But today, such an impact would affect volumes of human history: Long after the millions of regional deaths, there would be famines, groundwater contamination, altered temperatures and effects on air quality across the world. It went through the roof, hit one of the attic supports, bending it, cracking the seam in the drywall and pulling down insulation and unplugging the garage door opener. While the 2-yard-long meteor that arrived Jan. 16 over metro Detroit gripped people's attention across multiple states, most meteors are much smaller even than that one. Ames Structure in Northwest Oklahoma and Similar Features: Origin and Petroleum Production (1995 Symposium), K. S. Johnson and J. 1996. The couple ran into the house "in terror, heard a deafening roar and waited for the world's end," according to the report. D. Ph.D. Thesis, Oregon State University, 86. 315-320. "The rest of the story is told in a series of letters from a doctor. Michigan meteor: Here's everything we know, Meteors can go from pretty ... to pretty deadly, history shows. Linke said it was about the size of an over-sized yam or baking potato. Note: In a previous version of this story Matt Linke's name was misspelled in the photo caption and video. Impact Crater Beneath Lake Huron . (8) The energy required to produce the 4.5 mi (7.24 km) diameter structure, the apparent structural relief, the missing strata, and the intense structural deformation is at least 1 x 1026 ergs. They didn't see a car, but when they entered the garage, it was a mess of plaster dust with shredded drywall and insulation. Naeye, R., The hole in Nebraska. Ames Structure and Similar Features – A Workshop -, p. 37. The crater is defined by gas test wells, has a rim to rim diameter of 6.2 km, an overall dimensional diameter of 8.5 km and consists of a central dome, an annular depression, and an encircling anticlinal rim. 2,037), about 30 miles northeast of South Bend, Ind. Due to the severity of subsurface disruption observed at the Calvin structure the Michigan Geological Survey considers it the most anomalous and enigmatic subsurface geologic feature in the Michigan Basin. Calvin is an impact crater located in Calvin Township, Cass County in the U.S. state of Michigan. a Dating Method: Geological – older than Early Sulurian and after the deposition of the youngest rocks of the Late Ordovician Richmond Group (see text). Ames Structure in Northwest Oklahoma and Similar Features: Origin and Petroleum Production (1995 Symposium), K. S. Johnson and J. (7) The presence of a microbreccia consisting of fractured and unfractured floating quartz grains in a carbonate matrix is similar to microbreccia associated with impact craters in sedimentary targets (Short and Bunch, 1968). 1987. The rest of the movie was awful.". 1994. A. Campbell, Oklahoma Geological Survey, Norman, Oklahoma, v. Circular 100, pp. They tend to be about a millimeter in diameter and arrive at much higher speeds.

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