I’m 5’9″, 160; and they kept up fine… and let me tour on my off days too! If you’re really going to hike (i.e. Since you aren’t skinning up to these areas – several thousand feet from a parking lot or road access, you aren’t penalized with the extra binding weight while getting to these places in the first place – that’s really a key point. I have a question that is off topic to this binding but I can’t find a place on your blog to put it. Adjustment range: 260-388 mm; Toolless length adjustment: Yes; Sole … Hence, things like the limited heel lift and need to exit for mode change are not big issues at Marker. The latest Marker Demo-bindings now also use a lever for fast & easy adjustment, as does the popular Attack 13 Demo, and latest Salomon Warden Demo. Adjusting ski bindings isn't difficult, but it does need to be done properly to ensure safety. Many hard core resort skiers simply like knowing they have a touring binding on their feet, and even though they probably wouldn’t admit it, some simply like the way a binding such as Duke or Fritschi looks and the statement it makes to other skiers. I also have a number of Fritschi rigs that accept either boots and more recently added Barons to the identical ski that I’ve got Dynafits on… Thinking there is they’ll basically be a resort rig — don’t care to have any skis anymore with alpine binders — and I’ve already got the skins cut. My Fritches ski great, but only for wider-side-country, still a bit heavy. But one thing not mentioned is the fact that the tracks that slide the back of the binding into skiing mode tends to ice up, especially on cold days. I'm going to Japan this winter and will be doing a mixture of touring and resort skiing and am looking for bindings to mount on my Moment Exit Worlds. LIVESTRONG.com may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. I looked at you mounting template and edge-to-edge it’s about 57mm. In this blog I'll be going over adjusting and setting the forward pressure for flat mounted skis with Marker Bindings. Show favorites, CSPC Jr Binding testing results certificate. Slide the toe piece forward on the rails by hand and align the indicator with the appropriate millimeter mark on the binding. So it’s back to hard snow (at least some of the time) and I’m looking at aquiring a resort-type setup. Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the LIVESTRONG.COM I just bought a set of Barons in small but don’t have a template. When I say a binding is beefy, I mean that it lacks slop and has the design and materials to ostensibly hold up to multiple resort skiing days. I’m happy with my current DIN at 8. var sidebar_width = parseInt('300px'); I’ll fix the links…. This is a bit of a hijack (sorry) but it is Dynafit binding related. Philpug Notorious P.U.G. I’ll de-mount and measure at some point today after I get in a workout. Get Directions, Built by Space2Burn | Powered by ignitrPOS, Boston Store: Reopening by Appointment Only, Ski Construction: A Real Look at What’s Inside Your Skis, Sandwiches, Ski Shapes and Mac & Cheese: A Guide to Understanding Skis. I can’t imagine it would be that hard to take the 110mm piece to a quality machine shop and say, “I want this to be 15mm wider.”, i had been meaning to comment on this issue earlier, but…. Pugski Ski Tester. Must take skis off to go from touring to skiing mode and vice-versa, which isn’t good for those who have mastered the art of de-skinning on the fly. We got a pair of Marker Baron backcountry skiing bindings in for review a few days ago (Update 2011: F10 and F12 models now available, our mount instructions and general review information still apply). Second season on the Baron’s and despite the weight I’m still pretty impressed with them. I visited the engineers last winter in Germany, and that’s what they told me. Addict. and I just don’t go as far or as high as Dynafitters do.

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