£64.58 £ 64. Thanks Harvey. You are a legend! We tried batteries… (didn’t have any in it in the first place, but still worked) No luck. And thanks for the great instructions and photos. ( Log Out /  More information . I was on the fence on buying one if these and (thankfully) read reviews first and found out about the excessive beeping. These connectors were covered with a hot-melt glue in my kettle, so the first task was to very carefully prise away the glue. Place it on a fridge door for weight loss, or on a lighter to help quit smoking;). This thing beeps for every reason it can think of. Thank you for taking the time to post this. Followed the instructions, pulled off the black speaker, and hey presto….silence. Because 90 percent problem occurs when your thermostat does not work properly. Jun 26, 2015. Such an easy fix – 5-10 minutes, using a flat screwdriver and a pair of pliers. I’m having a white tea to celebrate. Owned this dastardly thing for a couple years before extracting the beeper from it. Cheers. I was wondering if a dab of epoxy on that beeper thing might be enough to stifle it. No more beeping!!! I used a small flat-head screwdriver to unscrew the cover screws. Tried no water… no luck! Then grating. Thanks very much. I found your blog through a google search and my partner followed your steps (apart from soldering, he pulled it off). Thank you SO MUCH for the instructions how to DEPEEP this beautiful and in other ways silent kettle.. Easy fix for your broken kettle as I had the exact same problem.Grab some CLR or descaler and let it sit over night in the kettle, rinse and boil a couple of times and there you go you have your kettle back . I just did not believe that it could possibly be that annoying and if all of the other qualities where what I wanted then surely I could tolerate a small indicator of boil completion…… oh how wrong I was. A very happy Patricia, Dear Harvey, thank you so much for providing such a simple step by step guide, you have made another person so happy….!! You can see the heating element, led indicator, which is the actual main component of the electric kettle. Here I will tell you some simple step to repair your electric kettle at home. ( Log Out /  Also a thousand thanks from me and m y wife. Following your instructions (pictures are brilliant)and instead of soldering I used pliers to pull out the culprit, it took less than 2 minutes and now peace is restored. 16 0. Electric kettles use the mains wall outlet to power the Base. There seems to be no need to unsolder or wriggle until you break the connectors to the speaker… All I did was remove the cover as described (I used a broken triangular needle file to unscrew the two retaining screws), grasped the black plastic cover of the speaker and wriggled it loose, took it off (it is just pressed on – comes off easily); beneath this is a very fine metallic diaphragm which I reasoned must be the bit that vibrates and makes the beep so I removed this, closed everything up again, put some water in and joy or joys, no beep – just boiled water! Millions thans Harvey!! To quote Amazon reviewer Charlie2095, who ended up sending his kettle back: At first the beeping isn’t a big deal. Your inst cautions were perfect and worked really well. Base has a circular shape and with the one up is positive and one is negative. So when this is connected to the power point and we placed the receiver positive and negative ends. The pinion is fastened... We Deliver Knowledge On Maintenance That Helps You To Improve The Life Of your Machine. Definitely did a happy dance! I de-beeped my kettle as well:). I thought I could tolerate it, but after a few weeks I just couldn’t cope any more. :o), Harvey, you are an absolute super star!!! But I didn’t send it back, no, I got out my soldering iron and fixed it good! You need to make sure that you have got the right one when you are trying to repair or replace your electric kettle. To silence the beeps, you need to locate and remove the piezo buzzer. So just 3 days in and a Google search brought me here! Any suggestions? You can choose whether to manage these or allow them all. This can usually be found on the base, side or back of the appliance. Thank you! Thank you so much!! Filter the results by model number to make sure you get the Delonghi part you need. Bob’s tip to remove the metal disc from the piezo buzzer instead of de soldering and removing the buzzer itself was a winner for me and although I haven’t tried to reinstate it, I have thought that this could be easily reversed if for some reason you wanted to. Thanks for your help. I just wiggled the speaker carefully until it came off, the legs eventually break from the repeated motion. Just de-beeped my kettle this evening. The instruction I think apply to most beeping kettles. I ended up just disassembling the peizio after heating heating the points, cause it wouldn’t come out of the board, worked fine. Once the buzzer is gone, push the board back down and replace the screws and connectors. YES! Hi they have been recalled in the UK due to a faulty handle. Does not take much effort. Thanx you so much… I hated the beep from the first moment ! Cheers. A flashing display indicates that the heating element is disengaged and the kettle is not heating (i.e. And 10 percent chance is your heating Element getting wrong. Seriously hope the good folk at KitchenAid at least offer customers the ability to turn the beeping off without having to use their engineering skills.

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