Lets understand the general hero classes and fit most heroes into these classes. How to wave in Messenger, you asked? © Valve Corporation. Oni is pretty self explanatory. Although his high speed his special ability vindicator has a very high cooldown time of 70 seconds. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Dierdre is interesting, but she simply isn't that useful, her heal is pretty worthless, only thing good about her is that she can tank a bit and buff towers. So, I’ll suggest you purchase only this hero if you want to and not any other than that if you’re short on money. She has a ranged attack that does a little damage but her focus is her true damage abilities. These statistics vary from one hero to the next, designed to give each hero advantages and disadvantages. Abduction might be my favorite kingdom rush ability, the drone and energy glaive are solid ranged weapons that allow Sha'tra to deal damage while he pulls back. Still damages enemies when dying, while dead, and when reviving. Archers can use their range to shoot at enemies from other paths or out of the way spots. With special abilities, it can trap enemies for 3 seconds and deals a damage up to 50 to multiple targets. Sha'tra is kinda situational, but he's very good with his high true damage and instant kill, boomerang kinda sucks though, okay tank I guess. Oni is going to be more focused on rapid micromanagement - sniping strong enemies and attacking large groups where ever he is needed, whereas Lightseeker is a better stationary hero. B Tier:Hacksaw, Ingvar, Denas, Malik. Heroes are immune to the instant kill attacks of regular enemies (but not bosses or level hazards). Other heroes must be unlocked via in-app purchases: In the Steam Version all heroes are once again free and are unlocked by reaching certain stages : In addition to these 15 heroes, three stages also feature heroes exclusive to that stage: Rurin Longbeard (The Dark Descent), The Black Corsair (Storm Atoll) and Lucrezia (Dusk Chateau). Now you can better decide which hero is best suitable for you but my recommendation is to buy WILBUR. Most are like wizards and struggle in melee, except for Eridan. My top three: Sha'tra, Bonehart, Razz and Rags. High health and armor are the essence of a tank, any good tank should be able to stand up to powerful enemies for at least a little while your towers deal the damage. Drops a box of 3 bombs that deals 65 damage each. Hero stats are rated on a scale of 0 to 8 in terms of Health, Attack, Ranged Attack and Speed. Flyers are heroes who fly. If you can micromanage even decently it is quite easy to achieve Alleria's full potential. Neither is Sha'tra, Bonehart, Vez'nan, Grawl or any other hero. She seems like a hybrid. Special Attack: Sapphire Fangs – Summons spikes from the ground over a wide area that deals a total of 960 damage to enemies. He has a really high moving and attacking speed. There are heroes who are just straight up powerful like the dragons, if you're looking for just the strongest heroes then go with them, but they aren't very fun or exciting to use and don't require a lot of micromanagement. Just talking about free ones cause I'm poor :(. The special ability has a very high cooldown time. Gear D4C3. It can attack both ground and air units. In addition, Heroes now have a passive ability that is in constant use from level one. This hero has a very high movement speed. CHAMPION OF THE ARENA (50 gems) Reach level 10 with Veruk. Cannot hold ground troops without the ability, The ability takes effect after a few seconds not instantly. With few upgrades acquire the ability to heal himself with 50% health of the defeated enemy. Malik is okay I guess, but he also gets outclassed, he's got nice area damage, medium base damage, good tankiness, but that's about it, also he never uses his skills if he's fighting a single enemy, which sometimes sucks because his slam recharges pretty quick. He's just too squishy and some of the tougher levels are way easier if your hero can tank the boss. They are controlled by the player and can be commanded to move around the map, and will use abilities that differ between heroes. Special Attack: Nature’s Wrath – Spawns 12 spiked wines in a wide area each dealing a 50 area damage. They tend to die in extended combat but can deliver good damage provided their used right. Arivan, Catha, Razz and Rags and Lilith are unlocked by reaching Redwood Stand, Rockhenge, Neverwonder and Shrine of Elynie, respectively. Denas is spot on, I've never felt he's an A class but pretty damn close at high levels. A lot of newer Kingdom Rush players will often ask who's the best hero to choose. The others can only be unlocked via in-app purchases: On the Steam version, all heroes are free and are unlocked by reaching certain stages: Frontiers has sixteen