Japan d’ e’ f' a’ b’ d’’ e’’ If you want to play harder and get a more sonorous sound, the lyre can be tuned up to a higher pitch, for example: e’- g’- a’- b’- d’’- e’’- g’’ or f’- g’- bb’- c’’- d’’- f’’- g’’ In spite of its simplicity, the instrument gives many possibilities in melody and chord playing, accompaniment to solo and choir singing and improvisation to an open chord. Due to its short string length the LBP has a unique possibility; it can be tuned extremely high. Freuet Euch, mit Jerusalem, Lašské tance (Lachian Dances), JW 6/17. For use at home, in the kindergarten by musical games and storytelling and much more. When you change a broken string you must not forget to unscrew the tuning pin as many turns as it has been tightened. I have found by my own experimentation that 9 strings seems to be the optimum number on my lyres (just enough range to play interesting solos yet not too many to hinder the African style 'string blocking' strumming technique - of which there is ample visual evidence of during classical antiquity) - with 7 strings, I can do virtually nothing! A light almost heavenly scale that allows you to create music freely without the frustrating struggle with wrong notes or inharmonious sound. This 'plectrum fretting' technique also more or less preserves the timbre of an open string when used, unlike the more muffled timbre a knuckle or nail gives.Another interesting technique suggested by Greek musicologist and lyre virtuoso, Nikos Xanthoulis, is that extra range can be given to the basic 7 strings by means of producing different naturally occurring harmonics on the same string.This is indeed a fascinating technique - but whether this or the other techniques proposed in this blog were ever actually used in antiquity, though, we almost certainly, regrettably, never know for sure! The Temple of Jerusalem - Where My Levite Ancestors Played Their Biblical Lyres! Place the finger on the string to be played as shown in picture 2 and feel the "weight" of the warm and relaxed hand on the string. The experience of the five tone scale is one of the fundament in all music. http://auris-musical-instruments.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/LBP-Duo.mp3, Pentatonic Lyre: 'My little lyre', 7 strings, Material: 3). He says that Orpheus added the fourth string, corresponding to Autumn, when … All donations at this time, no matter how small, make a big difference! If string-stopping was an established ancient Egyptian harp-playing technique for playing chromatics, in use from at least as early as 2320 BCE, then surely there can be no problem with Curt Sach's hypothesis that it was also being used 2000 years later, by the lyra & kithara players of Classical Greece? ‘My little lyre’ is made out of maple wood. All these scales are not 100% genuine but are meant as an inspiration for your own attempts. Henricus Glareanus (1547) says that the original Lyre of Hermes had three strings, corresponding the three original Seasons of ancient Greece (Summer, Spring, Winter, from high to low). The data is saved in offline storage so even if you are not connected in internet you can still use this app to view her notes and play it in your lyre(xylophone) bell instrument. the Lyre. "Philolaus gives us the basic structure of all lyre harmoniai (two tetrachords disjoined by a tone, i.e. Seven string: E - G - A - B - D 1 - E 1. This email address is being protected from spambots. Math Boom. When these harmonise, the lyre is well tuned. Music for these categories has been scientifically proven to stimulate and vivify both the intellectual and emotional development later on. The perfect gift and together with LGP model our most frequent sold lyre  In order for the lyre to hold its pitch as long as possible after tuning, it is important that the very first tuning is done in the following manner: The left hand grip gives the player freedom to dance and to move the lyre to the music. 'My little lyre' is a seven stringed instrument tuned in a pentatonic scale. Many thanks. One can imagine oneself shooting with a miniature bow and arrow. You may find that you need to replace one of your strings from time to time. MusicaNeo is a global music platform for online publication and sale of digital sheet music and performance licenses. In order to obtain warm and full sound, a support-string technique is recommended. Here are some examples in which we get acquainted with the music of various cultures. If you are… For example, in Africa, where all manners of lyres have been played continuously since antiquity, this technique is never seen. Tonskala: Make a light press-pull movement and then release the string, let the finger land on the next higher "support-string" – do not pull it away from the lyre, it makes the tone harder.

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