You can check with city hall and show an example of the flyer you want to use. Ensure it's legal in your area to put flyers on cars, then get your flyers printed. Flyer for Pixelated Party in Brooklyn, New York. Generally, littering is a big no-no, and you don’t want people to associate it with your business. The same goes for cars parked along streets and in public parking lots. A great flyer content idea for this placement is additional information on your products and services, especially if you do custom work. However, remember to also ask permission from school officials to put your flyers on bulletin boards. FindLaw: Careful: Posting Flyers May Not Fly With the Law, New York State Senator Martin J. Use common sense and be polite. Place Flyers at Checkout Counters and Reception Areas, How Much It Cost to Form an LLC in Indiana, How Much It Cost to Form an LLC in Oregon, 5 Difference Between a Business Check and Personal Check. Include links to the park’s or band’s online presences. Many business owners will be happy to let you post your flyers, especially if you offer to return the favor. When it comes to posting flyers, it is better to be safe than sorry. You can check with city hall and show an example of the flyer you want to use. For small businesses with physical counters, you can place your flyers at checkout counters. People wait for their laundry to finish so they will be naturally drawn to things to read inside the facility. Note that distributing flyers by hand is legal, provided the activity takes place on public property and is done in a non-threatening manner. Expect to be denied unless you represent a charity or nonprofit organization, which are often granted exemptions. Just like the bus stops and checkout counters, another unique place where people wait for quite a bit of time are Laundromats. If you use staples to hang your flyers, you could even be cited for damaging public property. Ready to boost business with a successful flyer marketing campaign? It doesn’t matter if a business sends someone into its own parking lot to put a coupon flyer or other type of information on vehicles. However, you can slip flyers in door mail slots or post them on homeowners’ doors – though, door hangers and direct mailers might be better options. Where Can You Post Flyers Legally? The prohibited materials include signs, pictures, transparencies, advertisements (in any form), or mechanical devices. It is almost never legal to place any type of advertisement on vehicles parked in grocery store car parks, on driveways or on other types of private land. Unless the management has conspicuously posted signs prohibiting the distribution of advertising materials (e.g., "post no bills," etc. Do you want thick enough paper to be able to slip it under a windshield wiper without bending it? Ensure it's legal in your area to put flyers on cars, then get your flyers printed. The last thing you want is for your business to be publicly shamed in newspapers and on social media for violating the law. Leaving a stack of flyers in a public area is a form of littering. Aside from the fact that you have an audience there since a lot of people commute, a lot of people can also be drawn to reading advertisements on bus stop walls and flyers on bulletin boards while waiting for a bus. It is very pertinent to note here that while there are California state laws prohibiting certain kinds of posting of materials, the city and county in which you are posting them may have its own code or ordinance concerning such an act. These codes and ordinances may or may not align with state laws, and can vary widely across the state, so it is important you verify them prior to posting. Above all, your flyer should be easy-to-read. Is this flyer designed to get customers for your new restaurant? Typically, you should be able to fit four flyers onto an 8.5”x 11” piece of paper. It is generally illegal in California. Utility poles, mailboxes, governmental buildings or structures, or traffic signs can seem like an ideal place to post a flyer for maximum exposure, however because these are protected pieces of property, you can face criminal charges if you do so. Avoid questionable distribution practices. Under California Penal Code § 556, it is unlawful to post, or facilitate posting materials on state, city, or county-owned property. Handing out flyers is meant to promote your cause, event or business so it makes business sense as well to be ethical about how you go about it. Consider if you want to punch a hole in the flyer to hook over antennas? Joy Nwokoro is a Freelance Business Journalist, researcher, translator and sales trainer who have worked with numerous clients amongst which is Women in World Banking, a business research NGO in New York, United States of America. You should investigate the laws in your area beforehand since laws vary by city and state. Those are directed at flyer distributors. No, it is not acceptable to put anything on any car whether it is in Walmart parking lot or on a public street. It is generally illegal in California. Ever notice the “no solicitation” and “no handbill” signs in private parking lots? Club card flyer design by Tim Northon for Corbett’s House of Horror. Community bulletin boards usually in your local Chamber of Commerce or in some local groceries and community organizations are also ideal options. In some areas, you might need to pay for a license or permit to distribute flyers on public property legally. Keep in mind, that putting flyers on people’s cars could get you in some pretty hot water if you don't check the rules first. You don’t want to damage cars and end up fined or sued for damaging private property. Is it legal to place flyers on cars? My plan was to put anti-WalMart propaganda flyers under the windshield wipers of cars in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Another circumstance where posting flyers may be a chargeable offense is if you are trespassing in an attempt to post the flyers.

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