Were you aware of this...was Elvis aware of this, and if yes, what was his reaction? Two respected Elvis aides, Marty Lacker and Elvis's cousin Billy Smith, say that although the body found slumped in the bathroom of Elvis's Graceland mansion on August 16, 1977 was certified dead, the real Elvis was hundreds of miles away. My prayers go out to them. This is the story published some years ago on www.elvisinfonet.com “Elvis harbored some bad feelings about Goulet from back in the late 50s when he was in the Army. ML: No. Elvis killed nobody and if he did he sure wouldn't tell it to a stranger especially someone in the media. This is the story published some years ago on www.elvisinfonet.com, “Elvis harbored some bad feelings about Goulet from back in the late 50s when he was in the Army. Ziauddin University Admission Form 2020, Dream Meaning Christmas Tree, Which is your favorite E! Ultimate Elvis Auction held by Heritage Auctioneers. ML: We got on alright. EIN: Can friends & acquaintances really say that they didn't notice how bad & sick Elvis was getting or were they just fooling themselves? However the last time that Jo saw Priscilla was after Graceland opened. EIN: You first met Elvis in high school. Hi Jason: I think you have figured it right. ML: It was definitely more R&B and it's a myth about the so-called heavy influence Dean Martin had on Elvis. Skip to content. When Did The Battle Of Broodseinde End, Here’s a good example. ML: It was great but the five of us have always stayed close, we talk almost once per week. If not for Mr. Lacker, then, the world might never have had such Presley hits as 'Suspicious Minds' - The King's last chart-topper - and 'In the Ghetto', among many others. 'Marty was working for me and he was still in close with Elvis', the late Chips Moman, who founded American, told The Commercial Appeal in 2009. Marty and Patsy lived at Graceland at that time. EIN: Elvis was always very protective of his political views. After a stint at WNOE in New Orleans and WIVK in Knoxville I got a phone call from Alan Fortas who said Elvis had him call me to ask if I would come back to work for him. ML: We all discussed it amongst ourselves because his intake was increasing and we saw it slowly effecting him. Carrying his NY influences Marty would also wear bright, loud color clothes with collars up and had semi longer hair than the regular crew-cuts of the time. ML: Elvis harbored some bad feelings about Goulet from back in the late 50's when he was in the army. What was it that has made him such an enduring icon? An Elvis Photo I’ve Never Seen Before, A Nice Assortment of Elvis Goodies That Need a New Home, Elvis Photos in the American Cool Exhibition, Auction Results and Backgrounds on Six Elvis Rings, ElvisBlog Before There Were Pictures in Every Post, Another Item at the First Rockhurst Auction I Found Interesting, Colonel Parker’s Secret Rules for Elvis Scriptwriters, Scenes from the Elvis Presley Autonomous Zone, Two Stories about Elvis & Money — on the Way to See President Nixon, A Strange Find On Streaming TV While Stuck At Home, What A Bummer – the SpaceX Launch Was Scrubbed. I have an increased appreciation for Marty after reading these heart-felt messages. They respected each other'. Alain Marceau, ML: That is true. . ML: Although I was hanging around with him and the guys starting in 1957, I didn't go to work for him until 1961. Among his contributions to Elvis’ legacy, he served as one of the best men at his wedding to Priscilla Presley and connected Elvis with famed American Sound producer Chips Moman.”. You should be the one picking the music.” He said, “What do you mean?” And I said, “The only songs that you hear are what they send you.” He sat back behind his desk and started swinging his leg, which sometimes would mean he was getting pissed off or he’s contemplating. He was good in the early years but he wouldn't change with the times. 'They were like brothers. Have you ever seen this one before? Hi Sheri: Sorry about the delay responding. Genuine American Legends — Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana, and The Jordanaires, Elvis Performers Unite for 25th Anniversary. The three of them became close and Jo and Patsy still are. New Era Revenue, Marty Lacker answers your questions: EIN's last interview with Memphis Mafia member, Marty Lacker, was in 2005, so we thought it long overdue to catch up with him again. Sonrise International Video, Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. I really enjoyed it! ML: Not really. 