They each got off 1 rd before swearing off such a thing. The Lancaster featured a break-barrel design, supported by a hinge underneath the barrels at the point at which they joined the frame. Is the bullet not egg shaped then I envisioned it wobbling down the barrel in a spiral…. This is an introduction video showing the Lancaster Pistol and discussing my new 8-part series that will follow my process for creating reproductions of this pistol. The Lancaster is often categorized as a "Howdah pistol", a generic term referring to large-caliber, multi-barreled pistols that were commonly used by hunters and explorers in parts of the world that were considered dangerous, such as Sub-Saharan Africa and rural India. Thanks for clarification. .577 Snider has the same case dimensions as a 28 guage shotgun case. They were purchased by the Italians […]. Most likely a Webley Bulldog or Metropolitan Police five-shot, which were the most compact revolvers available for that round. Polygonal Rifling existed before this pistol, The Whitworth rifle used it in the 1850’s, other may have before that. 1879 Sometimes classified as a Howdah pistol, the Lancaster pistol enjoyed popularity with British officers in India and Africa during the British Raj owing to its faster rate of fire and increased reliability over contemporary revolvers. Patented 1852 or so. What was needed was a heavy lead bullet that would lodge in their body and bring them down.[3]. Instead the bore of the barrel was made with a slight ovaloid (rather than conventional round) shape. Gunpowder, like the crossbow before it, became just another instrument of State control in China. As the old saying goes, if he had a twin brother standing behind him, it would go through him, too, most likely. Is it not a 24 gauge, I once thought of using it in the .45LC/.410 Taurus Judge manner, within a single shot Needham “Once I had seen it” actioned, Scottish pistol layout i.e. I suspect most howdah pistols, when used in the game field, weren’t really “aimed” anyway. Designer(s) This only makes sense if they were copying Chinese original work, probably passed on by word of mouth by traders (see “stimulus diffusion theory”). He marketed the mechanism as a compromise between the single-action (or hammer-cocked) Colt and the self-cocking or trigger-cocking (now known as “double action only”) Adams revolver. In its day, the Lancaster was a popular alternative to the revolver in the British market. These were called thundercrash bombs, and acted exactly like time-fused explosive grenades as we know them today. Polygon rifling could be “pressed” into the bore by a rifling button much as the barrels of .22 RF guns are rifled, which wasn’t really practical with 7.9×57 barrels back then. Stock .577 Snider and .50 AE are fairly similar energy wise. Weapon Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. In the case of a Bengal tiger, that wasn’t just a figure of speech. It was eventually displaced by the various Webley revolvers in the late 19th century as revolvers became more reliable and faster to reload, thus removing many of the advantages of the multi-barrel design. On a side note, I was privileged to handle (but not fire) a revolver made by Thomas Bland chambered for the same .577 cartridge as the big Lancaster and intended for the same purposes. Never get a Holmesian started on the minutiae of the Canon. Bromhead and Chard were probably armed with .577/.600 Webley or Tranter revolvers, not the later Webleys used in the film (which weren’t introduced until several years after the Isandhlwana/Rorke’s Drift battle). The arsenic dust, spread by the explosion, would be a powerful sternutator. could not be questioned, especially at the age when the These pots were originally filled with concoctions of such revolting substances as powdered wolf dung, etc., which had a definite sternutating (lung injurant) effect, but in the main were used because there was a mystical “resonance” there in keeping with Taoism. Lancaster pistols were also largely used by British officiers at Asia and Africa for personal protection before Webley Scott revolvers. Although, I suppose if it is your big game hunting backup gun, it doesn’t matter. 2lb 8oz (1.1kg) [9], Its ammunition had greater stopping power than the contemporary Beaumont–Adams and Colt Navy revolvers, making it ideal for colonial warfare. Revolving striker I like to think that the big Desert Eagles, and the .460 and .500 S&W revolvers are the modern counterparts to these old beauties. The rotating firing pin principle was also used in later Mossberg Brownie .22 four-barrel pistol and COP .357 Derringer. four barrels and a single sighting line. It was commercially unsuccessful due to its unwieldy build. [2] It was a modernised version of the pepper-box pistol popular in the early-mid 19th century. China had a vast bureaucracy to control irrigation from a very early date, much like ancient Egypt or Sumeria but on an even more immense scale. Considering what an arrow from one of those would do to a man in leather armor, the effect on even a dangerous animal of the Subcontinent would have been lethal enough at close range. Two/Four (One in each barrel) Bland pistol - This improved copy of the Lancaster pistol was produced by Thomas Bland & Sons of London in the mid-1880s. Production ended I am sure that anyone who needed to use one for its intended purpose would likely be happy to have been wearing brown trousers as well. As for the Chinese and black powder, it’s pretty definite that they invented it, more or less by accident. But impact element construction should be different than Lancaster’s claimed. Charles Lancaster was a master London gunsmith who made 2-barrel and 4-barrel pistols in a variety of British revolver cartridges (commonly known as Howdah pistols). All steel, belt clip etc. YouTube Policies on content featuring firearms:’t post content on YouTube if the purpose is to do one or more of the following:Provide instructions on manufacturing any of the following:Firearms

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