We may visit here, but we aren’t FROM here, ya know? Yes, they are being paid, but if it was OH SO disrespectful in their eyes, then they would not participate, right? And you proceed to try and insult me and fail and I tried to use metaphors so MAYBE you could understand what I was trying to say, and apparently metaphors offend you because instead of trying to understand you twist them into something I never said, And all the while I’m just-media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m89olwj50c1qlws6v.gif, And then you decide it’s a good idea to insult my idol! I was just repeating what you said, so there is no need to get upset over that. Mildly derogatory depending on how it’s used. Chris is certainly talented. They are physical proof that political and economic institutions set in place more than two centuries ago work in producing what are, on the whole, positive results. That’s my problem with the whole ‘Merica/’Murica thing. In fact, you have been pretty abrasive, not to mention obnoxious, from the beginning. He is not a “kid”, he has written and published 3 books, has another one coming out this year, and will finish his first book series in 2015 with the it’s fourth book, he’s a NY Times #1 best seller and has been on the list 3 times, he wrote, produced, and stared in his own film and is already writing his second, he’s written a screenplay for the Disney Channel, won a golden globe and 2 people’s choice awards, done 2 world music tours, been on the Time’s 100 Most influential People list AND on the cover of the magazine issue, and yes he was on the show Glee. I’m not sure how you define being “from the internet,” though. There are many who would say that “the energy, the faith, the devotion” we once put into defending freedom around the globe has diminished, an uncomfortable truth that modern Americans try to brush off with a joking Merica here and there. “Merica.” No, that’s not a misspelling. Mouthful of bacon with Jack Daniels in the left had and an S&W 1911 in the right while fighting off naked bitches that can't keep their hands off you since Freedom never smelled so good. And that’s not even getting to comment sections on the internet yet, that’s just Fox News and CNN. One could easily say that plenty of political cartoons that mock us are equally unpatriotic, but they’re also a great exercise in looking at our own faults openly and honestly. I’m from Littleton, went to UNC for undergrad. The kid from glee. And he’s only 23, what have you done with your life? http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Z708Q_Dl3Ko/UqePZST7ftI/AAAAAAAAChg/3cWwnM0fzfI/s1600/Colbert%2BWave.gif. The fact you even had to mention all your friendz of the internetz tells me everything about you that I would want to know. No, no, it’s ‘murica that’s the disrespectful, stereotypical phrasing. So we were taught a lot of respect for our country & flag. Surely, this would be our generation’s Pearl Harbor. It’s almost always used by people who consider themselves to be liberal, educated and/or enlightened, and almost always to make fun of people who they do not consider to be liberal, educated and/or enlightened. Submitted by Brian McCracken No? But I feel a bit funny about a high school mocking any group of people just for the sake of mocking them – I guess I would need more context regarding what the day would entail. Oh hey there Gangle I thought you were leaving, no? It sounds like general wankery. Oh, hold on, I just google searched it. They are the inheritors of what Abraham Lincoln called the Unfinished Work, an experiment in freedom and equality that, in comparison to the long expanse of human history, is still very young and very vulnerable. Spirit days are typically decided by student councils with admin oversight. If you try to be a little less abrasive, and a little more polite you may have better responses from people. Brian McCracken is a South Carolina native and graduate of Wofford College with a BA in Government and Economics and a minor in Religion. I do not agree with all of the military actions my country has been involved in. Yet the undeniable fact of the matter is that this was a seemingly depressed Muslim man who decided to attack representatives of our nation’s armed forces. Pick a side and stick to it. We can’t define ourselves by a negative! Knowing what a word MEANS does not automatically associate you with it, I know what the word Bigot means, but I am certainly NOT a Bigot. To everyone’s relief at the time, President George W. Bush would strike back with the full might of the most powerful military force ever assembled, but against what? Which means you either know who Chris Colfer is or what I’m talking about altogether!! What counts as “from the internet?” Is it too late for me to be from the internetz? There’s a difference between pride and “boot up your ass” obnoxiousness. My brother was in the military and served overseas. I agree. Skills we advocate to get you through anything life throws at you. It’s really hard to explain Merica (or anything from the internet) out of context…. He doesn’t need you to defend him, or his life partner or his ship or whatever. Oh no, I am here to watch the trainwreck that is you. Normally, I am all about paying attention to the nuances of language, especially for kids and teenagers. Then they can’t hurt you with it anymore.”