930. This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 21:47. Anteromedial clypeal margin with a central projection, either pointed or rounded (sometimes only feebly projecting). Post your rating . (page 26, Iridomyrmex in Dolichoderinae, Dolichoderini), Bolton, B. [part]. 1985b; n=9, 2n=18, I. detectus-group (=purpureus-group), Crozier 1968a, Crozier 1968b; n=9, 2n=18, I. mattiroloi, Crozier 1968a). Taxon. 1977; n=9, 2n=18, I. gracilis(A), gracilis(B), gracilis(C), Crozier 1968a; 2n=18, I. anceps, Imai et al. Gastral compression absent (gaster circular in cross section). Taxon. Cuspis parallel with digitus. Biol. Palp formula 6:4. 2003. (page 10, Iridomyrmex in Formicinae [Formicidae]), Shattuck, S. O. The subspecies I. bicknelli splendidus has no unique characters and here becomes a junior synonym of I. bicknelli. Emery C. 1913. A healthy Iridomyrmex of Bicknelli queen. Axilla parallel, and entire or with a suture medially. MOUTHPARTS. Hind tibial spur with well developed barbules along entire inner surface (except extreme base). Abt. GENERAL CHARACTERS. Propodeal spiracle lateral and ventral of the propodeal dorsum. Erect propodeal setae moderate in number (6–12), short and bristly. Ecological Management and Restoration 4: 12-19. 15: 337-392 (page 381, Iridomyrmex in Dolichoderinae [Dolichoderidae]), Forel, A. Iridomyrmex bicknelli is one of the commonest Australian Iridomyrmex, workers being a familiar component of what is left of the natural environment in all manner of urban areas as well as a wide range of native habitats.Nests can be found in virtually any location, even the seemingly barren footpaths of large cities. Compound eyes relatively posterior on head. Victorian Naturalist (Melbourne) 46: 115-123. The fauna of British India, including Ceylon and Burma. Vertex weakly convex to flat. Several species in southern Western Australia alternate between two distinct nest types. Cent.-Am. Formicidae (Hymenoptera). Allometric differences between workers of same nest absent. Tips for Buying/Selling Ants. Nat. Comments: * Reply to . The ants of the Baltic Amber. Anterolateral hypostoma reduced to a thin sclerite. Mandible with Revision of the Iridomyrmex calvus species-group (Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Compound eyes present, approximately round; relatively posterior on head. Zool. R. Accad. GASTER. Palp formula 6:4. Anteromedial clypeal margin entire, without a central notch or concavity of any type. Context is everything: mapping Cyphomyrmex-derived compounds to the fungus-growing ant phylogeny. Hind wing with 2 cells. Iridomyrmex bicknelli are one of the most recommended ants for beginners, bat are also great for all other levels of experience! Copyright 2019 © Ants Online. Formicidae (Heterogyna). Vol. Frontal carina present. New York: Columbia University Press, xxv + 663 pp. Ants as indicators of minesite restoration: community recovery at one of eight rehabilitation sites in central Queensland. First funicular segment cylindrical (or cone-shaped) or barrel-shaped. Psammophore absent (gula rarely with numerous short, erect, randomly placed hairs). Iridomyrmex foragers are often attracted to these seeds and carry them into their nests. Tips for Buying/Selling Ants. Propodeal suture absent. Bull. Distribution based on Regional Taxon Lists, References based on Global Ant Biodiversity Informatics, Key to Iridomyrmex of the southwestern Australian Botanical Province, Online Catalogue of the Ants of the World, Heterick, B.E.

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