I know this show problably won't come back any time soon. Season 3 had been written with the confident anticipation that a Season 4 would be forthcoming. Solid evidence that there is no God and TV executives love money more than loyalty. And would love to see how the relationships end and they better end well. !Despite that u guys are Marvelos! Was so addicted to this show on Netflix this past week. I was just looking to see when the next series would begin, and couldn't believe that there will be no more! This was a wonderful show! It is a good show if they could just let the people enjoy the show that would change the world its my FAVORITE shows ever. Once again, the execs in tv land got it wrong and canceled this amazing show. Maybe even release a feature film like firefly/serenity did. :( i started watching it 2 weeks ago it looked really good, i got attached and now i was crying when i saw there was no more episodes. sometimes tears to my eyes... believe it or not. Kyle and Jessi got a table that had A+S June 1982 written on it. !!!! Okay, I loved Kyle XY when it was on tv and i am currently re-watching the series because it is just awesome! No way in hell you can convince the ABC to get the show back but it makes it fair and simple to release a book. The final episode broke my heart!!! Then one day I stumbled on this series on Netflix. As Kyle gradually learns to speak and do other things by imitation, he also exhibits other abilities, and makes himself valuable to each member of the family. Too bad they didn't continue. Please bring back this extraordinary show. Just re watched the all the episodes! I'm forward to a day that this question will be answered. Its been 6 years since you cancelled it, and people are still interessed in wanting it back.. Kyle XY was so amazing and wonderful. I wish someday to continue Kyle Xy and finally be able to complete the series!!! Greatly disappointed, my girlfriend and I loved this show. Please try everything you can. i tried to comment ,, but i was not allowed to comment , why not ? Kyle XY was a brilliant show it was unique and different and it deserved to continue it deserved a better ending. I wasn't a tv watcher until I saw Kylexy; I felt in love with the whole story plot. Kyle tried to keep the wild Jessi in line, who only wanted to show off her abilities, especially after Hillary caught her on tape jumping off a roof. I honestly don't understand why teens like them so much and I'm only twenty. I mean, you can feel the situations, which means, the actors is good acting. PLEASE ABC FAMILY!!!!!! I have watched the entirety of this series more times than I can count. The tune "She Could Be You". GOD..i want kyle xy back..i miss it so much. Save the tub, bring it back! I just had like three das of watching the show it was so interesting i would stay up late watching it. Closer for xyle xy is closer for me as well...yes i am angry...... Before Kyle XY came on I was always in a dark hole always mad, sad and angrey. It's not fair to your viewers. Why can't it be? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING KYLE XY BACK. Kyle reluctantly joined Lori and the other kids to the camping site where the camper was killed, only to discover the ruins of Zzyzx. It annoys me that the very genre crossing, melding mystery, family, sci-fi, romance, and adventure that made it good is also what made it lose the 'big target audience'. The Trager kids tried to leave the home but Nicole told them that they were on Lockdown because of Jessi. It breaks my heart to know that it isnt coming bk but it NEEDS to as there's so many life lessons in it that even an old adult can relate too. The HEROES is being brought back, 24 is coming back for 1 more season, then why not Kyle XY......At least wanted to know how it would all come to an end. this sucks I didnt want to hear about what happens in the future I wanted to see it. Also so I think the person who played Amanda is another great actor and is so pretty as well as all the girls on the show. Declan drives Kyle there, but Kyle is warned away by the same man who has been trailing him from the beginning: Tom Foss. But now ive watched the entire show on netfilx, became completely obsessed, just to learn that i had just completed the last episode because it was cancelled. What's the use of watching another tv show from this channel, since we don't have any guaranty that history won't repeat itself! We laughed with the refrigerator scene. I just watched this series on Netflix with my daughter. It was on this day in 2009 when that succinct message hit the inbox of one of our admins after a desperate last-ditch attempt by. that show could let you millions!!! LOVE KYLE XY! I love every character!!!!!! The show stopped six years ago, and still it made my shoulders heavier. Please! It's been 10 years since my obsession started, can't tell you how many powerpoints I used to make with the casts pictures using a Matthew Perryman Jones song as the melody. Onakwa nisengete otenyu.. andu aa ma ABC meenda kwiwa maseuvye imanza yingi ya sinema uu kana tueke kumeloela.

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