Loose fill hose connection at faucet or washer. Patrick Nelson has been a professional writer since 1992. Manufacturer’s care label instructions not followed. The top of the agitator is much highsr than the highest water level. Start doing it yourself with the confidence that comes with 100+ years of experience. Use enough detergent to remove soil and hold it in suspension. Tub moved forward during unloading, causing water to deflect off of tub ring. Do not seal off drain hose with tape. House fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped. It also can handle delicates. Shake or brush excess dirt and sand from items before washing. Overdrying can cause lint-attracting static. Water Level Too Low/Not Completely Filling. Use less soap if you have soft water, a smaller load or a lightly soiled load. Drying cycle takes too long, outside of the dryer feels too hot or smells hot. He was editor and publisher of the music industry trade publication "Producer Report" and has written for a number of technology blogs. When the machine is manually turned off, the shifter will disen- gage the motor before completely shutting down. There may not be enough hot water available for proper cleaning. Items need to be clean before being dried. Drying procedures have not been followed. If problem is a power outage, call local electric company. After a wash or rinse, the washer will drain without spinning. Kenmore Washer Dryer Combo 417.94702300 (41794702300, 417 94702300) Troubleshooting and Repair Help We’ve put together a list of symptoms for Kenmore Washer Dryer Combo model 417.94702300 (41794702300, 417 94702300) below. Make sure water heater is delivering water at 120°F (48°C). Washer should have separate outlet. Make sure the spin cycle selected matches the load you are washing. Can hear but not see water at the end of the cycle. Reconnect the hoses and turn the water back on. If sound continues, washer is probably out of balance. Don't overload the laundry system if you get leaks or the spin cycle doesn't appear to get the load dry enough. Gas supply valve is not open (gas models). Wasier at pause in PERMANENT PRESS Cycle (approximately two minutes). Hot water heater is set too low or is a distance from washer. Clean out pockets before washing. Water pressure must be at least 10 psi (69 kPa). Check for air movement. Wipe up bleach spills. Loads should move freely during wash. Wash smaller loads. Dry smaller loads that can tumble freely. Unplug washer, wait 2 minutes, plug back in and press START. We've got millions of parts, hundreds of brands, and thousands of step-by-step videos— everything you need to find it, fix it and finish the job right. Timer or the temperature control is set on AIR DRY. Household chemicals, paint, or varnish being drawn into dryer. Make sure you are using HE detergent. Water supply faucets are not completely open. Kenmore dryer troubleshooting As a rule, the causes of breakage of drying machine occur one and the same in 90%, so manufacturers provide recommendations for their elimination in the troubleshooting … Laundry center not level causing water to deflect off of tub ring. Replace fuses or reset breaker. If safe for fabric, use warm or hot wash water. 2019 © Drying machines error codes and troubleshooting |, GE Stackable washer dryer troubleshooting, Kenmore Stackable washer dryer troubleshooting. Foreign objects such as coins, pins, clips or buttons are inside the dryer. Use only one softener sheet per load and only use it once. Check electrical source or call electrician. Electric dryer is connected to a 208 volt circuit. Motor is overheated. Dryer ocated in room with temperature below 45°F. Washer motor will stop if it becomes overheated. Make sure you are using HE detergent. Exhaust duct requirements have not been met. Foreign objects such as coins or safety pins may be in drum or pump. Add at beginning of cycle when load is cold. Like a side-by-side combination, a Kenmore Stackable Washer & Dryer Laundry Center can handle heavy-duty items, such as knit. Fabric softener sheets blocking outlet grill. Cooler water temperatures provide improved energy efficiency. Dryer should heat when utility service restored. Hold hand under outside exhaust hood to check air movement. Do not increase fuse capacity. Upper part of agitator clicks during wash. Won’t Fill/Won’t Rinse/Won’t Agitate/Wrong Temperature. Wait until water supply and pressure increase. Make sure the hot and cold water inlet faucets are turned on. Wipe drum with a nonabrasive household cleanser, then rinse. Use a water conditioner or install a water softener. Sort whites or lightly colored items from dark colors. Sort dark clothing from whites and lights. Use less soap if you have soft water, a smaller load or a lightly soiled load. Exhaist vent or outside exhaust hood is clogged with lint. Sharp items not removed from pockets; fasteners not fastened. Leave your house, then call your local gas company. Make sure house water heater is delivering water at 120°F (48°C). Add detergent as wash basket fills with water, before you load clothes. There are 2 house fuses in the dryer circuit. Tighten hoses at the faucets and turn the water off after each use. House fuse blown, circuit breaker tripped, or a power outage has occurred. Clean lint screen. The washer is the lower unit with a horizontal lid over the tub. Wash water net warm enough to relax wrinkles. The top of the agitator moves only in one direction. This is usually normal. Verify you are placing the garments in the right tub for your application if you get unexpected results. Turn off the water source and remove the water connection hoses from the upper back of the washer. Nelson studied design at Hornsey Art School. Kenmore Washer/Dryer Combo Repair Help. Find solution. They will probably be behind the laundry center, so you may have to pull the whole unit away from the wall. Make sure you are using HE detergent. When in place, the duct must have no more than four 90° bends and must not exceed length listed manufacturer. Kenmore calls its stackable washer dryer combinations Laundry Centers. Use less detergent. Do nol pour chlorine bleach directly on load. Stop washer and check drum. Check and tighten hose connections. Hot water is being used elsewhere in the house. Under use of detergent causing soil to be redeposited. After draining, the spinning begins. Close lid and reset cycle, to the beginning if necessary. 6 possible causes and potential solutions . Select the right cycle for the types of garments being dried. Undiluted bleach will damage fabrics. Power cord not plugged in. The top three symptoms for 417.98702891 are "Leaking", "Won't start", and "Noisy". Wash small loads for a shorter time than larger loads. Mend rips and broken threads in seams before washing. Try a liquid detergent. Some fabrics will feel wetter when rinsed with cold water. The drain hose needs an air gap. Zip zippers before washing. Check house circuit breakers/fuses. Dye transfer due to not sorting loads properly. Always remove foreign objects from pockets before laundering. Turn off gas supply line. Email, 6 possible causes and potential solutions, 11 possible causes and potential solutions, 19 possible causes and potential solutions, 8 possible causes and potential solutions, 14 possible causes and potential solutions, 13 possible causes and potential solutions.

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