You “know” the person from the moment you see them, and the chemistry is haunting. In a previous lifetime, perhaps it was a father-child relationship. While other men concentrate on my sexuality (South Node in Scorpio), he values me for Me. I’ve often thought of him as someone who would be the perfect mate for me, as I always feel more confident and self-assured around him. This is a mutually passionate, obsessive, transforming kind of aspect. Knowingly or not, Pluto person usually becomes the lead and stirs South Node’s subconscious patterns and traumas. He shows me the utmost respect and cultivates my sense of self-respect. Nevertheless, the South Node person is irresistibly attracted to the Mars person, and the Mars person readily gives the South Node personal sexual pleasure. South Node-Saturn conjunction is a lesson on learning to work together as a team through hardships, respecting each other’s independence in every step. True to Scorpionic fashion, we took a long time to fully break up, but I certainly felt a weight had lifted once it was over. Indeed, you were both strongly involved in each other’s public life and career in a past life. True Lunar Node person may also help Mars person to better channel their passion and energy, helping them to overcome anger issues or to become emboldened and empowered in productive ways. Moon-South Node: This connection represents a past life connection, which may have been a Mother-Child relationship. The relationship often starts off with magnetic attraction, distinct familiarities and a sense of ‘’meant to be’’. If it was a bad relationship, discomfort and fear are likely to surface on the part of at least one of the individuals. The feeling of commitment to each other is strong, and it can be difficult to separate from one another. The South Node person helps the Descendant person further their goals and individuality. November 9, 2012 November 28, 2012 astrologyanonymous27 4 Comments. There may be significant obstacles as well, such as an age gap, traditional differences, physical and emotional distance, etc. Mercury offers information and ideas to the South Node person, but may eventually become intellectually drained. We had a strong spiritual and philosophical link. Mars also supports the Node person’s actions and strives to further their goals. Now, the individuals have been reunited in this lifetime to “close the books” on their relationship in order to move forward and learn to love independently from one another. Proudly created with, South Node conjunct (North Node opposite) Aspects in Synastry. Venus conjunct South Node is a karmic rope that was sewed with the desire to be reunited once again. Suggestions? The constant fighting was one of the reasons I decided to end things. This is because the Node person often “drains” the planet person of the energy the planet represents. You immediately feel a sense of recognition when the two of you meet. On the other hand, this aspect is also regarded as a “separative aspect,” as in, the relationship between the two may never fully get off the ground. After a while, they may grow a dependency for each other even though the relationship is dysfunctional. Moon person feels this very intensely, and as they bond deeper and deeper, South Node’s karmic patterns start to emerge into the present relationship. I’m not the type to give away complimetns easily (my Venus is in Capricorn), but I would compliment him regularly. Other articles infer that the South Node was very kind to the planet person in a past life, and now, the planet person feels the need to pay the South Node person back in form of compliments, gifts, or activities related to the house in which the conjunction resides. The South Node person may (inadvertently) drain the vitality of the Sun person, and may, in some way, prevent the Sun person from realizing their full potential. Contact: © 2023 by Going Places. My ex boyfriend and I had a very tight Venus-South Node connection. Or, there may be conflict when it comes to the conflicting demands of your home life on one hand, and your public/professional life on the other. At the same time, this bond is said to be “unbreakable”! We met in the most random, bizarre way, but the chemistry and familiarity was instant. Either way, you feel comforted and nurtured by one another. His own Venus conjuncted his South node in his natal chart, so, like David Beckham, he tends to “fall back” on his South Node. In the past life, the two were most likely lovers/partners. Sexually, I felt that I was always “giving,” while he was always “receiving.” Our fights were catastrophic; he brought out anger in me that I never knew I had. There is a sense of familiarity and comfort between David and Victoria. This relationship can feel dramatic, exciting and captivating. I was perhaps overbearing and dictatorial over him, and I definitely felt that I “knew best,” at least when it came to philosophy and religion. if the South Node person has conjunctions to their own South Node. The South Node person feels the Venus person understands them better than anyone, and the Venus person feels a sense of ease and comfort around the South Node person. And this is exactly where the problems start. Now, the South Node person has returned for “payback.” The Node person may drain the energy of, and act as a restrictive influence on the Mars person. The sense of commitment is very strong in both partners, however, due to these difficult life lessons and obstacles constantly thrown into the relationship, it may feel like finding the right person in the wrong time. The Moon person may feel “emotionally indebted” to the Node person, and may constantly “feed” the Node person’s emotional needs, leaving them feeling drained. On the downside, these kinds of relationships can make at least of the individuals feel “held back” by the relationship. You are happy to stay at home together, for this is “familiar territory” for the both of you. You “recognize” each other. Mars-South Node: This karmic link indicates the two of you may been sexual partners in a past