heroes. Special abilities are hotkeyed to "1" and "2" as well. You can quick-select the hero by pressing the spacebar, it's much quicker than clicking portraits so worth getting used to. i think oni is the best , oni's abilities both deal true damage ,one is for crowd control , one is a instantkill so that means it can kill huge beasts in seconds and to even deal some damages to bosses , and remember both deal true damage , his speed is relatively fast and u could move him all around the map,his regular attacks are pretty good and fast too, and he also is immune to the explosions of demons , which kill high armored heroes such as gerald lightseekeer and hacksaw pretty easily against their explosions, so that means he can stand in front of a cerberus when it dies and still not receive any injuries , his health regeneration is fast too , he can fully regenerate his health in 4 seconds ,so combined with the true damage crowd control and a true damage sword slash which sometimes can instantkill enemies ,and with his fast and efficient regular attacks and with his fast speed , and with fast regeneration and immunity to explosions he is a force to be reckoned with and truly makes him the greatest hero ever . This hero has two magical knives in his hands which he uses to slay down the enemies. They tend to also be the most expensive heroes but also some of the strongest. Tanks in Kingdom Rush tend to be pretty fluid with other classes but I'll include Lightseeker, Oni, Alric, Cronan, Grawl, Karkinos, Prince Denas, Bravebark, Veruk and Jigou. She’d be a warrior or hybrid type hero. There are heroes who are just straight up powerful like the dragons, if you're looking for just the strongest heroes then go with them, but they aren't very fun or exciting to use and don't require a lot of micromanagement. He has average attacking speed. Elora and Magnus are somewhat similar, except Elora is more of an AoE character, while Magnus has more focused damage, imo they are both very useful heroes. This makes them excellent for putting behind choke points and dealing damage while your barracks hold. Unlike any other unit in the games, heroes will gain experience through battles to become more powerful. Is garlic alric? Tanks tend to have slow mobility and only some have ranged attacks. Gerald is for Barracks, Alleria is for Archers, Magnus is for Mages, Bolin is for Artillery, Ignus is for Rain of Fire, and Malik is for Reinforcements. Tanks are focused on tanking of course, but they also tend to specialize in blocking power or damage as well. His true damage attacks make him a great damage dealer but he doesn't have a ton of health. This ability usually cannot be upgraded, but some Heroes do get an upgraded one upon reaching level 5 and 10. Mirage, Cronan and Bruxa must be unlocked by beating Sape Oasis, Nazeru's Gates and Snapvine Bridge, respectively. Later on she gets more health but I wouldn’t consider her a tank or blocker. Asra and Oloch are unlocked by reaching Clockwork Factory and Northerners' Outpost respectively. He's unreliable and too situational. S rank would be the really OP heroes, such as Bonehart. They require some practice to get the proper range down. With the upgrade, he unlocks the ability to heal himself and awes enemies up to few seconds. Personally I think they aren't nearly as fun to micro as a regular hero and make the game too easy. I'm not 100% sure what the S rank means...see elaboration on that would be great! Even free heroes are better. It can attack both air and ground units. Denas is not that bad imo, he deals quite a bit of damage, and can boost your towers, which is nice, other than that, his barrage is very similar to Magnus', which. The first six heroes are based on the six Upgrades paths. Each hero has a unique death animation and always have a quote - as opposed to previous instalments, in which most heroes go out with a simple "Aah!" Best hero in kingdom rush: Vengeance. Veruk is useable from the start. I might edit this later and move the heroes around, although this guide is more about choosing a hero based on playstyle rather than trying to categorize them. Iveafe some damned impressive stands with him and his tank frenzy move. Anyways, this is a pretty long post, but what would be your hero tier list? However wizards tend to suck in close combat with low health and armor. Special Attack: Vindicator – Slays single target. The wizard is a simple style of hero, most have a magic staff or spell that deals slow but solid magic damage. The first three are free, while others are only available through in-app purchases. Easy guide to wave Effortlessly in... 3 methods to Deslide any website & get rid of slideshows... 5 Best ways to screenshot Instagram story without getting caught.

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