A step up amid a codex widely considered to be a step down crunchwise. He's also a top-tier dick who trolls Azrael about all the prisoners they've been taking back to the Rock and makes several threats that he'll get the High Lords of Terra to investigate if the Dark Angels don't comply. If Magnus had not already made up his mind on which side of the conflict he would be on, then he soon would, and then Mortarion would be surrounded. Mortarion saluted the Khan mockingly, and spears of hard-edged light lanced down from above, bursting through the cloud cover and crashing through the heart of the ruined Tizca pyramid they had been fighting within. ... Deathwing Knights Conversion - Duration: 8:35. 40K Theories 107,211 views. My Kaldor Draigo is a regular plastic GK with the shield from Forgeworld’s Hector Rex. Until he knew, beyond a shadow of doubt, who was ally and who was an enemy, he refused to choose sides. He might burn himself out to get to Terra, he might not. It polluted the vessels themselves as easily as it did the transhuman warriors within. As the newly chosen Lord of the Grey Knights, he fought Mortarion in single combat, wielding the legendary Titansword. He still has his insane 2+/3++ save thanks to his Termie Armor and singular Storm Shield. Despite all that had occurred, Mortarion still believed that all sorcery was a cancer. Breaking through the poisonous mists, Mortarion discovered that the prey of the warlords were in fact the same species as he, and swore to deliver them from their oppression. In truth, Mortarion had never forgiven the Emperor for denying him the chance to earn his final vengeance against Necare. But he would endeavour to understand it -- to overcome it. These were members of Mortarion's elite bodyguard, the Deathshroud. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Death Guard did not garrison, they did not build, they only tore down and slew, coldly, determinately and with the inexorable progress of a contagion or a tsunami wave, and worlds fell before them. "Lord Kaldor Draigo is a combat monster - there's no other way to describe him. They are mean, ugly bastards but tenacious. Something terrible came out of the Warp Storms as they roiled through the southern reaches of the Ultima Segmentum. So while Constantin Valdor held a rank in some ways higher than even that of a Primarch, and sat at the centre of Imperial power on Terra, he seldom exercised his influence, save where his purview was directly concerned, and then never with ambition or aggrandisement. Either way it's not clear when this happened, so it could be in the future or an alternate timeline since the Warp doesn't care about your single direction flow of time. His Force blade is still S+3 with AP2 Master-Crafted, with the ability to re-roll to-wound against Daemons when he uses Force. At least that's what the heretics want you to think. The daemon was the first to see a fragment of what Mortarion would eventually become in later centuries. This combat tactic worked brilliantly, and Mortarion grew close to Horus. Worth mentioning that not only are Wood Elves the Spiritual Liege's favorite Fantasy faction, but this was one of the last things he wrote for Games Workshop before leaving the company. Magnus' shade had showed him. ", Primarch Mortarion of the Death Guard Legion surrounded by his Deathshroud Honour Guard. It's also been mentioned that the Warp connects Fantasy and 40k. The Death Lord had never hidden what he wanted. Our most blessed and sanctified scriptures tell us that Lord Draigo's victories in the warp are indeed empty ones, and that every daemon slain and fortress toppled shortly rights itself. Because every single Chaos God finds it fucking hilarious. "Say what you like about the Fourteenth Legion. The Emperor granted Mortarion command of the XIV Space Marine Legion, then known as the Dusk Raiders, who quickly adopted the name, iconography and dogma of Mortarion's Death Guard. My Kaldor Draigo is a regular plastic GK with the shield from Forgeworld’s Hector Rex. During this final battle of the Horus Heresy, the unthinkable would happen. True to his oath, Mortarion bent his knee to his new-found father as soon as he was sufficiently recovered to do so, although his final act of defiance on Barbarus would leave scars upon him both physical and mental that would never fully heal. A Kaldor Draigo the Size of Guilliman https://spikeybits.com/2018/11/army-of-one-a-new-kaldor-draigo-in-town.html This isn't too shocking as Draigo is a fairly new character and only has about two pages to himself within the codex compare to Dunn's few hundred. My Kaldor Draigo is a regular plastic GK with the shield from Forgeworld’s Hector Rex. Mortarion raged, a cold and virulent storm of anger whirling around him until its echoes in realspace seeded seven new and terrible plagues upon luckless Imperial worlds. