All the towns in this country, he just happened to be that psychiatrist. E il numero di ragazze uccise dall’uomo della nebbia in passato (esclusa dunque Anna Lou) è lo stesso: “La pagina aveva anche un nome. Definitely off beat. Or so we hope...since he goes back to his 'trophy' box to relive his past crimes. But the truth turns out to be more convoluted: Martini is later cleared when it is revealed that Vogel falsified evidence, putting the professor's blood on the girl's backpack. Anna Lou, a 16-year old girl, disappears in the remote town of Avechot, in the Italian Alps. Who killed the girl? L'esordio alla regia di Donato Carrisi che dimostra una buona capacità compositiva delle inquadrature. Cineuropa met up with Aleem Khan to talk about his debut feature. I hope there will be a sequel or a prequel, maybe seeing Vogel finding his way trough freedom.. For the guy who couldn't figure out the ending.. a stylish European movie great story great book great actors. Fair example of Italian noir cinema, a genre where the same has never shone. "Italy's Colorado Films Launches New Thriller Shingle With Best-Seller 'The Whisperer, "'La ragazza nella nebbia', il thriller di debutto di Carrisi: La storia amata dai miei lettori", "La Ragazza nella nebbia, Carrisi può aspirare a Hollywood e Alessio Boni si mangia Toni Servillo",, Articles with Italian-language sources (it), Articles containing Italian-language text, Articles with a promotional tone from July 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 October 2020, at 10:36. Couldn't solve it till the end! The vehicle is wrecked, but the driver is unharmed, and yet the police detain him anyway. From the panel with photos of the girls who were killed overall, which appears behind the police in the last press conference, it is clear that the faces are seven: six killed by the psychiatrist (that's why the 6 strands), and one by the professor. Very good script and great actors. Sounds solid to me. The part where they find cat hairs in the teacher's car...I thought that was already pretty conclusive that he did it since Vogel says the killer used the cat to lure Anna. Vuoi promuovere un disco, un libro, un evento con una storia Auralcrave? Molti dei lettori del libro si sono lamentati di aver percepito il finale come non possibile, e quindi l’intero libro come un inganno, e anche gli spettatori del film sono spesso usciti dalle sale chiedendosi tra loro se le ciocche erano cinque o sei, se le ragazze uccise dall’uomo della nebbia erano cinque o sei. The film - produced by Colorado and already sold by Studiocanal in Spain, Germany, France - includes all the necessary ingredients for a perfect postmodern Euro-thriller: a small community in the mountains, a lost girl, religious extremism, suspicious suspects, local useless police officers (with Fargo-esque fur hats), a self-righteous detective, an unscrupulous lawyer, a soulless journalist and a small nerdy boy with little propensity to socialise. Then there are so many twists that it starts getting weird and so confusing...but it's still so engrossing. Scopri come i tuoi dati vengono elaborati. This Hollywood style Italian movie is not bad if you can look past some of the over the top acting. Who knows. Capelli rossi e lentiggini. The delivery of the acting is superb (especially in the original Language) the story and locations are beautifully crafted so as the scenery with multiple attentions to details. The Girl in the Fog (Italian: La ragazza nella nebbia) is a 2017 Italian psychological thriller film based on the novel of the same name by Donato Carrisi. But here's where the script loses my respect. All in all I enjoyed this a lot! Breve riassunto della trama de La Ragazza Nella Nebbia: Anna Lou, una giovane ragazza dai capelli rossi, scompare in una piccola cittadina di montagna e il caso viene affidato all’investigatore Vogel. He doesn’t have any criminological expertise, he’s not interested in fingerprints or DNA, and he doesn’t follow footprints or clues. Every time there’s a big news story, his face is sure to appear on TV. Distributeur-Voir les infos techniques. Pay her some of the money, then let her come out of hiding saying she doesn't remember what happened to her. I was never sure. Good Italian triller movie. He uses the media. Kept me intrigued and puzzled. He loses everything: his family, his job, his dignity. Metacritic Reviews. That said, intriguing enough to keep me interested. ‘Donato Carrisi could have carried on in the vein of his previous novels, thrillers with geometric plots, but decided instead, with The Girl in the Fog, to get his hands dirty and explore the world of crime reporting. Yes the teacher was the murderer AND the psychiatrist was a murderer. At least say something? Make sure not to miss this Meditteranean gem! A peculiar little movie. With daily news, interviews, data bases, in-depth investigations into the audiovisual industry, Cineuropa aims at promoting the European film industry throughout the world. In un piccolo paese di montagna in una notte di nebbia avviene uno strano incidente d’auto. by Donato Carrisi. