As long as it functions, you shouldn't care for the size. Get your answers by asking now. You will probably make the 6 inch mark which is perfectly normal. Listen, if you got all that background and a good job. but i personally would say anything above 5 inches is fine. And plz none of that "its not the motion of the ocean, its the skin on the lotion" or whatever people always say i want straight talk. Does a man's penis (and balls) come from his father's sperm? Still have questions? One guy was an Asian but he had great cheekbones and a great personality to boot! my penis is 5.25 ish inches and i just turned 14 years old. I'm 18 and my **** is 5.5 inches it looks small to me but idk I'm a virgin and girls are always talking about how they want a guy with a big **** so am I good? I thought that 5 inches is considered small and that white guys are 6/7 inches erect? but uh.. good luck with your dick bro. My aunt and grandma are always laughing at me and making fun of me for being a black girl and they are black too.? Size Matters to some women because they think bigger penises would fulfill there sexual need and pleasure. My Rewards>>, Scan the QR code to visit our mobile web page. Share this page with others and save even more! Dude I m worried too, 5.5 inches aswell and I m still a virgin. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Can I still grow? It's only .5 inches away from the average range I believe? Had my dick sucked once and she didn t say anything except for that I was taking a bit too long to get hard because I was nervous as **** 0 0. You are exactly average, according to the study published in The Journal of Urology. Thing is, I've slept with 5 guys this week and all of them had like a 5 inch penis. Why is it that in a country of 325 million people, nobody seems to question the seemingly advanced condition of brain disease in Joe Bidon ? I turned 17 2 months ago and my penis is a little over 5 inches when hard. You can satisfy your woman with a 5.5 penis, you just have to know what your doing. I turned 17 2 months ago and my penis is a little over 5 inches when hard. Which foods are good for your adrenal glands. No these are different . My Rewards>>, The shopping cart is empty, please sign in >>. Why do many people find it thrilling to poison themselves with drugs and alcohol? Just had a look, studies vary, some found 5.1-5.4 to be the average for their direct measurements, one meta-analysis of a few studies showed 5.5 to 6.3 on average. Does your penis grow wen it's ejaculating? Don't worry so much about the size of your penis. Share this page with others and save even more! a women would love that in itself. What do you think of the answers? So you are fine. Nature says that's the perfect size, although guys seem to think bigger is better. X2 Disinfectant Box UV Sterilizer Box for Mask Phone Car Key Watch Toothbrush, 0.3mm Tempered Glass Screen Protector Arc Edge for Lenovo Yoga Tab 5 YT-X705F 10.1 inch, 0.3mm Arc Edges Tempered Glass Full Screen Protector for Huawei Honor Pad 5 10 inch, 100Pcs Colorful Garbage Bags Extra Strong Trash Bag for Bedroom, Kitchen, 5 Rolls - Multi-color, WIWU Multi-functional Waterproof Shockproof Nylon Sleeve Pouch Handbag for 15.4 inch Laptops/Tablets - Grey, WIWU Waterproof Shockproof Nylon Sleeve Pouch Case Handbag for 13.3/14 inch Laptops/Tablets - Black, L1 Adjustable 360° Rotatable Tablet Mobile Phone Floor Stand Stretchable Phone Bracket Tripod Mount Holder, AMORUS 3D Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protective UV Film (Full Glue) for iPhone XR 6.1 inch, AMORUS 3D Curved Full Screen Tempered Glass UV Film Screen Protector (Full Glue) for iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5 inch, TOPK D11 Car Vent Magnetic Mobile Phone Bracket - Black, 7 Inch Outdoor Tactical Molle Pouch Waist Pack Utility Gadget Bag with Cell Phone Holster - Black, 0.3mm Arc Edge Tempered Anti-explosion Glass Screen Protective Film for Huawei Honor Pad 5 10.1-inch, HD Explosion-proof 9D Tempered Glass Camera Lens Protector Set for iPhone 11 Pro 5.8 inch (2019), HD Explosion-proof 9D Tempered Glass Camera Lens Protector Set for iPhone 11 6.1 inch, CARTINOE London Style Fashionable Backpack 14 Inch - Blue, HD Explosion-proof 9D Tempered Glass Camera Lens Protector Set for iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5 inch (2019), 0.3mm Tempered Glass Screen Protector Arc Edge for Huawei Honor Pad 5 8.0-inch, 360° Rotating LED Digital Intelligent Shower Thermometer, Car GPS Blocker Isolator Signal Blocking GPS Shield Anti Signal Blocker USB Powered Anti-Tracking, DUX DUCIS for iPad mini (2019) 7.9 inch / mini 4 Full Screen Tempered Glass Tablet Film 0.33mm Explosion-Proof.

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