Adegoke Olubummo: He was one of the first Nigerian professors in the field of mathematics. Here are also famous Nigerian authors and famous politicians from Nigeria. Please note the maximum number of professors you declared for your University for 2017 in … Oyo No Go Dey Top 30, Dem Worst Die, Talking on professors you can’t rule out Katsina. Ekundayo Adeyinka Adeyemi: He was one of the first Professor of Architecture in not only Nigeria but in the whole Africa. Methodist Bishops Pronounce Blessings On Gov. "\"\"", Ekiti is the one that has managed to become the top state when it comes to providing the country with the largest number of professors. It is well known in Nigeria that the people of Ekiti love to read. Also located in the south west region, just like Lagos, this state is also on the list of highest revenue generating states in the country with an estimated figure of N34,596,446,519.52 by the NBS. As at the time of compiling this article, here are the list States with the Highest number of Universities in Nigeria. In this article, we will love to ask you which Nigerian state has given the country the most bright minds that have been sharing their knowledge with the rest of the world. Up till today, Anambra State is known for its heavy investments in education and educational institutions in the state. they only pioneers those disciplines and there are people better than them. Ogun state is the most industrious state in the country with the highest number of factories in Nigeria. In fact, it is rare to find an Ekiti person that isn’t interested in academics. He quickly advanced in his field to become the youngest professor in mechanical engineering at the University of Lagos, Nigeria in 1974. Edo state is the state with highest number of professor in Nigeria. Niyi Osundare: He is an English Professor from Ikerre-Ekiti and he’s currently a Professor at the University of New Orleans. List of notable or famous professors from Nigeria, with bios and photos, including the top professors born in Nigeria and even some popular professors who immigrated to Nigeria. All Rights Reserved. First Nigeria Professor of Forestry ~ Professor Kolade Adeyoju (Ijan-Ekiti, Ekiti State). Education is one of the key necessities of every citizen in Nigeria and some states in Nigeria have taken it upon themselves to provide extra quality education for citizens who reside in these States. Peter Okebukola the pro chancellor of Crawford University has revealed through his research the number of professors in most Nigerian universities. Between Davido’s Intro, Burna Boy’s Level Up and Wizkid’s Reckless, Which Is Your Favourite Album Intro? First Nigerian Professor of Animal Science ~ Prof. Gabriel. Why Is Oyo And Ondo States Not On The List? and "Who are the most famous professors from Nigeria?" The origin of the state can be traced to Ile Ife. Edo State have University of Benin City, Edo University Iyamho, Ambrose Alli University Ekpoma, Igbinedion University Okada, Samuel Adegboyega University Ogwa, Wellspring University Benin City, Auchi Polytechnic and Edo State Polytechnic Usen. on Sep 9, 2018 under Talk Zone, Trending    Peter Okebukola the pro chancellor of Crawford University has revealed through his research the number of professors in most Nigerian universities. He was known as an electrical engineer, teacher and political strategist. Olanipekun is a Yoruba Professor, Sam Aluko: He was a professor of Economics from Ode-Ekiti, Peter Bodunrin: He is a professor of African Philosophy from Osi Ekiti, Segun Oni, politician and former state governor, Akinjide Osuntokun, a historian and brother to Benjamin Kayode Osuntokun). A blind and deaf man knows that it is from Ekiti State. Located in South Southern Nigeria, this state is also known for producing some of the best entrepreneurs and well-educated citizens in the country. var show_mybanners = mybanners[Math.floor(randomNumber * mybanners.length)] Below are the most educated states in Nigeria as of 2020. These prominent professors of Nigeria may or may not be currently alive, but what they all have in common is that they're all respected Nigerian professors. Peter Okebukola the pro chancellor of Crawford University has revealed through his research the number of professors in most Nigerian universities. Imagine a professor earning a salary per annum which a lecturer with the same qualifications earn per month in USA. Ekundayo Adeyinka Adeyemi (1937-). Osun State is also one of the most educated states in Nigeria with a high literacy level of 90.00%. With a literacy Level of 93%, you can be sure that Akwa-Ibom is one of the most educated states in Nigeria and the 6th state on this list. 113. Edo State is also host to the first indigenous private University in Nigeria – Igbenedion University, Okada. The state is involved in textile, leathered and cotton production. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He was among the first professors in the country in Mathematics. Some of these educational institutions include. He was considered a scholarly genius by his teachers and peers alike. On the 3rd spot on our list, we have Enugu State. document.write(show_mybanners); This is also one of the states in Nigeria which is currently investing heavily in its educational system. Enugu is a state located in South-Eastern Nigeria which has some of the best educational institutions in that part of the country. Kogi has birthed & has the highest number of highway arm robbery. In recent times, Imo state has become a well-known state in Nigeria because of the quality of students who school there or have their origins traced back to the state. The top 10 of the universities that has more professors in the Nigeria Below shows the full list of Profesors in Nigeria Universities The list contains 50 Universities in Nigeria…” As the most developed state in Nigeria, you can be sure that this includes educational development. All Rights Reserved. If You Can Guess Correctly The Position Of The Ball (You Win Cool Cash). Members: 87,930. As one of the oil-producing states in Nigeria where the country gets some of her major funding from, you can be sure this state receives slightly higher funding than other states in Nigeria and this has been helping in the state’s educational system. States With The Highest Number Of Universities In Nigeria (1) Ogun State. KNOW YOUR PROFESSORS First Nigerian Professor of History ~ Prof Kenneth Dike ( From Awka, Anambra). Niyi Osundare: He is an English Professor from Ikerre-Ekiti and he’s currently a Professor at the University of New Orleans. [ Katsina has the highest number of professors in the north. Segun Oni, politician and former state governor. How-It-Works | Some of the well known tertiary institutions in Akwa-Ibom State include.

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