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Valdor resigned the Captain-Generalcy to his newly elected successor soon after and disappeared from the historical record, his final fate unknown. I think his conversion stays true to the design elements of […] Here, Draigo is decidedly NOT a Mary Sue Gary Stu anymore, with "Supreme Grand Master" taken in the same context as Azrael. But even death brought no freedom from its torment. An ancient Remembrancer sketch from Carpinius' Speculum Historiale of the Primarch Mortarion during the Great Crusade. I still want to get a banner for his back. ----- "He died because he had no honor. The Khan had seen the overall picture perfectly. Virus bombardments preceded the Death Guard. Their weapons and armour were powered by the energies of Chaos and they became known as the Plague Marines, although they would still use the name of the Death Guard for themselves. Jaghatai had been right -- the Death Lord was on his own with them. Subreddit dedicated to the Grey Knights from Warhammer 40,000 Yes, he's still alive, and the mad scholar the Wood Elf is traveling with (who may in fact be Richter Kleiss, the writer of the Liber Chaotica) explains that the knight is "beyond the power of the daemons" and will "take his own revenge in due course", but that is attributed to being "the way of things in the Realm of Chaos" rather than anything inherent to Draigo (if he is Draigo). Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines who had been trapped for 10,000 standard years in stasis, was restored to the realm of Mankind. Typhon, now called Typhus the Traveller, took a more active role in continuing the war against the Imperium by abandoning his master and striking out on his own, bringing the "gifts" of his patron to the Emperor's followers. Feeling the dust stir around his feet, coils of marsh-green teleportation energy rippled downward. It therefore made a great impact upon the opinion of the Emperor, and drove Magnus to defend the use of psychic abilities with more drive and passion than he had originally intended. Even a good writer would have trouble balancing both a good character AND a badass who leads an army of daemon killers. As a simple Battle-Brother, Kaldor Draigo earned renown when he fought against M'kar the Reborn on the world of Acralem, and slew the Daemon Prince. Something burned in him, dark like old embers. And the worst thing is that we can't get rid of the thorn. How did you get the bolter on his right arm? Barely kept up with a casual Daemon Mortarion), Lifting Strength: Class 100 (As one of the absolute strongest Space Marines in the entire setting, he should be comparable to Marneus Calgar and Khârn the Betrayer), Striking Strength: At least Dwarf Star Class, likely Solar System Class, Durability: At least Dwarf Star level, likely Solar System level (Can survive attacks from Greater Daemons in the Warp. Within the Eye of Terror, Mortarion was elevated to become a Daemon Prince by Nurgle, and given control of a Daemon World, now known as the Plague Planet, which he moulded into a new and despicable form, making it a virtual copy of Barbarus, placing himself in his adoptive father's position as its chief tyrant. Home boy needs a storm bolter too though. This pile of broken ex-marine is also gushing ooze and phlegm and pus as he was infected with every blight and pox Nurgle has to offer. The confrontation was brief. The next confrontation with M'Kar occurs 'Two hundred years to the day since Draigo's victory on Acralem' (i.e. Draigo attempted to convince the Grey Knights to send a large force to apprehend both Ix'thar'ganix and Lurgon, which after some political maneuvering, he managed to get. They were the outriders. His brother had tasted the fruits of treachery and found them bitter. The void around him now seethed with witchery, more virulent than ever. If he was dead, then the Imperium was finished. The foremost Chaplain of the Word Bearers, Erebus, inducted Typhon into the secrets of the Seven Pillared Lodge, one of the Warrior Lodges that had begun to spread throughout the Space Marine Legions in the later days of the Great Crusade. I was trying to create a dynamic pose that conveys the idea of a powerful swing with the force weapon. My Kaldor Primaris Draigo ... Kaldor Draigo Shop: Art, Posters & Prints | … This means that he can't be accessed by himself, he needs someone else in the HQ slot to unlock him. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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