After trawling the used car tool market, mostly ebay, I managed to find a seller which sold a late 70s vintage Mercedes valve compressor kit for DOHC engines. The Mercedes does have a salvage title from Oregon due to the hood latch failing and swinging back to smash the windshield. Find answers to frequently asked questions here. Just crank the engine over a few times and the engine should start, it will run rough for a little while until the pressure have settled, and you might experience hard start the first couple of times before the first drive. I’m excited to see how the tool can be used in real life, but since it’s winter and the car is hidden away, this have to wait until spring. Do not over tighten the bolts since you will end up stripping the soft threads in the water pump. It most likely have become quite brittle by heat over the years. Now you should have clear access to the last two injectors. remanufactured engines. They rust easier and have longevity issues of the more fragile engines. Use two spanners, one 14mm to loose the line nut and one 12mm on the injector itself to to keep it from rotating. Unfortunatly it does not have the ‘million mi. One is that it is a quick method ofreplacement, as the comprehensive nature of the engine package with pre-assembled components means that it is simply a case of removing the old engine and installing the new one. Start with removing the throttle linkage. New thermostat. I am totally stuck. The aluminium housing of the water pump housing will stick to the steel bolts after some time. The seller notes this 280TE was originally spec’d for taxi cab use overseas. The lever bar has a simple screw on attachment to swap out the compressor ends. (now onto that T-bird, where’d it go? Throttle linkage, hard lines, fuel stuff blocking access to the injectors. In this way we share the ups and downs, the challenges and successes, and maybe learn something on the way. This job should have been done years ago. Evaluate the condition of the upper radiator hose, change if it’s worn. The valve adjustment can be made either when the engine is warm (just after driving) or cold (20°C). There are two gaskets per injector you will have to change or you will end up leaking fuel which is expensive. Use only a small ratchet to avoid the large torque. Pop on the big rubber gasket on the injector itself. Worth every cent. It is often quicker and less expensive to have the engine removed and replaced entirely than to pay several times for multiple separate repairs. By that time, the vehicle's guarantee or goodwill period will usually already have expired. If you want things done right, better do it yourself. Now you have to turn on the engine with the radiator cap open so air can escape from the engine. I didn’t notice it when the engine performance still was very good, but obviously not optimal when looking at this leaking issue. New upper radiator hose and clamps? I go in my dad’s old toolbox and luckily find some that are in a bit better shape. Starting in April of ’78, the M110 got a bump to a healthy 185 b.h.p., and the introduction of this phase of the engine also featured Bosch’s K-Jetronic fuel injection. The thermostat is actually a wear item that should be changed every 5-8 years. Remove some more linkages and then you are ready to remove the regulator. I bought a Fuel Injected M110 engine and will use that for my starting point. Wait until the fuel stops flowing, then loosen the second fuel line connected to the regulator. The rear fog light seen here is another Euro market feature, and I’m surprised to see the power antenna is actually retracted (and hopefully working). Let me just say it was the most expensive vintage tool I have ever bought. I expect most of the valves to be to bee way too tight, and the first one is as expected. Now I can start removing the valve cover bolts and place them somewhere safe. In fact I’m starting to slightly round off the nut. I have a welder so I can make the tool. The M110 is a very good engine, but with at least 253k miles very close to a rebuild. Is your engine experiencing climate change? If you have the rarer M100 engine, it will cost you nearly a new house to buy new injectors! Stuck valve adjusting nuts require a DOHC valve compressor tool, which is hard to obtain for this engine. Start by turning the heater on MAX inside the car. As far as the injectors, you'll have to drill holes and mount the Injector bungs on yourself. I adjust the first valve and since my memory is faultless I can easily keep track of all the valves I have adjusted and the ones who are left. So how do you change it? However I expect it to take some time to assemble. I align the first cam lobe and is ready to check the valve clearing. Just pull it out with your hands. If you are totally paranoid you can the test the new one as well! In some cases even between every season if you are living very far north where the winter temperatures varies extremely much between the summer season. Then I mark every spark plug wire with a number on a piece of tape. I really recommend the latter since you will not burn your fingers and get better results since the engine is not cooling down slowly. I think this applies even for Norway especially in a Diesel where it’s difficult to get the engine warm in the winter. Yet after faithfully covering thousands of kilometers on the road, even the best engine needs an overhaul. I should tell my buddy about this, he’s always afraid he’s going to pull a Ted KENNEDY and he won’t be able to get out. I get everything done in under a less hour and bolt everything together with the new valve valve gasket and I’m now already on my way to the race track with 40 more HP. I’ll keep you posted on the progress in this journey as soon as possible. Since a broken radiator hose might cause catastrophic engine failure. After removing the first four injectors, the two back injectors are left, now the big job starts. In the worst case total engine failure. Remove all the linkages and pivot plates, clean them and apply new synthetic grease that will last a while and hold up to water and heat from the engine. Search from 1058 Used Mercedes-Benz cars for sale, including a 2012 Mercedes-Benz C 250 Sedan, a 2013 Mercedes-Benz C 300 Sport Sedan, and a 2016 Mercedes-Benz C 300 4MATIC Sedan ranging in price from $971 to $225,000. Pop the injector holder into the engine block until you hear and feel a nice pop. Then I take out the spark plugs. ENGINE MERCEDES BENZ C300 MOTOR ASSEMBLY V6 3.0L AWD 272.948 48k MILES EN00165 (Fits: Mercedes-Benz) $2,550.00 2016-2018 MERCEDES C63 S AMG W205 4.0L V8 BITURBO GAS ENGINE MOTOR ASSEMBLY RWD (Fits: Mercedes-Benz) Pop on the little rubber ring on the injector plastic holder. Get your new upper radiator and clamps ready. I draw a diagram over the valves so I can mark them after every adjustment, it will be very hard to keep track of otherwise. Although not specific to the M110 engine it is close enough, that with a few modifications it might just work. OM601, OM602, OM603, OM604, OM605, OM606, OM607, OM611, OM612, OM613, OM626, OM640, OM642, OM646, OM647, OM648, It is also a good idea to clean up the area around the injector holes in the engine before assembly. The seller notes this 280TE was originally spec’d for taxi cab use overseas. James Sterrey, Unless I am mistaken, this one is a 4 speed….Still , it’s a nice one …. Notice the part 1.5 nonsense, what is that all about you might think to yourself? Changing the fuel injectors is not difficult and you don’t need much preparation except acquiring new injectors, gaskets and o-rings. reason I clicked on this was: 1) MB wagon, 2) the 5 cyl diesel. After than watched some youtube videos we found how to Megasquirt full injection coversion. Also of note, no roof rails.. must be one of the first wagons. The W124 was made from 1985 all the way up to 1997. Now it will make a much better seal with the rubber hose. You'll find just the right repair solution for you – from short- and long-block engines to fully

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