Wow, you made my day. Thanks for your patience with all of my questions! When is the soonest i can get one for her? Solid one year warranty with good customer support availability and willingness to make things right, Two decent accessories including water resistant pannier bags and a long suspension seat post for added comfort. Appreciate the help :), Hi Debanjana! Does the square wave motor cause so much noise or problems that it would be worth paying the extra for a sine wave motor? Does the “walk mode” help roll the bike up a few stairs? I’m not sure if it will help, but I’m happy to send you $100 on PayPal if that gets you to be able to shop back and get a brand new one. How low can I get the saddle height to be? I just became aware of your site. I don’t need a foldable bike. I’m excited for you and your wife, my Dad and Step-Mom just bought RadRovers for their RV and are excited to go exploring the same way. With my weight of 270lbs, how many watts would I need from a mid-drive motor? Great attention to detail on the hardware and customer support (less than a year old at the time of this review) for such a young company. Lectric XP is super affordable, and has lights, fenders, and rack! Based on your advice, I explored RadCity ST 3. You get simple Tektro brakes, simple Shimano 6-speed transmission, and a simple Shimano SIS shifter. How important would it be to have a 750W vs. the 500W for my weight? The fat tires are great for trails, they are stable and comfortable… but there is a trade off in range. I found their accessories and replacement parts to be well priced, The display is large and easy to read, it angles slightly to help you reduce glare, has a higher resolution 10-bar battery charge level indicator, and offers lots of adjustability in the settings… including the ability to set the top speed at ~28 MPH for speed pedelec performance, or lower it for better range and possibly safety or peace of mind for some riders, The Lectric XP has a high-resolution 12-magnet cadence sensors which makes starting and stopping more predictable, I love that they also included motor inhibitors on both brake levers, I always turn the bike completely off before hopping on or off and folding just to be safe, and the buttons to interact with the display are easily reachable and simple to understand (up, down, and M for “mode selection” and “power on/off”, The kickstand is positioned very well at the rear end of the bike, this won’t cause pedal lock and it didn’t bounce around or make a lot of noise during my test rides… even on bumpy hilly grass sections, Both wheels are built with thicker 12 gauge spokes for increased durability and weight capacity on the bike, the official max weight rating is 330 pounds (~149 kilograms) which is the best I’ve seen for a folding model, The geared hub motor is zippy and powerful, it gets a big mechanical advantage because of the smaller 20″ wheels and can produce a lot of torque (up to 60 newton meters), it freewheels efficiently and is fat-tire specific so it’s wider and offers a solid bracing angle for the spokes, The rear rack is wide, has a spring latch, and uses standard gauge tubing so it will work with most aftermarket pannier bags, please note that it’s 55lb (25kg) max weight rating subtracts from the total load of the bike (so a 55lb loaded rack plus a 275lb rider combine to 330lbs), Even though the saddle and ergonomic grips are unbranded, they both performed very well and offered a lot of comfort, especially the saddle which is thick, not too wide that it chaffs your legs, and has rubber bumpers for added cushion, The bike comes fully assembled, so you don’t need any tools or a bike stand to get going. Hey Court, I am 6′, 270 lbs (mostly fat, not muscle), and have a 33-inch leg length. However, I’m not sure whether Lectric eBikes can ship to Caracas? We are firm believers that getting an electric bike should be attainable for everyone. Give us a call or fill out the contact form. I do my best here… Based on your list of requirements, I’d recommend checking out Ride1Up because all of their models are pretty affordable, offer high speeds (Class 3), will provide more range than the Lectric XP (since it has fat tires), and power and durability should be on par with most other affordable products. Thanks for sharing your details so I can try to help. Comfort is such a big deal for me because I have back and neck pain from a car accident when I was a kid. Yes, you can remove the 6.6lb battery pack and even take the rack and fenders off… but that takes time and manny people will just want to load it up and go, consider getting help from a friend and lift with your legs, not your back ;), These aren’t complaints as much as comparisons to other slightly more expensive products, the tires don’t have reflective strips, the lights are kind of basic, the mechanical brakes and levers are pretty entry-level, there’s no quick release on the front wheel, no options for adding a front rack, the kickstand is positioned well but not adjustable and the bike leans pretty far to the left, and the seat clamp is just lame… but how often do you need to adjust the seat angle? That sounds like a blast. If you ride a bit slower, keep the tire pressure down, keep an upright body position, you should be okay… but the larger wheels and seat post suspension do make a difference… even going with knobby tires helps to reduce vibration and impact while riding and can make a difference over the long run :). Electric Vehicle Price Guide – best prices for dealers in the US, Lectric XP Step-Thru review: The 28 mph king of fun and affordable e-bikes, Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos. Hi. Their lights, the reflective tire stripes, the sine wave controller, durable but lightweight plastic fenders, even their gears and derailleurs are a step up.

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