Components like classes or events can also be reliably part of your JSDoc documentation, and are also subject to be incorporated in your namespace hierarchy using the @memberOf tag. @param tag provides parameters for a javascript function. Everything is clear in your mind the moment you write the code, yet a month later you don't remember how to use functionA or functionB anymore. How to stop a toddler (seventeen months old) from hitting and pushing the TV? The parameter type can be a built-in JavaScript type, such as string or Object, or a What Point(s) of Departure Would I Need for Space Colonization to Become a Common Reality by 2020? multiple types (or any type), and that a parameter can be provided more than once. var, let, and const in JavaScript: a cheatsheet. * A silly logger function How to describe “object” arguments in jsdoc? Basic annotations Function parameters Use @param to document types of a function's parameters. * Checks if a character is in the control string If it’s too bothersome or it becomes hard to find the right place to put type definitions, you might want to consider moving them into a separate file that only contains such annotations. createTextNode ( i ) ; th . symbol at that namepath, JSDoc will automatically link to the documentation for that symbol. I would suggest using a template like docdash, which provides a clear hierarchical navigation and beautiful syntax highlighting: The Contentful team has been kind enough to release their own JSDoc template, contentful-sdk-jsdoc, which is both beautiful and readable. */, /** And what shape should the parameters have? define a callback type, then include the callback type in the @param tag. The parameter type can be a built-in JavaScript type, such as string or Object, or a JSDoc namepath to another symbol in your code… before the description. In general, do European right wing parties oppose abortion? /** My function does X and Y. There are many ways for documenting a piece of code. */, /** What "data" should be really? @param tag Correct way to document open-ended argument functions in JSDoc. Here's a function which returns nothing (i.e. * @param {number} value - The base to raise Suppose you wrote a couple of functions for making an HTML table with JavaScript. Our typedef-ed index.js could look something like this: The resulting HTML page for our Pets namespace will now look much fancier! By JSDoc 1.0 (2007) he rewrote the system in JavaScript (again for Rhino), and after a set of expansions JSDoc 2.0 (2008) gained the name "jsdoc-toolkit". It could be very well tied to your domain model. */, /** * @author Valentino Gagliardi Given the amount of freedom one has when implementing code in JavaScript, the JSDoc parser seemed to have trouble identifying annotations within our most… exotic code. We will also centralize all the JSDoc configuration into the file jsdoc.json: If your SDK exports a complex hierarchy of elements, it’s handy to set the parameter useLongnameInNav to true. * string describes the type of JavaScript property (keys) that always remains of string type. Functions have some mandatory and some optional parameters, some of them with default values. JSDoc is a nice "language" for adding documentation to JavaScript. In my previous post, we learned javascript documentation framework - JSDOC tutorials, In this post, We are going to learn JSdoc function tags with examples. See the Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! Given an imaginary Pet Adoption Center SDK written in Node.js, you could have namespaces like Pets, Supporters, Payments, Inventory, etc. The one-page guide to Jsdoc: usage, examples, links, snippets, and more. createElement ( "th" ) ; const text = document . Neat! The following examples show how to include names, types, and descriptions in a @param tag. Check out the official documentation. Any function can be declared with function name return types and accepted input types. * @param {string=} p2 - An optional param (Closure syntax) * @param {string} [p3] - Another optional param (JSDoc syntax). Some months ago we had to integrate with Contentful, and I was delighted to browse their API documentation. Difference between multiple arguments and options object. But let's make things interesting with JSDoc annotations for function parameters. Here's an example: Another useful tag is "return" (or "returns") for describing the return value of a function.

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