WRR was founded in 1977 in San Antonio, Texas. Effective 3/13/2020, the DLC is temporarily closed to visitors due to ongoing concerns about COVID-19. It is also female dominant, a trait common among lemurs. It is good to know that lemurs cannot be potty trained and need to wear diapers when they are inside the house. All rights reserved. Lemurs should be neutered at around 6-8 months of age, this will greatly reduce the risk of aggression and the onset of sexual maturity. Training a lemur requires a lot of patience and perseverance. The ring-tailed lemur will also sunbathe, sitting upright facing its underside, with its thinner white fur towards the sun. Being an endangered species, all lemurs are protected by federal law and CANNOT be sold over state lines. If you live in a milder climate you may keep your lemur outdoors all year round providing heat in the winter. Like other lemurs, this species relies strongly on its sense of smell and, As one of the most vocal primates, the ring-tailed lemur uses numerous, Despite reproducing readily in captivity and being the most populous lemur in. When raised in an appropriate environment a lemur can be an enjoyable companion. Contact your local Veterinarian to make sure they  will see these exotic pets. They are one of the few exotics that will adapt to a diurnal schedule with their owners. They are known to slap and play bite at some pets and a few pets are OK with this while others are not. All were exploited and then discarded by the research and entertainment industries as well as the exotic pet trade. They love to be in trees or on something similar they can climb and move around. We can only sell lemurs to Texas residents. I have 3 mother raised ringtail lemur babies for sale. Since 2001 its primary base of operations has been located on 212 acres near Kendalia, Texas, a property which was purchased through the generosity of three of our supporters. Roger & Phyllis Sherman Animal Care Complex **  We will NOT knowingly ship animals into illegal states or countries**, Copyright ©2018 Janda Exotics Animal Ranch Phone: 830.336.2725. The ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) is a large strepsirrhine primate and the most recognized lemurdue to its long, black and white ringed tail. Lemurs are intelligent and have very distinct personalities. They have plush fur and long hanging non-prehensile tails. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Jennifer Hamada and is located at 47 Sunrise Loop, Huntsville, TX 77320. Baby Lemurs for sale in Texas All pictures are taken with the best possible lighting but the color may appear different in person or as the baby ages, colors are not guaranteed. We do not touch up or edit photos other than cropping to fit the page. 501c3 Non-Profit Conservatory Rescue and sanctuary in Texas A Texas not-for-profit 501(c)3 entity, Lemur Species including red ruffed , white ruffed lemurs and ringtail lemurs Lemurs ( / ˈ l iː m ər / LEE -mər ) are a clade of strepsirrhine primates endemic to the island of Madagascar . We were able to go into the lemur enclosure as a family and feed and interact with the lemurs. 254-977-4942 View Details ‹ 1; 2 › They are medium-sized growing to about 70 cm tall at adulthood, with tails almost equal in length with the body. Diet: Fresh fruits and vegetables daily along with Zupreem monkey biscuits. They love to run around and hang out on shoulders and groom their owners frequently. We usually focus on apes or monkeys but lemurs are very smart and similar in some ways, they share the trait of opposable thumbs. At our primate sanctuary – the largest in the United States – the mission is to provide monkeys as high a quality of life as we can. Our favorite part by far was the lemur encounter. Phone: 830.336.2725 / Fax: 830.336.3733 Like humans lemurs can get diseases and because of this vaccinations are highly recommended. You must purchase one from a breeder that resides in your home state. They are able to learn patterns and even learn to use tools and many other things. Email: info@wildlife-rescue.org, Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation – San Antonio, TX Native to Madagascar, all species of lemurs are endangered species and are protected by special laws. A Lemur is considered a lesser primate, and not on most ban lists unless a county has a complete primate ban. Do yourself and your Lemur a favor, leave it safe at home. Most domestic lemurs are about the size of a domestic house cat. Lemurs are very smart, playful, cute, loving and can become very attached to the primary caretaker who raises them. To keep warm and reaffirm social bonds, groups will huddle together. Lemur Basics Average Lifespan: Up to 25 Years. OAK CREEK Zoological Conservatory Wildlife Rescue & Sanctuary, The ring-tailed lemur is highly social, living in groups of up to 30 individuals. WRR was founded in 1977 in San Antonio, Texas. Lemurs bond very closely with their primary caretaker and can be very jealous of other pets. Ring-tailed lemurs can often be seen sunning themselves by sitting on their haunches and spreading their limbs in a yoga-like position, exposing their underside to the sun. It was lots of fun and therapeutic for all of us. Members of the primate family, lemurs are long muscular animals that live in the jungle of Madagascar. The Lemur Refuge is a Texas Domestic Non-Profit Corporation filed on February 5, 2016. Minimum Cage size: Minimum size enclosure is 4’x 8’x6’. The company's filing status is listed as In Existence and its File Number is 0802385142. Lemurs are usually nocturnal animals but they can also be active during the day as well. Lemurs are often overlooked about the fact that they are from the primate family. Example: Yes, I would like to receive emails from Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation. I'm not sure of the sex until I catch them. 1354 Basse Rd., San Antonio, TX 78212 Wildlife Rescue’s Vision is that humans come to see that we are members of a vast life community, that we experience the proper gratitude and respect for this community, and that we live in a more appropriate and compassionate manner in relation to the whole. P.O. Size at Adulthood: 4- 7 pounds and roughly the size of a small house cat. There is no way for us to know the laws in your area, it is your responsibility to find out if you need a permit or if you are allowed to have the animal in your home. (You can unsubscribe anytime), Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation – Kendalia, TX We will definitely be back. For texas residence only. Asking 1500.00 each .Call or text for pictures. ©2016 Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc. All Rights Reserved. A medium-sized lemur, the ring-tailed lemur is the most terrestrial of Madagascar’s primates. How to purchase a baby from us We are honored to maintain these species and care for them in a healthy captive environment. Visit our coronavirus response FAQ to learn more.. You can tell how much the staff cares about each of these rescue animals. Box 369, Kendalia, TX 78027

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