Now head left up the stairs, then follow the corridor around. 0. image 2 . To advance through Agamemnon’s Tomb though, you need to go down the stairs, and left at the bottom. Back in Ancient Greece, Aletheia will send the Eagle Bearer after a man named Theras who has clues to deciphering the symbols on the Atlantean seal. With Aletheia's guidance, Alexios sought the three symbols that would unlock the Great Seal to Atlantis for the Heir of Memories, though he knew not who that was. Showing all 4 comments. Three Symbols Entombed Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest. This part of your journey ends here, but you’re told to “look out for Fate of Atlantis” – the next part of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s DLC, which is coming soon. | Terms of service Add a guide to share them with the community. Again, speak to Aletheia a final time, and switch to Layla. Commencez par Itira, puis Korgath et enfin Metin, ce qui ouvrira la porte, et mettra fin à cette tâche. Une fois dans la peau de Layla (image 14), suivez le chemin pour arriver dans une salle abritant une statue (image 15). When you regain control as Layla, run over to the gate to automatically trigger a cutscene. Descendez une … Go down the next set of stairs, through the door and to right – heading down yet more stairs. Là encore, si vous avez déjà exploré cette tombe, la vie sera plus facile. Related Achievements. Parlez à Aletheia à l'intérieur du tombeau pour incarner Layla dans le présent (image 03). | Contact us. - Itira - Korgath - Metin After another cutscene, The Heir of Memories trophy will unlock and you'll return back to the past as Alexios/Kassandra. Call of Duty : Mobile fête son premier anniversaire et il n'y a jamais eu de meilleur moment pour se lancer dans l'aventure ! It’s Alethia, the Isu you made contact with at the gates of Atlantis. Back around the other side you can then go through the exposed hole, run over the floor traps on the other side, and keep following the corridor. Tous droits réservés. When you’re ready, head to the quest marker and speak to the ethereal being looking out to sea. Keep an eye out and slide under the gap in the wall on your left, then go right up the stairs on the other side. Three Symbols Entombed | AC Odyssey Fate of Atlantis walkthrough Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough. Pour plus de facilité, nous les traiterons ci-dessous. Empruntez le passage au bas du mur, et suivez la seule route disponible pour déboucher dans la salle qui abrite le symbole (image 11). Après avoir interagi avec le symbole, vous vous retrouverez dans la passé, et pourrez rejoindre votre prochaine destination. Do you have a question about this trophy? When you’ve finished this quest, you’ll be able to start the fate of Atlantis DLC.

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