TAS stands for tool-assisted-speedrun, in which a group of people program a computer to execute button inputs that would be impossible for a human to pull off. Although I’m not a huge Castlevania fan, I can respect the respect that the franchise has garnered. Let’s start off with something that’s technically five speedruns in one. 7:30 hours is just fucking ridiculous, thats not even "quick". The Wind Waker HD speedrun was by no means a perfect exhibition, but it did give us the most updated look at a Zelda title that has resisted speedrunners’ attempt at breaking it. The latter, in particular, can be quite tense as you have to do everything within a given time limit, and the route for that game is pretty tight at this point. When they hear the word speedrun, most people think of beating a game as quickly as humanly possible. Refer to the official AGDQ 2019 schedule for complete game listings. This 8-bit styled retro throwback contains insanely cool visuals, excellent character-swapping gameplay, and some undeniably cool Castlevania homages. That’s an excellent idea. We’ve seen runners play multiple games at once, play games only using one hand, and even complete speedruns blindfolded. Lastly, if you’re just looking for displays of pure, awesome skill, look no further than TMR’s Cuphead speedrun. Just for informations sake I think the longest race is still the KH2 race at SGDQ2012. ... More posts from the speedrun community. Hope you enjoyed the content! Full disclosure: I’m involved in the bad games community, especially the bad games speedrun community, and I know a bunch of the people in it. level 2. It’s available on most major consoles and PC. By pushing the main character out of bounds and executing a precise glitch that utilizes the quick save feature, Satoryu was able to warp around the game’s castle, breaking sequence and gaining progress. Regardless of the final total, every person at SGDQ 2018 should be incredibly proud of their hard work and dedication. When Wind Waker was last ran at a GDQ event, the final time was around four hours long. The Best Speedruns of SGDQ 2018: Day Seven, The Best Speedruns of SGDQ 2018: Day Five, The Best Speedruns of SGDQ 2018: Day Four, The SGDQ 2018 Schedule is Live, Here’s What to Watch, Mortal Shell Review – A Soul for Starters, Serious Sam 4 Review: The Man Keeps on Giving, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 Review – Boarding Bliss, Despite the Patches, Watch Dogs: Legion Keeps Crashing, Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Will Eat Up Your Time, Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One Review – Keep Killing. In Baten Kaitos, items evolve over time into new items, which are required for 100% completion. You can watch the entire marathon live over at twitch.tv/gamesdonequick, or check out GamesDoneQuick’s Youtube channel for replays of every run. Which Dark Pictures Game is Better: Little Hope or Man of Medan? Games Done Quick is a semiannual video game speedrun charity marathon held in the United States, originally organized by the Speed Demos Archive and Speedruns Live communities. Over the course of the past few years, GDQ events have hosted a wide variety of Super Mario 64 speed runs. Earthworm Jim holds a special place in my heart, as it was one of the games I spent a lot of time with in my early gaming years. As numerous enemies flooded the screen in an attempt to swiftly end Anthopant’s life, he retaliated by throwing them off of ledges, using long strings of combos, and using special moves when the route allowed for it. Just watch the whole block. Just like RPG speedruns, Pokemon speedruns aren’t traditionally very fun to watch either, especially if they’re glitchless runs. Is Amnesia: Rebirth the Scariest Amnesia Game? Fallout Anthology was followed by The Outer Worlds, which mostly gets a place on this list by virtue of being new and being a grand total of 15 minutes long. Longest *GDQ Run? This was an exceptional speedrun full of great strategies, jokes, and … Also, our Brian wrote about this a while ago. However, just like most other runs on this list, this GDQ run of FFVII stands out as one of the best thanks to the great commentary provided by the couch. Michael_Goldfish and Kruncha held dominating leads while SpikeVegeta showed off some more risky tricks, all the while giving us excellent commentary. These are just a few selections from the abundant list of speedruns available for your viewing pleasure. Those just take far too long. Runner tomatoangus, in one sitting lasting a little over two hours, brought Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and Fallout 4 to completion. Cosmo himself takes the time to explain the cool tricks he pulls off in the run, and he’s complemented by his couch as well, who are quick to point out little details that newcomers are likely to miss. You should read his thoughts. This race was a great combination of colorful and impressive platforming action and quality commentary both comedic and informative. The Mummy Demastered is a really fun run of a WayForward Metroidvania you may have missed back in 2017. If you grew up playing SNES or Genesis, definitely check out this run along with the entire block. If 602 stars count (multiple games) then technically the longest speedrun is what TMR is doing right now with playing/running all NES games in a row. And as with so many Bethesda games, the glitches in the later titles are a thing of beauty to behold. The aforementioned seven Minutes of pause buffering was a rocky way to start the run, but it did highlight an insane speed glitch that allowed Linkus7 to travel across the game’s massive ocean space without the use of a boat. I was just curious after seeing Final Fantasy VI make it into SGDQ with a 7:30:00 Estimate. Although the new God of War title on PS4 has gotten its appropriate credit, many dismiss the original PS2 trilogy. I'm writing an article for a site and thought I heard it was the longest game run in GDQ history. The sixth day of SGDQ 2018 held tons of awesome speedruns, spanning from Mario Kart 8 to The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. The event – showcasing people