I would like to analyze several important issues discussed in studies of two famous people: the Nobel Laureate in Economics Milton Friedman and a philosopher, a political scientist, and professor of government at Harvard University, Michael Sandel. They want it for themselves and, … Also, the author requested that all people would have to try with all of their behavior and statements to develop such public opinion, in which mixed schools would become the rule, and schools with separate education would be a rare exception (Friedman, 117). Please try again later, The download link has been successfully emailed to you, Analysis of Friedman’s and Sandel’s studies. Michael Sandel’s suspicion of meritocracy is misplaced. Sandel asks, is this fair? Do you see a lot of people with books outside? That chapter is named Capitalism and Discrimination. (Sandel, 90). Those at the bottom are no less worthy simply because they weren’t born with the talents a particular society rewards, Rawls argues, and the only just way to deal with society’s inequalities is for the naturally advantaged to share their wealth with those less fortunate. PART ONE: WHATS A FAIR START? At the beginning of the chapter, the author shares his observations on the accompanying development of capitalism by significant reducing of the special restrictions that various religious, racial and social groups experienced in their economic activities (Friedman, 111). Books in modern life are the second aspect I would like to analyze. Is there anything bad in fact that people are moving towards a society that allows everything to go “on sale”? Nowadays money allows people to buy more and more new things - political influence, better medical care, the possibility of studying in elite schools - the stratification of society in terms of income and wealth is becoming more and more noticeable. Sandel subscribes to a certain version of communitarianism (although he is uncomfortable with the label), and in this vein he is perhaps best known for his critique of John Rawls' A Theory of Justice. [17] The main idea asserted by Friedman in his Capitalism and Freedom is that political freedom is impossible without economic freedom. Those times money don`t play such a big role like nowadays. To me, this book was the best analysis of the 2016 election of Donald Trump in the U.S., the Brexit in the UK, and the populist movement around the world. According to this, it is possible to consider teaching as a product and it is normal to pay for this to obtain the result. Sandel believes that there are negative sides to this. Public Philosophy is a collection of his own previously published essays examining the role of morality and justice in American political life. There are two main aspects that Sandel considers: tutors and books. ... the "laws" of economics (as vague as that sounds) play a role in determining their salary. Market thinking has great authority. On April 29, 2013, the philosophy department faculty of San Jose State University addressed an open letter to Sandel protesting the use of MOOCs (massively open online courses) such as his Justice course. Sandel asks, is this fair? John Rawls says we should answer this question by asking what principles you would choose to govern the distribution of income and wealth if you did not know who you were, whether you grew up in privilege or in poverty. Harvard University, YouTube, uploaded September 8, 2009. The working class in fact prizes success, wealth, status and fame. With free market relations, it would be easier to solve that problem. There we can see his reflections about the years at university. Professor Sandel recaps how income, wealth, and opportunities in life should be distributed, according to the three different theories raised so far in class. Do people are interested in books nowadays or all they interested in is bright cover? Sandel then launches a discussion of the fairness of pay differentials in modern society. The last thing I want is for my online lectures to be used to undermine faculty colleagues at other institutions."[19]. He summarizes libertarianism, the meritocratic system, and John Rawls’s egalitarian theory. Rawls argues that an individuals personal success is often a function of morally arbitrary facts—luck, genes, and family circumstances—for which he or she can claim no credit. Rawls argues that even meritocracy—a distributive system that rewards effort—doesn’t go far enough in leveling the playing field because those who are naturally gifted will always get ahead. The second work, which I am going to consider, is Capitalism and Freedom by Milton Friedman. and the sourcebook of readings Justice: A Reader. That question appears many times in his work and the answer is simple - nowadays fewer things are cannot be bought. Sandel joined the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard University in 1981. He distinguishes two points of view: teaching and money. This page was last edited on 6 October 2020, at 09:17. Sandel also co-teaches, with Douglas Melton, the seminar "Ethics and Biotechnology", which considers the ethical implications of a variety of biotechnological procedures and possibilities. However, I cannot totally support the author in his judgments on the need for full non-interference of the government in cases involving discrimination in hiring for work. Today, the logic of buying and selling largely controls the surrounding reality. Are there some things that money can’t buy? Books are considered very valuable and it was the honor to have a book and have the opportunity to read it. Sandel makes Rawls’s point when he asks the students who were first born in their family to raise their hands. There are two reasons: the first one is the violation of equality and the second one is moral decay. He was truly right, and, although it had passed more than a half of a century since the adoption in 1964 the Civil Rights Act, the echoes of segregation still manifested in some cases at present time. He received his doctorate from Balliol College, Oxford (1981), as a Rhodes Scholar, where he studied under philosopher Charles Taylor. Analyzing the above information it is important to notice that the author examined a number of significant issues in his study. He was president of his senior class at Palisades High School (1971) and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Brandeis University with a bachelor's degree in politics (1975). According to John Rawls, it is not. He compares the salary of former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor ($200,000) with the salary of televisions Judge Judy ($25 million). That clearly means that people are not interested in content all we pay attention is nice to cover and prize. Translated into Chinese, Spanish, French, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Vietnamese editions; see the article on the book for the full citations. Their principles are actually identical. Is it just to tax the rich to help the poor? [18] Sandel publicly responded: "The worry that the widespread use of online courses will damage departments in public universities facing budgetary pressures is a legitimate concern that deserves serious debate, at edX and throughout higher education.

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