Sato Tekaru said that he had to pucker up to reach her lips […], August 26, 2020 |  Thank You very much for subbing this dorama, this is the best winter dorama this year,, It’s a Japanese medical drama series. Thanks a million! it makes the whole story whole. If you have issue with the video you downloaded, please try a different video player. […], September 2, 2020 |  After 5 years, she finally meets Kairi Tendo again, but he has a totally different personality than what she imagined. Many viewers like to point out that LLF (or “KoiTsudu” as it’s called by fans) is similar to “Itazura na Kiss” and I say yes and no. I always wait for your sub diligently. Due to her persistence, Nanase Sakura becomes well known at the hospital and she picks up the nickname of the "Warrior. Thank you again for allowing me to enjoy this story even more. Include ? You’re amazing! Even before this drama breaking the popularity, when the rating still 9%, but you still doing it so fast and also doing the extra too, consider you here for Yamamoto Koji! […], August 19, 2020 |  Nonton streaming Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo Episode 10 (END) Subtitle Indonesia dan download Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo Episode 10 (END) Subtitle Indonesia Mudah. I have read it and I did not like it at all, compared to how they made the Dorama, which I really loved. I really liked the drama and it was a great distraction during these times, so thank you again for subbing it this fast and with such great translations! Do you have a plan to have a subtitling job on the cut-off version one? I extend my deepest fangirling gratitude to @_takemone_ for the translations. Yess,finally. Kairi Tendo, yang berusia 31 tahun, sering disebut sebagai "Iblis" di tempat kerja. Watch the following Japanese drama Koi wa Tsuzuku yo Doko Made mo Episode 10 have been Released. So I’ll be stretching […], September 23, 2020 |  packmule3  |  An old pond, A frog jumps in, The sound of water. I just loved this dorama so much… Everything was the right amount like you said and while I thought I wouldn’t like the female lead and her character she grew on me very fast. I found myself wishing for more episodes just so I could watch more of the story. :S, Other than that, I really love this drama. i agree that the drama has more depth & it was nicely written compared to the manga (don’t get me wrong i also like the manga). i felt like it was a cute saying but i cant understand japanese at all hahahaha, Big thanks…. The actors exceeded my expectation. To meet him again, she studied hard and became a nurse.

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