going through games really, really fast – runs for a full week, 24 hours a day, and that means that even the most ardent viewers are going to miss some of the jaw-dropping speedruns. At the time of writing, TGH still stands out as one of the best runners of this game, in almost every category. A platform game with randomly generated platforms, which disappear when they scroll off screen? Linger with GDQ — The best, craziest speedruns from this year’s Summer Games Done Quick Annual "speedrunning" drive for charity includes Mario races, hacked GameCubes. It takes over 341 hours to complete a 100% run. GTA: Vice City – KZ_FREW. This isn’t the only developer-assisted commentary in this marathon, (Amid Evil has similar.) Zeus is an endlessly entertaining runner who can keep the audience engaged throughout the entire thing, and let’s not forget that killing all bosses in Bloodborne in just a couple hours is no easy feat either. The run itself is pretty challenging, where a few mishaps will force the runner to improvise on the spot, drawing on their memory of where all the item pickups are, and making detours to keep the run alive. You can check out the full schedule HERE, in case you want to see every game that was played. I never fail to be impressed by the way speedrunners crack games wide open, and watching Sharo demolish this sizable RPG in the space of a coffee break boggles the mind. If, somehow, nothing else in this showcase impresses you, that song certainly should. In addition to writing great articles like this, I host a gaming/comedy podcast called "Super Gamecast 64" available on iTunes and Stitcher. I think this run is down to about 6 hours now but on bonus stream it was many more hours than that. He did an excellent job of rolling with the punches, keeping the energy high, and generally being an entertaining chap struggling with the worst-case scenario in front of hundreds of thousands of people. I also watch an unhealthy amount of movies, and try to spread as much love into the world as I can. Make the wasteland terrifying with these Halloween Fallout 4 mods, The Outer Worlds is now available on Steam and GOG storefronts, Terraria 1.4.1 is the game's last update, for real this time (maybe), New Fallout: Miami trailer is all about radiated fun in the sun, Untitled Goose Game to have co-op mode when it hits Steam next week, making it the Untitled Geese Game, The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon review -- Money, intrigue, and insane drugs, The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon hands-on impressions - Getting an unexpected hand, The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon gets an extended gameplay video, Untitled Goose Game heads to Steam with a co-op mode in September, The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon DLC is coming this September, Obisidian may be teasing The Outer Worlds story DLC, The final Terraria update, Journey's End, releases mid-May, The Outer Worlds to receive a second patch to fix unreadable text, Untitled Goose Game wins DICE Game of the Year Award, Games Done Quick breaks another record with $3.13 million raised for AGDQ 2020, AGDQ 2020 begins this Sunday, celebrating 10 years, PC Invasion’s Games of 2019: Stefan’s Picks, The Outer Worlds DLC will expand its story in 2020, The Outer Worlds’ latest patch is live, and it does increase the size of text, The Outer Worlds' next patch finally increases font size. Platforms. First, he’s an experienced and hugely entertaining runner. You might not be able to play video games as well as a TAS can, but you might get a bit more mental dexterity out of it! The game has numerous categories, due to the large number of routes that you can take through the game. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Golden Sun TLA, Dark Dawn and Chain of Memories. Ghost Of Tsushima – A Farewell to the PS4, The Last Of Us Part II – An Overview Of The Hauntingly Beautiful Story, My Surprise Enjoyment Of .Hack//G.U Last Recode, Mafia: Definitive Edition Review – Crime and Punishment, Serious Sam 4 Review: The Man Keeps on Giving, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 Review – Boarding Bliss, Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part One Review – Keep Killing. One of my favorite categories is 70 star, which has the runners collecting over half of the games’ stars before completing it. Each one highlighted a different aspect of tool assisted speedruns, giving us a plethora of exciting content. As of writing, the total sits around $1.2 million, and continues to rise. While this might sound like it sucks the fun out of everything, the TAS block is instead one of the most eye opening and interesting blocks of any GDQ. FFVII and IX are both longer and have been at GDQ, but they split the runs into two halves (same with FFVII last full-game run). And now I’ve finally watched pretty much all of it. This route gives you a good look at numerous worlds and unique star objectives, and it requires the runners to pull off several hard tricks and consistently perform difficult movement. Anthopants displayed his clear mastery of the game by beating the ultra-difficult Mania mode in less than an hour and only using one credit. We’ll be back tomorrow for our picks for day three! FF VII was the longest single-segment run, though there have been other, longer, runs at previous GDQs which were split in two. Cartel Tycoon Early Access — Is it worth it? It also helps that Austin Ivansmith, director at WayForward, sat on the couch to assist with commentary. When he reached the invisible barrier, an obstacle that has proved itself impassable for several years, Linkus7 showed us the insanely difficult glitch to skip past it. A huge amount of money flooded in during this run, and that’s in no small part due to the runner keeping things going despite the constant setbacks and issues. Despite having the “100%” category, this speedrun is one of the fastest we’ve seen at AGDQ 2019. This is a trick that speedrunners have been trying to sleuth out for years, and seeing it for the first time, I was astonished.

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