Singer and actress Kiely Williams, a former member of The Cheetah Girls, has had a very difficult relationship with the other two members of the girl group 3LW. Like I said yesterday I get her message but she went about it in the wrong way completely! She should have released this before the release of the video and song cause honestly nobody gets this message from that video and like someone said the video seems to condone it more than bring awareness so she should’ve done it in a different way. The musician will host a food competition show titled Cooked With Cannabis that’ll premiere on the very-fitting April 20 (4/20). Sadly, Aaliyah's music isn't the only recordings lost in the shuffle. Be very careful not to swallow the mixture. She has run out of ideas and is doing anything to make money. Your email address will not be published. She know wasn’t no message in that mess. I’m THRILLED that SHE was forced to issue THIS statement, I’m glad she’s NOW “backed-up, into-a-corner!” Ms. Norwood pretty much sums up my sentiments on this one. This isn’t Kelis’ first foray into the reality-cooking television world. I’m glad you got theose crooked ass teeth fixed.. You are bad influence young girls you HAW. Anyone that knows me, knows how much I love my Netflix, so this is a dream come true. Kelis is taking her chef talents to Netflix. You know what 100% respect to her for this response, smart women! The singer recently re-recorded her first two albums. Guests will play an integral role in who takes home the cash prize. Also @Dizzy1985 wikipedia tell lies as well especially since anyone can update most pages! Williams, born in July 1986, has been involved in the entertainment industry for over two decades. Then, you could see her, in a picture with actor Shia Labeouf. No tasteless girating, bumping and grinding. The latter opponents played their collaborations with the late singer, proving Baby Girl's dynamic relevancy in the age of modern R&B. After that, Symoné told Williams that she needed to talk to Bailon to finally make amends. I wrote “Spectacular” and made the video to bring attention to a serious women’s health and safety issue. Now you’re just a laughing stock…. Oh Kiely, if that was your point did you ever think of writing that message maybe at the start of the video, or even at the end?!? With Aaliyah's music getting the attention it deserves, Johnta Austin discussed the singer's impact on R&B today. I clearly see her point in the statement above. Not amount of boob job and short lace front is going to save her. Who is going to learn from this song or video. The future generations need be exposed to her artistry and pay homage .#FreeAaliyahMusic, — Black Clover (@la_alchemist) March 29, 2020, Her first #1 solely based on AirPlay! Fans can enjoy selected videos and songs on YouTube, but it's clear they want more. Singer and actress Kiely Williams, a former member of The Cheetah Girls, has had a very difficult relationship with the other two members of the girl group 3LW. If I’m not too-mistaken, I saw this very same “Kiely Williams” on another site, in mid-to-late ’09: saying that R&B singer “Joe”, had dated her mother and had “abused her”, or words to THAT effect. Rinse the mixture away with water and continue to brush as usual. What the hell has a butters b*** naken man on a bed represent? What she’s doing is harm mangement and trying to save what non exsistant career she doen’t have. This b**** is lying so much through her teeth she’s about to open that fawking gap! Andrea Monique Miss hot fake mess-legs open to the world to learn how not to be when you grow-up. Sadly these type of songs are all over the Radio under the guise of pop with their catchy hooks. TWITTER. A Member Of Townsquare Music, Rihanna Performs 'Rockstar 101' On American…. Some people we knock down and others we support when the situations are pretty much the same. Use your favorite toothpaste and sprinkle 1/2 tsp of baking soda onto the toothbrush and brush as usual. According to wikipedia her second single is called Open My Legs, Tell Me What Ya Think”. SMH. It can be only seen over the internet. LMAO. You may request that your data not be shared with third parties here: Kiely Williams Was a Member of The Cheetah Girls — a Glimpse into Her Life and Career, Destiny's Child Lost Two Original Members before Michelle Williams Joined the Iconic Girl Group, Raven-Symoné from 'Cosby Show' Once Opened up about Her Sexuality and Not Wanting to Be Labeled Gay, Anneliese Van Der Pol's Life after 'That's so Raven' Ended, Jesse Williams and Ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee's Custody Battle over Their Two Kids — A Glimpse Inside, Adrienne Houghton from 'The Real' Got Married by Going against Logic and Says She Was Led by the Holy Spirit, Jack Dylan Grazer's Father Is Also an Actor — What to Know about the Aspiring 17-Year-Old Star, Kid Cudi's Daughter Vada Is His Mini-Me — What to Know about the Rapper's Personal Life. are you serious!! Mix 1 tsp of baking soda with a few squeezes of fresh lemon juice. Kiely Williams was born on July 9, 1986 in Alexandria, Virginia, USA as Kiely Alexis Williams. There's also JoJo, who had to break from the label after they refused to release her third album. I find it funny how Drake can make a song about making a “p**** whistle like the andy griffith theme song” and no one finds fault with that. She should have stuck with Disney because they pay well and they could have made her a huge celeb with her own show. She is missing the point..its not the message.. … her song, lyrics, video was taste-less… Whom she mention lady gaga ect finished results were tactful..BIG DIFFERENCE. 