1. for 59 weeks and 4 No. Thanks for this fully covered story about Marty Lacker who obviously was one of Elvis’ most trusted guy within the MM, which to some extent was quite new to me. Circular Football Badges, Remember when Elvis was named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men of 1970 by the Jaycees? When Elvis married Priscilla, which occurred on May 1, 1967, Marty Lacker was one of two "best men" that Elvis chose.Along with being a trusted friend Marty worked with Elvis in several positions including bookkeeper, secretary, and "sounding board". Anita would often write Elvis in Germany and one time Goulet added a post script to one of them telling Elvis in a sly way that he was personally taking care of Anita. He was a person Presley could trust at all times. 'At the end of the day, you can't underestimate what the music that came out of Memphis has brought to this city'. ML: He was put into Memphis Baptist Hospital a number of times. Was he effected by the movies he loved to watch? He's a good man and people have been too harsh on him. Did?. Required fields are marked *. Elvis goes into the studio with the musicians and they’re working out the song. He had no issue with holding people to account (especially ones who would inflate their importance within Elvis' legacy) and would regularly write to EIN asking us to add his comments or to correct any inaccuracy. In the 70s he became the "supercop". James was told not to come back. EIN: In EAPRMM you took issue with the following comment made by Tom Jones: "If Elvis had had a few more friends around...he wouldn't have died when he did". Elvis, Red and Sonny went to the Vegas airport and pulled James off the plane and then discovered not only the pictures but two of Elvis' rings. Welcome The Stranger Explained, Rise Of The Footsoldier Now Tv, ML: That he was basically a loner. I then said, "Elvis,I need to think about it." But I know they will be a good surprise for the fans. EIN: Having Vernon, who never even finished school, as Elvis' finance manager seems ludicrous. Cromer Wedding Venues, What were they like & was it strange being the 'white boys at the back' in such a segregated era? That showed all that he had his compass pointed in the right direction. Elvis was well served by him. Do you think Elvis even noticed these symptoms and when did you really see them getting worse? Authored with the expressed written permission of Mr. Jeff Schrembs - 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Man. They just formed a bond of friendship through that. The only thing that is important is that that man is on stage tonight! Again, heartfelt appreciation for your kind memorial to my father, Marty Lacker—may he and his buddies passed be having a wonderful reunion now. ML: Actually I didn't go with Elvis I went with a couple of friends but Elvis happened to be there at the same time which was usually on Sunday nights. He plays “In The Ghetto” and then he plays “Don’t Cry Daddy” and I said, “Man, that’s got a great feel to it and it’s got good words.” He said, “Yeah, that song really touched me.” I’m not sure if it reminded him of his mother. Sep 27, 2020 | Uncategorized | Uncategorized Some but not all of them are Ann Margret, Sydney Poitier, Dionne Warwick, BB King, Bill Medley, Dusty Springfield, Sammy Davis Jr., Neil Diamond, Paul McCartney and John Lennon. I am interested in selling it. Elvis Australia was founded in 1996 ... www.elvis.com.au was literally born from the concept of wanting to represent 'Elvis in Australia', so www.elvis.com.au ... Read more. When you think of Paris Hilton, Pamela Lee Anderson and everyone else who has played with video cameras should we even care what Elvis did at the time? We wore bright, loud color clothes with our collars up and had semi longer hair then the crew cuts of others.". He took Epstein for some money. ML: Yes, he did.  Marty Lacker on Elvis’ 1969 Memphis recording sessions Elvis Presley : American Sound Studios Sessions, © Copyright 2020 by www.elvis.com.au & www.elvispresley.com.au, https://www.elvis.com.au/presley/news/marty-lacker-dies-aged-80.shtml. "[23], When they rented the Rainbow Rollerdrome in Memphis, Elvis and the "Memphis Mafia" usually played "a game called 'War', of which Elvis was the proud inventor. DALLAS (AP) — Lamar Fike, a member of Elvis Presley's famed inner circle called the "Memphis Mafia" who had a long career in the music industry, has died. EIN: Did you ever go exploring Beale Street & the black clubs with Elvis? about Elvis in several books and DVD productions. Surely this was a challenge that might have appeared to him? 'A big thing that I wanted to accomplish was to organize the music industry in town. Phil. marty lacker wife. ML: Yes he did, but he liked the president no matter what party they were in. My hard drive went down and it’s been a real mess. EIN: Elvis was the type of personality who went through fads or phases.

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