. Or was she being disrespectful and picking fun at the struggles of the African American community? But comparing him to the rich and ancient culture of Italy is kind of idiotic. The difference is Italy’s rich and ancient culture and history has political and artistic significance that is worth preserving for all time. because they don’t act like superior dicks to everyone. Shame on you. We needed permission; not “oversight.” The adults are in charge, and they would be the ones called out publicly for allowing this in the school. I’m not insulting you for your hobby. Required fields are marked *. Jesus, you’re fucking pathetic. To be fair, neither side has their noses clean in the ‘liberal/conservative’ insult wars. Posted by 6 years ago. In the end, terror is an idea, one that we must ultimately not defeat with physical weapons, but with ideals we have touted since our country’s founding. Pictures like this were funnier back when they represented a minority of the population…now they’re just sad. He is currently pursuing a dual degree in International and Comparative Law at Duke University. Lol. But this (these pics) isn’t pride; pride comes from accomplishment, not from who can yell the loudest or tote the biggest gun. It is fine and good to honour and commemorate those who risk their lives for their country. Now, in an earlier comment, someone explained that the area is a little bit more high brow. Now I really don’t get it. I honestly thought that you kind of understood the lack of actual correlation between having/not having sex and writing polite comments on the internet. This is what it means’. I mean, if this is what you waste your time and intelligence on, then no wonder your country is going to hell in a handbasket. I’m not sure if it’s funny or sad that people actually think it’s a good thing. 6104 W Pioneer Pkwy Ste 212Arlington, TX 76013[email protected]. I think it comes down to context, and I’m pretty sure I’d be fine with the day itself. And you were the one who stated that this is your little universe (or culture, if that makes you feel better) of ‘fandom’, not me. America is better than some countries, worse than some. Excuse me for being proud of my country. Of course fucking not. I love the country I live in. hold on, what? This was a naturalized U.S. citizen attacking his own country, a path that many have sadly taken in the years since 9/11. It kind of makes me think of some scary police state…. Brian McCracken:  Proverb: A Story of the Second Civil War, Top Image Courtesy of Andriana Akrap – Flickr License Really, that is the best you have? what is the difference between chriscolfer and chris colfer? Good luck with that. Fast forward to May 2, 2011. I’m picturing a lot of gun toting and beer drinking and cut off sleeveless shirts. oh absolutely, supportive affirmation and gentle consoling is really the best response in these sort of interactions. I’m insulting you because the fact that you believe your hobby makes you superior is pathetic. I can totally understand banning something that would be entirely classist. That does not mean that I go to ANZAC day services and spit on veterans. Ooh, you like something, we’re all so very impressed with that. This will probably be a wildly unpopular opinion, but perhaps instead of the admin saying they needed to change it to “America” they offered a choice. Thanks to the generosity of our supporting members and occasionally earning money from qualifying purchases as an Amazon Associate, (when you click our Amazon links) we’ve eliminated annoying ads and content. Am I 80 or am I half your age? No, this problem applied to our national morale, our collective belief that what America did in this world was, on the whole, right, and it came to be symbolized by people shouting “Merica” instead of “America”. It helps keep things in perspective. Learn more about joining our Community as a Crew Leader. If they want to give you a name take it make it your own. Your cogent “well it is” argument is difficult to rebut, though. Click the Learn More button below for details. But if things have finally degenerated into ‘I know you are but what am I’ then I am going to have to bid you adieu. … Yeah, I would need more context either way too. But as I got older & read more about our actual history, I started questioning so much if it. But that ‘We are the greatest because we are *insert nationality here*’ really gets up my nose. Answered! Wow, there’s so much I could say to that, beginning with correcting your spelling of “it’s.” But I think you may seriously have some type of social/cognitive issue, so I’ll just wish you well. Are you now just being wilfully obtuse? It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a decade since the most important event of the 21st Century thus far. We have things that we desperately need to change. But if you feel the need to continue and try to belittle me go ahead, with a blog of 3k+ followers, you get used to haters . For a bit of context, we actually did do “Redneck Days” in the middle of the South during Spirit Week…but a fair percentage of our student body would have fallen into that social category, and that percentage participated enthusiastically, so it was really a bit of fun seeing who could come up with the most overblown stereotypes. I mean, I appreciate where I live, this is a nice country. For a brief moment, shouts of “U.S.A. No probably not, but I never said it was, I just said that just because you don’t understand something that doesn’t give you the right to go cray-cray on those who do. I just kind of thought that it was a funny way of poking fun at American-ness. Surely, we would take it to our enemies and usher in a new age of peace and prosperity. And banning the theme for being unpatriotic? You abrasively defended the term ‘merica’. I’m still trying to figure out why no one can tell me what being Australian means, but can easily call out dozens of “un Australian” things. This is what led administrators to discuss alternatives with students.”. The motives of Abdulazeez are currently still being investigated, and so far no direct link has been made between him and groups like ISIS. After that rant, I think it is you who is ‘cray-cray’. Now I’m more at peace with not feeling blindly patriotic. At which point you got this bitch-media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lls6mpr8dW1qh31jx.gif. I don’t understand why in the USA it’s considered ok to attack people that are different from you…. I’m glad they made them change it. How does one begin to be “from the internet?” Does your mother have to upload pictures of your conception and birth to Instagram? America is about freedom, freedom for everyone to speak their mind no matter what the topic. I see you know your Colorado (I’m a Denver native and went to college in Greeley). You are by far the most bizarre thing in this thread.

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