So do this on your own risk!! I am the only user of this Macbook and bought it brand new back in 2009. Removed the back panel and inspected video cable and socket, pushed on the logic board at many places with a spudger but issue stays on. Are you up to it? Everything is rock solid and working fine then out of no where the flickering begins … While gaming and watching videos you put extra stress on the GPU. Terms — Nah I don't. My camera was being blocked by a piece of a tape paper. I have also notice that my memory is using a little of my HD to operate tasks, though I’m sure that has nothing to do with it. Sounds like a defective camera cable which could be causing a short and intermittently activating. The screen/display flickers with green symmetrical lines at random times. For now just take the bottom off and take a look around compare logic board & connectors for damage Vs the IFIXIT guide pictures as a reference. Since lead solder has been banned, lead-free solder tends to crystallize and crack over time which causes the separation. There are a couple of things you can checkout, hopefully one will resolve the issue. I guess wear and tear will come quicker to the fans with this configurations. Navi Jassal This, in fact, happened to me. do you have the correct tools and work area (ESD mat & strap) and lastly the skills to work with delicate parts? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. My high school recently received mac books to study and learn with. On Mac mini models from 2011 and newer, the SIL remains on when the computer is operating. Are both of these tools a must? I'm using a macbook pro, probably coming close to 5 years old now. Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click … Yes, you might get away with out it but is saving $30 worth burning out a $300+ logic board or display? Also letting the laptop breath is important to keep it cool. If your Mac is using macOS Catalina and you use Screen Time, make sure your camera is turned on and apps that use the camera have time available. Is there anything I can look for that will confirm your theory? Open FaceTime on your Mac; Go to Menu -> Video, select "Facetime HD Camera (Display)" 4. Did not tested it yet. Learn what to do if the built-in camera won’t activate or appear in an app on your Mac. Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Security & Privacy. It remains like this until the display turns back on, at which time the SIL turns off again. If you've got electrical issues already (backlit keys) then it makes sense that other electrical issues could also be happening. Make sure the checkbox for Camera is selected. We have a service to fix that problem for $69.95 if interested. Curious if it even functions. I will post again if it appears again or if I find a more definitive solution ! You will know if your camera is on because you will see a green light. My guess is you will eventually lose video all together or have the green and pink lines permanently. You need a high quality re-flow/re-work station to do the repair. Something that is making me think it could perhaps be an electrical issue is that the backlights to my keyboard no longer come on. What is your service to fix this problem? Most Mac models have built-in cameras that are located near the top edge of the screen. Perhaps it's the cable camera like you say? I highly doubt it. well, I have that same issue. A community for all things relating to Apple's Macintosh line of computers. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, MacBook Air, Mid 2013, 13", i7, 8GB, 512GB. You might be prompted to quit and reopen an app before it can use your camera. I am running a MacBook Pro into the first Input via HDMI and then after that cameras with SDI out put. I had the same issue after my macbook fell from the table: flickering pixels and sometimes flashes. I did some pricing on the mat and strap, about 30$ from amazon and I can have it within a few days. It's moderately slowed down since I first got it but it's not too bad really. Does anyone have any advice as to what to do to stop this happening? I get a perfect image on external monitor (you check this). Choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Screen Time. However, lately when I open the lid of it or if I log in then the camera light comes on and maybe flashes a few times before going off. Learn how to reset the SMC on your Mac. I do find it odd that a little pressure under the laptop cures the issue temporarily. If you do read on. I get a perfect image on external monitor (you check this). Then without touching a thing the flickering quits and returns randomly later or not at all. As an example did you drop or bang your system or did something spill into it or did you sit it onto a wet surface? Let us know what you discover and well guide you to the next steps. Click the Privacy tab, then click Camera in the sidebar. Lately, I have been noticing that the little green light by my camera kept coming on even though I didn't have photo booth or anything like that open. However, lately when I open the lid of it or if I log in then the camera light comes on and maybe flashes a few times before going off.

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