Earn the game’s hardest trophies and get some cool perks. Go through here to reach a treasure chest. Head through the lasers to find a secret stash. Then, follow it to the right. Send the mine cart up the ramp. Instead, jump up and to the left to find a hallway leading to a treasure chest. 2-1: In the section with three see-saw planks, there’s a large window on the left by the third plank. It’s marked with sunstones. 3-3: Just after getting your first glimpse at ice Knack, you’ll see a bridge ahead. Knack 2 has 100 treasure chests full of upgrades, and this guide details where every single one of them is. Then, turn back around and shift the ladders in order to platform up to the high opening on the right hand side. After turning the power off to the laser grid, platform up to reach a red switch. Getting them via chapter select will not work either. After fighting the two goblins, swing around the left side of the house. After jumping to safety, follow the path to reach some more enemies. After opening the gate, defeat the enemy ahead. After triggering the second set of flipping stairs, hop onto the first step. Then, jump and size down to reach the small opening and access a treasure chest. Follow this path to reach a treasure chest. When you reach the rising and lowering platforms, look down to the right to find a small hole. 3-1: Once you’ve made it past the giant rolling balls, go through the opening at the top on the left. When you enter the city streets, defeat the enemies ahead. Read our full review. Use small Knack to get through, break the boxes and climb through the hole. Let the one furthest to the left fall down enough so that you can access a small ledge below. Turn left, break the crates and you’ll come to a simple platforming section. Soon, you can climb up again. When scaling the wall, don’t climb to the top. After a small jump, you’ll see a path lined with sunstones. Maneuver the bookcases to work up the righthand platform marked by sunstones. On the back wall of the room is a glowing sunstone. 6-2: The goblins will shut the doors and that’s your cue to go to the next area. Follow this entrance to find a treasure chest. 7-2: When you see Ryder standing atop a pillar staring at some wooden boxes, jump down and head to your immediate left to find a small notch. 11-1: Just after getting off the ground-floor elevator, break some boxes by the brick wall to the right to reveal a treasure area. Instead of jumping up, pass through the small notch on the right. After defeating the enemies, drag the second giant staircase all the way to the right to reach the small window way up high. Then, hop through the small hole to the right to reach a treasure chest. Don’t go up the stairs or you’ll miss it. Break them to reveal a treasure space. IGN's Knack Collectibles page includes locations for every secret room and hidden chest in Sony's new PS4 brawler. Then, stand on the pressure plate to the right to reveal a relic energy chest. Soon you’ll find a hole leading to a treasure chest. After defeating the first group of enemies, head toward the far right corner before jumping up. On the final platform by the spinning blades, jump up to the left instead of the right. 7-1: When you reach the portion with several spinning gears, drop down instead of hopping over them. A treasure nook hides behind it. This opens a room with a moveable crate. This leads to another treasure chest. 11-3: You’ll need to collect lots of relics to open a huge door, but don’t do it just yet. Dodge past the spinning poles until you come to high window. You may need to break some stuff, but it’s right where the staircase meets the adjacent wall. 10-2: There’s a very visible nook to the right of the elevator. Jump to the ledge beside the wall and the treasure area is straight ahead. Head to the left where the fence meets rubble. Be sure to have the iron equipped. We've also embedded a helpful video from PowerPyx For those who need a little more context. Here, you’ll find a treasure chest. Follow this path to reach a treasure chest. 15-1: Follow the long outdoor hallway until you reach a treasure nook. As you enter the mines, circle through the room while hugging the left wall. After finishing the stealth section, look for a sunstone crystal ahead. Use small Knack to get there and head through the hole in the wall. 14-1: When you see your first Knack clone, hang a left. Before reaching the highest roof, jump to the ledge on the left, marked by a sunstone. 8-1: At the big wall puzzle, hit some switches so tiny Knack can make his way to the wall’s left side. The following trophies are tied to treasure chests: Nose for Treasure [Bronze] 8-2: On the left side of the next wall puzzle is essentially the same chance for treasure. After Ryder asks “Why are the Goblins after the museum, scale the Hook Shot platforms. Follow it and at the end is some treasure. Hit some boxes there and you’ll find a nook filled with treasure. Then, jump up to the right and break some boxes to reveal a hallway leading to a treasure chest. Enter the hole inside it to find some treasure. The rarest of collectibles in the game, Treasure Chests contain Knack 2's most helpful resources. After crossing the small beams, take out the enemies ahead. 10-2: Once you’ve become stealth Knack, backtrack to the previous room and head through the center laser wall to find a stash of goodies. Then, enter the hole here. Getting all 100 chests is guaranteed to give you all gadgets and all 4 crystal knacks! Whispers Of A Machine Review: An Exercise In Subtlety, With... World War Z Review: Great Potential Tainted By Mediocre Online... 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