"ItemImage" : "https://basspro.scene7.com/is/image/BassPro/2349637_103058_is", "Weight_|_7/32 oz. Checkout with your new Bass Pro Shops CLUB Card and earn points on your order. "catentry_id" : "98368", "Length_|_3-3/8\"":"29" "Attributes" : { ":"32" "Color_|_Rainbow Trout":"30" Your bait fillet doesn't have to be exact, about a third the length of your lure, but you'll find the above measurements handy when starting out. The size I'm going to concentrate on is the T-4 and it's slightly larger than the popular U-20. Built with a side-by-side durable plastic body, the Kwikfish X Series is a perfectly balanced true runner at any speed and is tough enough to tangle with the biggest, fastest fish. "Length_|_2-3/4\"":"31" { If your order it less than $25, you can use the remaining balance on another order by choosing to Redeem CLUB Points area within checkout. We apologize for any inconvenience. "Attributes" : { You can contact Customer Service by calling 800-300-1723. [ "partNumber" : "1439599", "partNumber" : "1439596", , "catentry_id" : "3074457345619060642", "ItemThumbnailImage" : "https://basspro.scene7.com/is/image/BassPro/1995106_103058_is?$Prod_PLPThumb$" "Color_|_Red Chrome Pink Streak":"29" '}}]}, {}, "shoppingListJS19177"); "Length_|_2-3/4\"":"29" 1) Continue and have the firearm(s) listed below automatically removed from your shopping cart: 2) Cancel and the item listed below will not be added to your shopping cart: 1) Continue and have the items listed below automatically removed from your shopping cart: 2) Cancel and the firearm listed below will not be added to your shopping cart: To change your store location, you will have to go back to the firearms store selection page. Hi, What size treble hook's should I put on my K15 and K16 Kwikfish's? The size range for smaller waters is F3 to about F5. , }, { "partNumber" : "1995111", { "Length_|_2-3/4\"":"31" "ItemImage" : "https://basspro.scene7.com/is/image/BassPro/2134436_103058_is", "Color_|_Silver Pink Mamba":"28" }, ], if(typeof(shoppingListJS19177) == "undefined" || shoppingListJS19177 == null || !shoppingListJS19177) { With your boat headed upstream above the area you wish to fish, row or run your motor just fast enough to hold even with the current, as though you were anchored. If you use an alternative payment method, you will not earn CLUB Points on your order. "Weight_|_7/32 oz. 3 Size K15 and 1 Size K16. You can filter the list of items shown by selecting attributes. "ItemImage" : "https://basspro.scene7.com/is/image/BassPro/1995111_103058_is", "buyable" : "false", "ItemThumbnailImage" : "https://basspro.scene7.com/is/image/BassPro/2134436_103058_is?$Prod_PLPThumb$" The Kwikfish X Series grabs their attention in every dimension and the premium round bend treble hooks stick and hold. "Weight_|_7/32 oz. }, , "ItemImage" : "https://basspro.scene7.com/is/image/BassPro/1439607_103058_is", The technique is much like backbouncing bait, as the amount of weight you use is critical. "ItemThumbnailImage" : "https://basspro.scene7.com/is/image/BassPro/1439602_103058_is?$Prod_PLPThumb$" "seo_url" : "https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/luhr-jensen-kwikfish-x-series-9x-red-black-mamba-2134436", }, , One of the K15 needs a front hook. }, "buyable" : "true", "displaySKUContextData" : "false", "catentry_id" : "98370", }, "catentry_id" : "200841", , "Length_|_2-3/4\"":"30" "displaySKUContextData" : "false", Backtrolling Kwikfish is identical to backbouncing bait except that once your Kwikfish is in position, itÂ’s important to hold your rod steady and let your Kwikfish work. Try it for flat-lining, back trolling or slipping with current, back-bouncing (3-way rigging in deep water) or straining open water with a diving planer. Your outfit can be rigged like the diagram below, except that the dropper line for your weight should be longer, usually 18 to 30 inches. Suggested site content and search history menu, The price of the product might be updated based on your selection. , "Weight_|_7/32 oz. "catentry_id" : "3074457345616686123", }, Try plunking for spring or summer Chinook as they migrate upstream, especially where bottom structure will funnel fish into a narrow traveling zone. When you stop letting out line, the current will cause your lure to dive and wiggle.

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