173.2k Followers, 161 Following, 305 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Kiely Williams (@kielywilliams) Keep smiling and allow the hydrogen peroxide sit on teeth for 30 seconds. If you were not condoning this type of activity then the SONG wouldn’t even exist… CASE CLOSED and H** Have a seat! she was even dressed ass a prostitute walking with other prostitutes down the street coming home after a long night of corner cruising! Aaliyah's only album on multiple platforms is her 1994 debut, Age Ain't Nothing But A Number. LOL! Our current isolated way of life has given some plenty of time for reflection like Kiely Williams of the former girl group 3LW and The Cheetah Girls (ask your kids). In 2014, she partnered with the Cooking Channel for Saucy and Sweet and published the "My Life on a Plate" cookbook a year later. This is not cute at all. Required fields are marked *. She resembles Tisha Campbell. No sell out behaviour. I totally understand where Kiely is coming from and what she did was very brave eventhough aesthetically the song and the video was bad. http://WWW.FRESHURBANENT.CO.UK <<< CHECK OUT MY NEW ENTERTAINMENT WEBSITE You either were my best friend and now you're just not claiming me or you were pretending [to be my best friend.". This b**** is an opportunist, and SHE tried to “play-the-victim’s-card”, during mid-late 09, as-much-as, Rihanna did, and is STILL trying! The two remained friends after Naughton was kicked out of 3LW, the platinum-selling group known for 2000s pop hits like "No More (Baby I'ma Do Right)" and "Playas Gon' Play." Her latest album, "Make Me a Drink," was released in 2018. Someone shoot me. Jack Depp Is 18 and Dating a Beautiful Model — Who Is Johnny Depp's Only Son? THERE IS NOT A YOUNG GIRL ON THE PLANET THAT WILL WATCH THIS VIDEO AND WALK AWAY FROM IT HAVING RECIEVED SOME TYPE OF VIRGINAL EPIPHONY,FEELING ENCOURAGED OR INFORMED FROM THIS VIDEOS SUPOSED ATTEMPT AT AWARENESS!! The movie was so successful that The Cheetah Girls became a real-life music group. Where does it say in the song about being careful when drinking? i do not respect you. Rihanna’s Russian Roulette may have insinuated, but never actually showed any death taking place. but shes a coward and a s***! I think the song is catchy, She’s definitely getting the bills paid with this one. i see y she had that ugly ass dude as her love interest , it explains the lyrics too n y she looks a hot mess. I can’t express how betrayed I felt when we were supposed to have all her music on Spotify by her birthday. Describing the opportunity as a “dream come true” since she’s a major supporter of the streaming service, Kelis took to Instagram to share how cannabis and cooking is one of her many creative passions. She wants media attention. It’s NOT-enough to be light-skinned, and pop-your-c****** on camera, you gotta have some semblance or modicum of talent. Kiely Williams made clear that their relationship is not likely to improve: "If there was ever a reason to apologize, all of that has kind of been overshadowed by the literal lies and really ugly stuff that she said about my mom and my sister. While she didn't clear up the chicken throwing, she stated how she was "going for her neck" and was holding food and her baby sister in the process. Only one year later, and thanks to hit songs like "Playas Gon Play" and "No More," they became one of the most promising groups in the States, touring alongside Nelly and Destiny's Child. We miss you baby girl! Very rubbish in fact. Where the guy left stuff on her dress….. Symonè has often shared positive memories about The Cheetah Girls and their reign but did imply during an episode of The View how co-star Lynn Whitfield kept her from losing her cool on set. KIELY'S RELATIONSHIP WITH HER FORMER BANDMATES. Each episode will place three chefs against each other as they craft three-course meals with cannabis as the central ingredient. a horrible one at that almost as bad a liar as you are a singer! When she was on it, she had the riffs, she had everything.". Karen Fairchild Married Her Bandmate Jimi Westbrook — inside the Little Big Town Family. In 2008, the “Milkshake” singer sought to refine her cooking skills by enrolling in the Le Cordon Bleu school. Apologies aren't on the horizon either. Madonna was telling her father she was keeping her child. Ariana Grande’s ‘Positions’ Album Set To Sell…, Doja Cat Claps Back At Fans Who Criticized Her For Attending Halloween…, Ciara Transforms Into Megan Thee Stallion For Halloween, Ciara Recreates Cardi B’s ‘Invasion of Privacy’ Album Cover For Halloween, Beyonce Talks Ownership, ‘Black Is King,’ Ivy Park, Family, & Future With…, The Predictions Are In! Singers Adrienne Bailon (L) and Kiely Williams of the 'Cheetah Girls' pose for photos around Mercedes Benz Fashion Week held at Smashbox Studios on October 18, 2007 in Culver City, California. i swear people turn into such gangstas behind a keyboard…. Singer Jessica Benson stepped in to replace Naughton, but Disney eventually contacted Williams and Bailon to join Raven-Symoné and Sabrina Bryan and be part of a film titled "The Cheetah Girls.". Not to mention it is encouraging binge drinking and glorifying drunken anonymous s** and possibly date r***. #momlife My camera roll is basically all Ro, and…” People just wanna make a big deal out of NOTHING…..we’ve heard and seen it all before!! Young women across the country get intoxicated and have unprotected sex.

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