So, is it PREE us? I have a tiny house on wheels now, which I love, as well as a bachelor apartment in the city downtown, but am eying the 2016 Prius as a fuel-efficient way to travel and ‘camp’. Yeah, I don’t post about it too often so it shouldn’t bug you too much but once in a while it happens. Later, I discovered how much I get a kick out of sleeping in a downtown area where a hotel would cost a fortune.” Jordan will let you aspiring Prius dwellers in on a little secret: “most metered parking spaces in excellent locations don’t start charging until 8 am.”. Have you ever thought of converting your car into a micro camper for traveling? Ok, would be nice to have a story to go with these pictures! Follow him on Instagram, subscribe to his Youtube channel, and check out his site at Macroscope Pictures. However, most of his time is spent working on passion projects like the #ShotsOrShots drone challenge he and his friends complete every week on his Instagram or the videos showcased on his Youtube channel. “I had a really great relationship that ended right before 2016 when she decided to move to the UK and I did not. With my Prius I feel like I’m lacking nothing, and the cramped space reinforces my motto: Sleep in your car, live in the world.”. I’m a health person so I like keeping it along these lines. For starters, it’s small, real small, but that’s a lot of the fun of it. Is a Pryus trailer-capable? And when he’s not checking out new cities, Jordan likes to sleep in nature. According to a 2010 census bureau survey, Ohio residents are the 3rd most likely to still live in their state of origin. I’ve just driven 2300 miles from Buffalo, NY and as I write this I’m … After putting in my ear plugs and masking my eyes, I heard what was very clearly gunshots. Have you ever thought of converting your car into a micro camper for traveling? I asked Jordan if he has any plans to get a permanent place soon and put the Prius lifestyle behind him for good. The following two tabs change content below. I find this idea very intriguing. “Ironically while I set out intending to escape routine, I ended up discovering its value. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. You might want to feature/read this book in conjunction with this concept: TEN CONSECUTIVE YEARS LIVING IN CARS: Living, Traveling, Camping, Attending College and Performing Surveillance in Cars ( It certainly isn’t the most comfortable thing to do in the world, but could the adventure be worth it? “I started out sleeping in Walmart parking lots. What a gutsy and inspiring guy.. As a retiree I do the same thing several months a year. 50mpg easy (quarter the gallons for liters then double the kilometers for approx kpl, about 4 liters per 100km). That severance was the catalyst for a lot of soul searching about the course I wanted my life to take. Even that’s not enough, though, and local libraries and Starbucks have become frequent haunts for him. Living accommodations with a 6’8″ height when the roof is raise *and* can be towed by a Prius? As with most major life-altering decisions, Jordan’s decision to live in a Prius all started with a break up. Showering may be one thing, but internet access is a whole different beast when living on the road. The daily reality involves failing to do half of those things, eating out, and wasting time on Tinder.”. You are a dear! Traveling the world is fun but can also be romanticized, and I know it’s definitely possible to get disillusioned with the nomadic lifestyle.

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