life. I have heard countless stories of couples with this aspect in synastry, and one common element I’ve found with this aspect is that at least one of the individuals was “not supposed to be” at the location of their meeting on the day they met, and that they spotted each other early on and watched each other for a while before they spoke to each other. Regardless, the pull can be hard to resist! Mercury may feel the South Node person is condescending and unreceptive of their ideas. South Node may be avoiding necessary changes in order to grow out of their comfort zone. In this case, they feel even more comfortable with the planet person and feels the planet person gives them the understanding and support they need. True Lunar Node person is invigorated by Mars person's courage and ambition. The North Node is a good indication of a soul mate connection, but other specific aspects are needed to fully determine a soul mate relationship. Tag: north node conjunct mars synastry Uncategorized The North Node in Synastry. Same issues seem to repeat itself over and over again until South Node makes a conscious effort to break these cycles. It is very sweet to see this feature in synastry between a couple because it shows they are helping each other down the same spiritual path. Mars person also helps True Lunar Node person to become more confident and assertive. Order a synastry report and find out now! This bond is considered “unbreakable” to many astrologers. There is potential for miscommunication and picking up each other’s “signals” at times. As such, this is a very significant synastry connection. However, the South Node person may be overbearing over the Jupiter person, or vice-versa, thinking that they “know best.”. On the other hand, perhaps the South Node provided the Jupiter person with a great amount of good luck and fortune in a past life, and is now seeking repayment. South Node being the comfort zone, it doesn’t respond very well to change- and this is exactly the reason why Pluto comes into their life. After a period of time, Moon person may feel drained by South Node’s inner fears, insecurities and needs. Taylor had strong Uranus aspects in her chart, but she kept going back to Burton. We socialize together regularly. In fact, David first fell for Victoria after seeing her on the television, and Victoria fell in love with David after seeing him in a sports magazine; there was an instant “recognition” of each other. When the two individuals meet, a sense of familiarity, security, comfort, and safety is indicated. … Just like Saturn conjunct South Node, sometimes this aspect may indicate a codependency or abusive tendencies. I was similarly enthralled by him, and I did anything and everything to please him. My North Node is in Taurus, and with his Ascendant conjunct this point, he exemplifies the qualities I need to develop in order to grow as a person. For example, Victoria Beckham’s Venus is conjunct David Beckham’s South node. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton had this aspect in Synastry. But when you don’t, drama never seems to stop. The South Node person likely expended a lot of energy to further the goals of the Mars person. All South Node connections bring with them a sense of familiarity and comfort. It is as if when you two agree, you can finish off each other’s sentences. Saturn person’s lesson here is to work on their fears and need for control. On the other hand, there may be a lot of coincidences or ‘’synchronicities’’ that are hard to ignore. True Lunar Node person may also help Mars person to better channel their passion and energy, helping them to overcome anger issues or to become emboldened and empowered in productive ways. Despite the irresistible attraction, Node person may eventually outgrow the connection, or feel that the constant push and pull dynamic is too draining. The two of you enjoy working together and being in the public sphere with one another. That description fits me "Nevertheless, the South Node person is irresistibly attracted to the Mars person, and the Mars person readily gives the South Node personal sexual pleasure. Mars person embodies a powerful energy that True Lunar Node person may wish to emulate. Mars person is energizing and motivating to True Lunar Node person. Being with the planet person reminds them of their past life, which may have been traumatic or unpleasant for the nodal person for whatever reason. Now, Mars person feels this as a very strong desire to ‘’take action’’ towards the South Node. This relationship may feel Karmically destined, as Mars person feels compelled to help True Lunar Node person fulfill their destiny. There may be strong sexual chemistry between Mars person and True Lunar Node person as well. The south node, on the other hand, represents your past, where you are coming from. Even in the early stages of the connection, there is a deep, unexplainable desire to be a safe emotional haven for each other. It is as if when you come together, you feel comforted and whole. This is an active relationship and whether romantic, sexual or professional, both motivate each other through healthy competition and challenging the status quo. Mars person brings determination, courage and energy to True Lunar Node person. Even though they both feel the same love on a deeper level, their egoic responses, values or needs to it may be different. He is very religious, and I’m not, so we often “butted heads” over religious views. The two of you love socializing together, and approach the world in a similar fashion. The lesson here is to encourage each other’s evolution and take a more realistic approach towards love. Saturn represents restriction, so this aspect indicates there may be significant barriers between the two of you, which impedes on your ability to form a real relationship. The South Node person is likely to feel that the planet person understand them better than anyone who has ever understood them. Perhaps you were family members, or maybe the two of you were married.

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