After you capture the scan, the app auto-crops it and gives you the option to add text overlays or to use a pen tool to annotate it. Its scans don’t look as clean as what you can get from Adobe Scan or ScanPro, and you may find its sharing options annoyingly limited. If OCR is extremely important to you, or if you scan a lot of especially fine text, you would get more accurate results from FineScanner or a hardware document scanner. The only catch with the OCR in Office Lens is that you have to install Word (it’s free) to access the DOCX output on your mobile device. It performed similarly well on photos, though with glossy prints we had to work hard to avoid glare. In iOS 13, Apple finally added OCR functionality to Notes, but it works a little differently than in other scanning apps. The auto-cropping functionality was reliably excellent, producing clean edges and straight text. Sure, you can individually upload scans to any other cloud storage app you have on your device, but we’d prefer it if Adobe let you set up automatic uploads to, say, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, and other popular services. We welcome your comments on this topic on our social media channels, or. These collections can be a series of whiteboard sessions, receipts from a business trip, or anything else that you want to keep in a single file. When we first tested the app, we spoke with David Templeton of the information security team of The New York Times and asked him to review CamScanner’s security policies. File management in Adobe Scan is limited, and the search function indexes only the names of the scans (which you have to manually edit). When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Whereas other apps stripped color out of the sky or the dog’s face, Adobe Scan produced natural color gradients throughout. • "I was going… “Scanbot is making mostly verifiable promises, and CamScanner is requiring a lot of trust and faith.”. In our testing, its results were nowhere near as accurate as what we’d get from a hardware document scanner but still ranked near the top of the pack for scanning apps. If you try to scan at crazy angles, or with a low-contrast background, you’ll need to adjust your crop lines.  10/30/2020. The results we got in DOCX format were excellent: well-formatted and accurate down to about 6 points, making Office Lens more accurate than ScanPro, on a par with Adobe Scan, and close to what you’d get from the class-leading ABBYY FineScanner. Genius Scan (Android, iOS) is a very good, full-featured scanning app for iOS and Android, but we had issues with its OCR capability when we last tested it. Or you can keep the original size by choosing Actual. Your HIPAA social media policy should discuss social media rules for both work devices and personal ones. Here’s a quick rundown of the major reasons why you might want a dedicated scanner, and which kind you need: Otherwise, save yourself some money and give a scanning app a try. However, it’s missing one thing we like in Adobe Scan and Microsoft Office Lens: dedicated modes for different content types. Current release has problems saving to Evernote. Here's what you need to know! A free document scanner App. Uploading sensitive personal information to a server in China—even one whose owners claim to use 256-bit AES encryption—is too risky in our eyes. ABBYY FineScanner and, to a lesser extent, Adobe Scan and Microsoft Office Lens still outclass it, but ScanPro is fine for quick OCR work. Paid version provides numerous cloud storage integration options. From there, you can tap into each scan, view the recognized text, annotate the PDF, and share it. Genius Scan is a scanner app in your pocket. For Android, we also tested Clear Scan but found that its user interface wasn’t nearly as polished as that of our picks, lacking automatic document recognition and capture, a batch-scanning mode, and the ability to OCR an entire document at once. ScanPro's extra features and sharing options make it a more versatile, powerful app than Adobe Scan or Office Lens. Whites weren’t as bright, the filters weren’t very good at getting rid of shadows, and the auto-crop tended to leave slivers of the background around the piece of paper. We downloaded each Android app using a Google Pixel XL and each iOS app on an Apple iPhone 8. Although having a copy of every scan you make stored on Adobe’s servers may be a concern for the extremely security-conscious, we believe Adobe is one of the safest services you could use. ScanPro does have a unique feature called Actions that analyzes OCR results and extracts actionable elements such as URLs and email addresses, but we found that feature only marginally useful in practice. One of the app's most interesting abilities is straightening skewed or off-centered images of photographed whiteboards or signs. This Trojan could serve to deploy other malware and potentially display other unwanted ads or even steal money from mobile accounts. Like ScanPro, FineScanner is available in both subscription and up-front versions (in this case, regular and Pro). You should look for a, If you’re an avid photographer or scrapbooker and have a lot of photos to scan, you would probably prefer a, And if you’re after ultra-precise, high-resolution scans for archival work, you almost certainly need a. (Hello, CPAs and tax lawyers.) But if you’re already a paying subscriber, or if you don’t care about OCR, these scanning apps are definitely worth checking out. No problem. ScanPro also did a better job with photos than most apps, with the Color filter producing natural colors and contrast even as it removed shadows and other aberrations. If enough visual information is available, the app will automatically attempt to fix the skew itself. (If you prefer, you can set it to go to your library instead, and you can turn auto-capture off.) The app generates reliably excellent OCR results and can export them as fully formatted Word or RTF files in addition to the usual searchable PDFs. Recently, global cybersecurity company Kapersky Lab revealed that the Android version of CamScanner—a popular competitor to our upgrade pick, ScanPro—contained code from a malicious ad network that infected users’ devices with Trojan malware. Although designed for the iPhone, Genius Scan also can be used with an iPad 2, despite the much lower resolution (sub megapixel) of the iPad 2's rear-facing camera.

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