Dies steht abkürzend für „pound-force per square inch“. n , You can't without knowing how many square inches the force is acting on. Note:  Pound-force per square meter is a mixed unit of pressure. Ein pound-force entspricht dabei der Kraft, die auf eine Masse von einem englischen Avoirdupois-Pfund (0,45359237 kg) durch die Schwerebeschleunigung auf der Erdoberfläche ausgeübt wird. , =

Es handelt sich um eine Einheit des angloamerikanischen Maßsystems, die nicht zum internationalen Einheitensystem (SI) gehört. r / 6 i ≈ s
In a photovoltaic cell, the upper surface of semiconductor is called the U, N, E, or P layer? {\displaystyle 1\;\mathrm {lb} =0{,}4536} To change to psi, 1ft² = 12" x 12" = 144in². Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. = Umrechnung in andere Einheiten des angloamerikanischen Maßsystems: 1 lb.p.sq.in.


there is no conversion..one is torque and one is pressure.. www.convertit.com I love this site for conversions. Ein Beispiel ist der Reifendruck. p ≈ Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 28. 4 14 i 5

If you have say 144pounds standing on an area of 1ft x 1ft it is equal to 144 pounds (force) per square foot.

Convert lbf/in2 to kpsi (pound-force/square inch to kilopound-force/sqare inch). Ein Beispiel ist der Reifendruck. 2

ORGANIC JUICE BEVERAGE, UPC: 041190054596 contain(s) 29 calories per 100 grams or ≈3.527 ounces  [ price ], Foods high in Tocopherol, delta and foods low in Tocopherol, delta, CaribSea, Freshwater, Instant Aquarium, Tahitian Moon weighs 1 473.7 kg/m³ (92.00009 lb/ft³) with specific gravity of 1.4737 relative to pure water. 0,453 1 lbf is equal to 4.4482216 newton.

Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Pressure: psi, pound-force/square inch, pascal, exapascal, petapascal, terapascal, gigapascal,... Login English Change language. here goes the conversion...one pound on one square foot =.

Use the below as a guide to convert from lbf/ft2 to psi and vice-versa. P Still have questions? 1 s So, psi = mass (lbs) ÷ Area (in²) Sie kommt in den USA bei Druckangaben im Alltag zum Einsatz.

 kg ergibt sich der Umrechnungsfaktor von psi in das internationale Einheitensystem: 1 9,806

g Get answers by asking now.

charakterisieren, entsprechend den – veralteten – deutschen Bezeichnungen ata und atü für Atmosphäre absolut bzw.

Re: Convert lbf to psi i'm trying to produce a graph showing the lbs output with different levels of psi input.

How much power capacity needed in a room to employ 6,000W of electricity? How to convert pounds-force per square meter to pounds-force per square inch [lbf/m² to psi]: p psi = 0.00064516 × p lbf/m². − i µin/s² to Gm/h² conversion table, µin/s² to Gm/h² unit converter or convert between all units of acceleration measurement. f Lbf stands for "pound-force" and psi is "pound-force per square inch". Psi = Pounds/Square inch. {\displaystyle g_{n}=9{,}80665\;\mathrm {m} /\mathrm {s} ^{2}} 895 How are modern CPU's made and what tools are used? b

https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Pound-force_per_square_inch&oldid=204968503, „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“. In der Wissenschaft wird meist die SI-Einheit Pascal verwendet. l Calculate how much of this gravel is required to attain a specific depth in a cylindrical,  quarter cylindrical  or in a rectangular shaped aquarium or pond  [ weight to volume | volume to weight | price ], Platinum, liquid [Pt] weighs 19 770 kg/m³ (1 234.20078 lb/ft³)  [ weight to volume | volume to weight | price | mole to volume and weight | mass and molar concentration | density ], Volume to weight,  weight to volume and cost conversions for Refrigerant R-13, liquid (R13) with temperature in the range of -95.56°C (-140.008°F) to 4.45°C (40.01°F), long ton per square millimeter (long tn/mm²) is a non-metric measurement unit of surface or areal density, Dynamic viscosity is a measure of how resistive a fluid is to flow.


How do we calculate busbar short circuit current. m

In umgekehrter Richtung ist der Umrechnungsfaktor: 1 Then, just divide the lbf with the area....boom.....that's it....you get psi....... finished !! 1

Pound-force per square inch is a foot-pound-second (FPS) unit of pressure. Mit der Normfallbeschleunigung ≈ b Oktober 2020 um 15:07 Uhr bearbeitet. Pound-force (engl. If you have say 144pounds standing on an area of 1ft x 1ft it is equal to 144 pounds (force) per square foot. r First you have to know the area (square inch unit) where the force is applied. How many pounds-force per square inch in a pound-force per square meter: If p lbf/m² = 1 then p psi = 0.00064516 × 1 = 0.00064516 psi. {\displaystyle \mathrm {1\,bar} \approx 14{,}5\;\mathrm {psi} }. Überdruck. The question can only make sense if more information is provided. lbf acting on an area will give pressure per unit of that area. a Sie kommt in den USA bei Druckangaben im Alltag zum Einsatz. p It's like asking how to convert seconds to grams. How to convert pounds-force per square meter to pounds-force per square inch [lbf/m² to psi]: How many pounds-force per square inch in a pound-force per square meter:If  plbf/m² = 1  then      ppsi = 0.00064516 × 1 = 0.00064516 psi, How many pounds-force per square inch in 23 pounds-force per square meter:If  plbf/m² = 23  then      ppsi = 0.00064516 × 23 = 0.01483868 psi. Type in your own numbers in the form to convert the units! Lbf/ft2 to psi Conversion Table / Chart.

s Häufig wird die Einheit noch präziser mit psia (pounds-force per square inch absolute) für den Absolutdruck oder psig (pounds-force per square inch gauge) für den relativen Druck (Überdruck) g Die Bezeichnung der Einheit ist lb.p.sq.in., p.s.i. b 0 1,450

Pound-force per square inch, oder pounds per square inch („Pfund pro Quadratzoll“), ist eine in den USA gebräuchliche Maßeinheit des Drucks. Calculate gravel and sand coverage in a rectangular aquarium, The Conversions and Calculations web site, conversion tables of units of measurements, conversion tables of pounds-force per square meter, conversion table of pounds-force per square meter to pounds-force per square inch. How much time is required to preheat the oven? What do you think of the answers?

b How can I  use 110Volts 50Watts Equipment in 220V Ac with  simple Good Idea method modifications? Bei größeren Drücken oder Spannungen wird in manchen Fällen die Einheit kilopound per square inch (ksi) (1 ksi = 1000 psi) verwendet.


10 p http://www.calculated.com/4/prd100/Measure+Master+... (lbf (pounds force) is simply another term for mass/area). 1 oder kurz psi. = 1 psi = 144 lb.p.sq.ft = 1/2000 tn.sh.p.sq.in = 1/2240 tn.p.sq.in. lbf acting on an area will give pressure per unit of that area.

Pound-force per square inch ist definiert als der Druck, den die Gewichtskraft einer Masse von einem angloamerikanischen Pfund (lb) bei Normfallbeschleunigung auf eine Fläche von einem Quadratzoll ausübt. 6

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