Wondering how much air to put in your tyres? Not to mention winching point for off road touring. Diesel particulate filters have a catalyst in front of them that generates heat. The best thing is to continue working with your Isuzu dealer until the cause of the problem is found, particularly as the car is still under warranty. So far so good for me. Unfortunately, this means the vehicle cannot be moved for about 20 minutes.". Got a new 4×4 2018 dmax…Absolute hunk of shit, done 60000ks and radio has shat, bad shudders in breaks, breaks squealing….turbo wine, 3rd gear crunching, drivers seat has worn thru. None of the vehicles you’ve listed are exactly low-maintenance units. And, keep in mind that a regeneration will occur automatically as long as the vehicle is traveling at highway speeds of at least 30 mph, because that's what it takes to heat the exhaust enough to turn the soot into ash. "Today we have a closed PCV system," said Rossetti. The intricacies of the DPF regeneration system is an area where operator training is critical. If you have questions about your Isuzu chassis that cannot be answered by your local Isuzu dealer, your next step should be to call Isuzu Customer Relations, toll free, at 866-441-9638. Isuzi will tow UP TO 3500kg legal , depending on year …… Happy hunting .. Greg, surely you`re comparing a Hilux with the Dmax and not the Hiace (van) Disclaimer: You acknowledge and agree that all answers are provided as a What happened is these particles started getting into the intake system. If the yellow light comes on you need driver interaction somehow, but until then I recommend not paying any attention to it.". Greg . (Even our work Hilux had a DPF problem at 40,000Kms). Nicest service till you buy then dont give a shit about ya. Where such regeneration cycles have become ineffective, DPF cleaning or replacement of damaged units is required, and both are expensive. Let our team of motoring experts keep you up to date with all of the latest Isuzu D-Max issues & faults. During this time it is important to note that the operator must not touch the brakes or accelerator pedal or put the vehicle in gear, since any of these will suspend the regeneration. What’s your definition of high speed? ………..2004 – 2014 approx ……….Note :– ISUZI beats Hi ace on towing limits Isuzi will tow 3500kg legal …… way ahead of Hiace … Check tow limits on carsales.com or dealers Redbook ( every dealer has access to Redbook data ) Gumtree often has wrong tow limit kg ……. Under warranty but when mentioned no one wants to know about it. This informal survey resulted in more contractors coming forward with their experiences on the topic. Jumps into limp home mode. However, if the operator starts going too slow for the regeneration process at any time during the 20 or so minutes needed, the light may go off again without a regeneration taking place. "The people who do low speed operation, like sweeper operators, may drive far enough to the location where they start sweeping to initiate a standard, automatic DPF system regeneration. With too much oil in place, oil was injected into the system and the result was to clog up the DPF, and worse. It could be a pinched wire, a poor earth, or a fault in the electronic control system. Shut down, restart check light stays on for about 20 kms but traction light drops out.

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