WAMBLEESKA: Sioux name meaning “white eagle.” ADOETTE: large tree ELKI: Miwok name. Bookstore. MAKYA: Hopi name meaning “eagle hunter.” HOTOTO: Hopi name meaning “warrior spirit who sings; OYA: Miwok name. WIKIMAK: Algonquin name meaning wife.” NEKA: wild goose LANU: Miwok name. PAJACKOK: Algonquin name meaning “thunder.” Kickapoo, Mahican, Mascouten, Massachuset, Mattabesic, Menominee, Metoac, Miami, wolf.” ANIMAL NAMES IN ABENAKI LANGUAGE The Lakota word for a hunter is wole wichasha or wakhuwa. HUATA: Miwok name meaning “carrying seeds in a basket.” KEEZHEEKONI: Cheyenne name meaning burning fire.” Male & female & meanings. DONOMA: Omaha name meaning “sight of the sun.” MASKA: strong HONON: Miwok name meaning “bear.” TEETONKA: Sioux name meaning “talks too much.” YEPACHI, CHIHUAHUA M�XICO out of the ground.” Female ABEDABUN: Cheyenne name meaning sight of day. TANSY: Hopi name meaning “name of a flower.” NITIS: friend HOHNIHOHKAIYOHOS, NEEHEEOEEWOOTIS: Cheyenne name meaning “high-backed wolf.” MIGISI: Cheyenne name meaning eagle.” English - Lakota dictionary online at Glosbe, free. LENNO: man KALISKA: Miwok name meaning “coyote chasing deer.” MEGEDAGIK: Algonquin name meaning “kills many.” Acoma, Cochiti, Isleta, Jemez, Laguna, Nambe, Picuris, Pojoaque, Sandia, San Felipe, San In Rhode Island, past and present, NATIVE AMERICAN NAMES There is no direct equivalent in Lakota. ** Am strongly thinking about breaking the Pueblo into: Diseases & WICASA: Dakota name meaning “sage.” MILAP: charitable LULU: rabbit WOKAIHWOKOMAS: Cheyenne name meaning “white antelope.” HIAMOVI: Cheyenne name meaning “high chief.” NUKPANA: Hopi name meaning “evil.” © La Meridiana Miniatures di Fabrizio Ciotti Soldatini da Collezione e Accessori. DEMOTHI: talks while walking KESEGOWAASE: Algonquin name meaning “swift.” NAHIMANA: Sioux name meaning “mystic.” VOHKINNE: Cheyenne name meaning “Roman nose.” HAKIDONMUYA: Hopi name meaning time of waiting moon.” How old was tom felton when he lost his virginity? Potawatomi, Sauk, Shawnee, Susquehannock, Tionontati, Wampanoag, Wappinger, TAIMA: thunder The Lakota word for storm is osiceca - you say oh-shee-chay-chah. OMINOTAGO: Cheyenne name meaning beautiful voice.” Meaning unknown KOHANA: Sioux name meaning “swift.” MASOU: myth name Whether you need to look up a specific word, want to incorporate Native American language into a wedding ceremony or memorial service, or just want to expand your vocabulary, there are several great resources to help. KITCHI: Algonquin name meaning “brave.” How long will the footprints on the moon last? MANKALITA: Zuni name. HANIA: Hopi name meaning “spirit warrior.” What impact does terrorism and cyber crimes have on the fourth amendment? A collection of words in English, and their Cherokee translation, CHEROKEE/ENGLISH NAMES MONGWAU: Hopi name meaning “owl.” ATEPA: Choctaw name meaning wigwam.” A small list of names, INDIAN NAMES & WORDS YANISIN: Navajo name meaning “ashamed.” Meaning unknown ABETZI: Omaha name meaning “yellow leaf.” NAHIOSSI: Cheyenne name meaning “has three fingers.” PATAMON: tempest KEME: Algonquin name meaning “secret.” DENA: valley PAT: fish Just enter the English name and it will translate, CHEYENNE INDIAN NAMES MANIPI: amazing ETCHEMIN: Algonquin name meaning “canoe man.” CHOCHMO: Hopi name meaning “mud mound.” NARA: from Nara VIPPONAH: Cheyenne name meaning “slim face.” AMERICAN NAMES, CHEYENNE WANAGEESKA: Sioux name meaning “white spirit.” OTOAHNACTO: Cheyenne name meaning “bull bear.” ANIMAL NAMES IN ABENAKI LANGUAGE For example: Dog = Alemos NATIVE AMERICAN PET NAMES Good list of great names, with meanings! MINAL: fruit Ticks & Gremlins | OGIN: wild rose YOKI: Hopi name meaning “rain.” LONATO: flint HOK’EE: Navajo name meaning “abandoned.” COCHETA: stranger KACHINA: Hopi name meaning spirit, sacred dancer.” MONA: gathered of the seed of a jimson weed The nearest is washichu, meaning (among other things) the sacred power of a medicine bundle, a guardian spirit, a spiritual protector (usually in the. NATIVE AMERICAN PET NAMES SEWATI: Miwok name meaning “curved bear claw.” Meaning is unknown AYAWAMAT: Hopi name meaning “one who follows orders.” TALUTAH: Sioux name meaning “blood-red.” MURACO: white moon MAKKITOTOSIMEW: Algonquin name meaning she has large breasts.” NIGAN: ahead WUTI: Hopi name meaning “woman.” (NATIVE AMERICAN) LANGUAGE FLO: arrow HEVOVITASTAMIUTSTO: Cheyenne name meaning “whirlwind.” MAPIYA: Sioux name meaning “sky.” ARANCK: Algonquin name meaning “stars.” NAHCOMENCE: Cheyenne name meaning “old bark.” OHANZEE: Sioux name meaning “shadow.” Ceremonial, animals, emotions, fire etc... CREE WORDS ASDZA: Navajo name meaning woman.” NASHOTA: twin LOMASI: pretty flower Native American Names & Meanings from. WIKVAYA: Hopi name meaning “one who brings.” NUMEES: Algonquin name meaning sister.” HUMITA: Hopi name meaning shelled corn.” Mimbreno, Warm Springs, White Mountain, Bedonkohe, Chiricahua - male & female. HAHKETHOMEMAH, HARKAHOME: Cheyenne name meaning “little ALTSOBA: Navajo name meaning all war.” Meaning unknown IMALA: disciplines CHEYENNE KAYA: Hopi name meaning elder sister.” TAKODA: Sioux name meaning “friend to everyone.” PATI: Miwok name meaning “break by twisting.” WEMILAT: of wealthy parents Meaning unknown NOVA: Hopi name meaning chases butterfly.” ONAWA: wide awake Extensive! Twenty basic words in Cree, English and French, CREE LANGUAGE LESSONS ELUWILUSSIT: Algonquin name meaning “holy one.” Quinault, Rogue River, Siletz, Taidhapam, Tillamook, Tutuni, Yakonan. DICHALI: speaks a lot Make great names! California  Very pretty, with meanings too. CHUMANI: Sioux name meaning “dewdrops.” MIAKODA: power of the moon Washo. HELKI: Miwok name meaning “touch.” Many exciting names, with descriptions. MEDA: prophetess HEAMMAWIHIO: Cheyenne name meaning “wise one above.” Community Organization. YAMKA: Hopi name meaning “blossom.” CHIMALIS: bluebird | Latin American ALTERNATE TRIBAL NAMES PAUWAU: Algonquin name meaning “witch.” Micmac, Mohegan, Montagnais, Narragansett, Nauset, Neutrals, Niantic, Grooming | Eyes wolf.” OHANKO: reckless CHAPA: Sioux name meaning “beaver.” Manso, Maricopa, Mohave, Navaho, Pai, Papago, Pima, Pueblo, Yaqui, Yavapai, Yuman, Zuni. ZALTANA: high mountain CHOOVIO: Hopi name meaning “antelope.” Native American words. ANAKAUSUEN: Algonquin name meaning “worker.” ANABA: Navajo name meaning returns from war.” Super list, complete with meanings, INDIAN TRIBE LANGUAGE INDEX WAKIZA: desperate warrior YOSKOLO: meaning unknown Place names in Abenaki, COMMON WORDS AND PHRASES IN LENAPE Good list of great names, with meanings! ISI: Choctaw name meaning deer.” Meaning unknown KAI: Navajo name meaning “willow tree.” CHENOA: dove Kitsai, Lakota (Sioux), Mandan, Metis, Missouri, Nakota (Sioux), Omaha, Osage, | Indian Braves & Guides NATIVE AMERICAN PAGAN GODS & GODDESSES NIABI: Osage name meaning fawn.” PTAYSANWEE: Sioux name meaning “white buffalo.” HALOKE: Navajo name meaning “salmon.” KUWANYAUMA: Hopi name meaning butterfly showing beautiful wings.” NAMES OF LAKOTA GODS Many exciting names, with descriptions TREES & COLOURS IN ABENAKI LANGUAGE Example: an Elm = Anibi - some lovely words! OLATHE: beautiful TADEWI: Omaha name meaning “wind.” TAIMA: thunder GOSHEVEN: leaper NIDAWI: Omaha name meaning “fairy.” BIDZIIL: Navajo name meaning “he is strong.” NATIVE AMERICAN GODS & GODDESSES "Crashin' Thrashin'" title comes from collecting toys, which again reminds me of Tonka trucks. Good list of place names with their English translation, NEW MEXICO PUEBLOS PLACE NAMES MIKA: intelligent raccoon KIMIMELA: Sioux name meaning “butterfly.” CATORI: Hopi name meaning spirit.” & SOUTHERN NATIVE AMERICAN NAMES. NADIE: Algonquin name meaning wise.” PETUNIA: flower name COLOURS IN THE LAKHOTA Names |. DEZBA: Navajo name meaning goes to war.” ISTAQA: Hopi name meaning “coyote man.” SIKYATAVO: Hopi name meaning “yellow rabbit.” KAJIKA: walks without sound — From "Reading and Writing the Lakota Language" by Albert White Hat Sr. **** In the traditional form, before it became a biblical version, there was no word for enemy. LEN: Hopi name meaning “flute.” Why is Charlie having so much difficultly talking to Miss Kinnian and other people? HINTO: Dakota name meaning “blue.” WANAHTON: Sioux name meaning “charger.” Examples: Janet = tse ni ti, Joshua = Tsasi, CHEROKEE/TSALAGI NAMES LAKOTA WORD LIST Example: Chikala = little/small. This is a Huge List of Wonderful Names, TRIBAL NAME GENERATOR TRIBAL NAMES AND THEIR MEANINGS ATA’HALNE’: Navajo name meaning “he interrupts.” CHUNTA: Hopi name meaning “cheating.” A huge alphabetical list of historical names. NASTAS: Navajo name meaning “curve like foxtail grass.” CHOCHOKPI: Hopi name meaning “throne for the clouds.” KNOTON: wind AMAYETA: Miwok name.

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