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such as setting your privacy preferences, logging in or filling in forms. The teacher was broke. But at the core, the main hits weren't justifiable. it is pretty clear he was 'the fog man'. If he doesn’t even have a scratch on him, whose is the blood in his car? Saw how the Romeo guy recieved tons of money for being hounded by the media and wrongly accused, and decided that's how he was going to solve his money issues. A winter’s night. With Toni Servillo, Alessio Boni, Lorenzo Richelmy, Galatea Ranzi. FAQ L'esordio alla regia di Donato Carrisi che dimostra una buona capacità compositiva delle inquadrature. This is not the typical Hollywood … Yup. Ma durante un confronto televisivo, Vogel scopre sul polso del professore una “O” scritta con penna, uguale a quella descritta nel diario segreto di Anna Lou. For 3/4 of the movie we can't believe that this man is guilty, the inspector has made major errors in the past, it's sin is vanity and the methods he uses are quite disturbing, to say the least... and, by the end, we all get not one but two twists (well, the one of the psichiatrist I already had guess but, nonetheless, great ending!). Quest’articolo invece intende offrire una spiegazione dettagliata di ciò che accade nella storia di Carrisi, provando a risolvere i dubbi e le domande di chi non è riuscito a capire gli eventi dopo la lettura del libro o la visione del film. The Girl in the Fog (Italian: La ragazza nella nebbia) is a 2017 Italian psychological thriller film based on the novel of the same name by Donato Carrisi. In fact, Avechot newspapers and television stations bear down relentlessly on Loris Martini, a local school professor who is charming but deeply in debt, and who becomes the prime suspect. In a valley high up in the Alps, a sixteen-year-old girl has disappeared. Rileggendo i passi del romanzo, appare chiaro che le ciocche all’interno della scatola sono sei: “Verso il fondo c’era anche una vecchia cassetta di metallo con un lucchetto. perchè nella gioventù rapiva e uccideva solo ragazze dai capelli rossi? Move somewhere his wife could get a job. Durante le indagini l’ex giornalista sulla sedia a rotelle, che aveva seguito il caso delle sparizioni delle 6 ragazze (compresa quella di Katya Hillman), parla inoltre di “allontanamenti volontari” (termine coniato dalla polizia per liquidare frettolosamente la serie di delitti), mentre era evidente che così non poteva essere, dato che tutte le ragazze avevano i capelli rossi ed erano sparite nello stesso posto. Auralcrave è un marchio registrato. External Reviews Le prime sei uccise da Flores, mentre la settima, Anna, da Martini. Hmm. Il male è dunque insito in ogni personaggio del libro: forze dell’ordine, giornalisti, gente comune. Inspector Vogel, a famous police detective, is called in. Chi è la ragazza anche dorme nel letto nella garage in cui Flores ha le ciocche? In fact, Avechot newspapers and television stations bear down relentlessly on Loris Martini, a local school professor who is charming but deeply in debt, and who becomes the prime suspect. He convinces the media to take it up and, without there being the slightest evidence that this is an abduction, the hunt for the monster begins. I give them exactly what they want: someone to blame.’ It’s a story of suffering — and Vogel is the star. La Ragazza Nella Nebbia 2017 720p BRRip x264 titler. Quindi non è fedele al libro??? It all just came down to the writing, which had plenty done right. La Ragazza Nella Nebbia non fa eccezione, offrendo una storia che può confondere e anche portare a diverse interpretazioni, ma che resta possibile. [1] The Girl in the Fog User Ratings Dark humour? Carrisi has developed a fairly free adaptation of his latest best-selling novel of the same name, and it appears as though he got slightly carried away with the bewitching process of directing. A far paura, in questo caso, è che i soggetti della storia sono tutti persone che possono camminare accanto a noi per strada.

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