We really loved the random items you could buy like the 3 legged table and the first chicken... it was cool to be able to gift people with items as well... it was the safest interactive game ever, and fun for ALL AGES ... BRING IT BACK!!! I am very sad, upset, and angry that everyone who enjoyed MIllsBerry cannot play it anymore! Trix is for 4 players, has 4 kingdoms and each has 5 games; King, Queens, Diamonds, Ltoosh and Trix. Players. Perhaps Millsberry was shut down 'cause not enough people were playing it at some point? My hope is that one day General Mills will realize there's still a massive fanbase out there and bring the site back. Anonymous January 5, 2014 at 8:43 PM. Fzw. I really wish I was still able to play it! Trix is fortified with 1. AHEh. The article possesses games like Millsberry. Just signed the petition! It was based on the Trix Cereal Rabbit. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Everyone please sign it. ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  They should definitely open the website again, Hey, you should sign my petition to bring the game back. Let's bring it back. XP5. It was introduced to us through an after school program when I was in 5th grade. This comment has been removed by the author. You can find just about everything there - from sports equipment and skateboards to doll houses, teddy bears, and train sets. Hop 'n Drop help - Plan how you'll do it in your head before hopping. SSA%3d%3d. "Normal families scare me, so that's why I like you guys", Annoying Brother Antics (no longer updated regularly), Miss. I'm 19 now and omg i had a brown dog on millsberry and my character was bugsbunny9747. yoooo my mom said bring it back lol <3 good ol' family memories, How old are you if your mom said bring it back!??! 1%2b%2b. I played this game in college when I would take adderall. They'll forever be greedy for money. Need help with the games at the Arcade? 22 games like millsberry Carolyn Olivo. If it were somehow brought back, then that would be great, so I could at least play the game for myself and see what all the hype's about. But it's those fruity flavors, isn't it, that makes. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Orangey orange. Millsberry Trix - Portal. IAt. you're already whining about retarded shit only other tards care about might as well go all the way! I'm 18 now but a good few years my grade school life was spent playing this game. I grew too big for it but I have a 9 year old brother who would be perfect for it if thet would only bring it back!! Let the Rabbit eat Trix. Bring it Back!!!!!!!!!! i really want it back! I wish they would bring it back. 6Jn. I miss it a ton as well! I use to play this game all the time and then I found out they took it down. That was 10 years ago. 1. ANd instantly became obsessed with it. Play Trix, a free online game on Kongregate. There are millions of younger aged players who love playing Millsberry because of the attractive graphics and wonderful features. Raspberry red. i signed the petition...you should, too. Koq. The best part about this game is its innocence. Irmm. I was big with most of the Millsberry forums out there and all of the websites basically shut down when Millsberry was gone. Or at least make it to where you could buy the game for Xbox or PlayStation. For Millsberry Fans Only. It was either that or Math4Kids and since (at the time) I hated math, I said wha the heck. Players. https://t.co/g6EDwjnmOb #bringbackmillsberrycampaign, when i was small by brother and my sister was playing millsberry that day i wanted to play but i had exams ,when exams got over i went to play in my computer i saw it got shut down that day i cryed, I miss millsberry so much :( It was my favorite childhood game me and my sister would play it 24/7. I really looved Millsberry I played it, but it shut down when I was four I was heart broken but I want them to start it back up again badly#BRING BACK MILLSBERRY. I'm eighteen and I had probably started playing on the site when I was about seven years old. Play Trix × …. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Does anyone know where I can find this game online? I am so mad that millsberry is gone.Millsberry was a sight that I went on to play and have fun.It was fun safe,and creative.I would really like it if you could bring it back for a chance for me and my brother to experience new thing instead of games that kill your brain cells.I will really like it if you can being millsberry back. 5. 22 games like millsberry Carolyn Olivo. #nostalgia is a bitch! Millsberry will be missed. I wish someone had created a mirror version of the site.

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