Not only does Shuri help Bucky overcome his trauma, she also creates a new prosthetic arm, using Wakanda’s vibranium, for Bucky at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War. At the beginning of “The Wild Boy” Part 1, Matthew is introduced as The Wild Boy, a young, unkempt boy who reacts violently when Dr. McQueen, a traveling medicine man, tries to get his attention. Screenshot taken by me, Sally Silverscreen. He escaped and later became the adoptive son of Isaiah Edwards, until his biological father came to ask for him back. Matthew Rogers While reading the story’s synopsis, I discovered that it was about two children who go on an adventure in two very different time periods. The other two roles in this support system are the resource gatherer (the one who finds the resources for their loved one or friend) and the understanding soul (the one who, through understanding, comes to accept and appreciate the person they are going to help). Thanks for participating. Cheers! The audience also learns, later on in “The Wild Boy” Part 1, that Matthew developed Morphinism due to Dr. McQueen using the morphine laced elixir he was selling to control Matthew’s behavior, causing him to act “wild”. Little House flagged in the ratings and got cancelled, thus resulting in the movie continuations to finish up the series, and Sherwood appeared in all three of the follow-up movies. Brock Rumlow, a fellow Hydra member, witnesses the abuse toward Bucky, but chooses not to do anything about it. Bucky Barnes and Matthew Rogers: Paralleling Stories of Disability, The 2nd Disability in Film Blogathon is Here! It’s also important to point out that after their initial escape, Bucky and Matthew never return to their captors’ control. Throughout Bucky’s time in the MCU, I found three instances where language was used either toward or about Bucky as a person with a disability that one could find as problematic. Bucky Barnes and Matthew Rogers are introduced into a series that already had an established story prior to their appearance (the Captain America trilogy/MCU and Little House on the Prairie). Matthew escapes his guardian's maltreatment, seeking refuge in in the Wilder's farm. The next day, when Jenny finds The Wild Boy hiding in her family’s barn, she discovers the truth about The Wild Boy. Add the first question. This montage shows the audience that after he fell off the train in Captain America: The First Avenger, Bucky lost his left arm while he was falling. Dr. McQueen, who was his legal guardian, beat him with his cane and starved him, also keeping him drugged with the 'miracle cure' he peddled.

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