Long before I became the 50th Anniversary Miss Black America, before I was a tech executive or a diversity advocate, I was a weird nine-year-old watching impeachment proceedings on TV. At the HBCUs gala, Richardson huddled with state Rep. J.A. She also ran track and field and likes to call the four-inch stilettos she always wears her “running sneakers.”, “I will say I have never once gotten lost in a crowd,” she says. Follow live updates on the election here. The same clap back would be applied to someone saying I was abandoned as a child thus, — Diego Torres (@Socaldiced) November 29, 2019. Instead, he offers thoughtful answers to the questions that matter. Ryann Richardson made history when she became the 50th Anniversary Miss Black America. She knew that he’d probably lose here. “I found the candidate I was looking for in former South Bend Mayor, Pete Buttigieg,” said Miss Black America Ryann Richarson who is now a surrogate for the presidential candidate. Who could move in if he fades out? It seems like the narrative works to the detriment of our community, who are completely unaware that there is a political candidate, who didn’t make some stuff up, who literally engaged dozens of leaders – Black leaders, policy experts, attorneys, mayors and activists to write a plan for Black America and it’s getting no visibility.”. At that time, women of color were still barred from the predominantly white pageant’s stage. It only distracts from what matters — building a future in which none of us are victimized by such indignities. “Twitter rage ensued. She grilled Buttigieg about the shooting of Eric Logan, a black man in South Bend, by a white police officer. He talked about humility and how he was not seeking the presidency for exaltation but to be the chief servant of the people. “He’s what, 37, 38 years old? READ MORE: OPINION: The Democratic Party seems to want Black votes, but discouraged by the making of another Black president. How do we usher in a sustainable future for our country? I'm literally Miss Black America. According to Richardson, she and some of those women, who had driven from South Bend, had been watching from the sidelines and simply decided they wanted to get in on the excitement of their favorite candidate’s historic moment. Its provisions would fundamentally change lives for so many Black Americans. He talked about not knowing the black experience but wanting to surround himself with those like Miss Black America sitting right next to him, who might be able to guide him. READ MORE: Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg declares, ‘Black Lives Matter’ at NAN Convention. “But my life’s purpose has been so rooted in advocacy for marginalized people that I wanted to talk about systemic racism.”. Barring a landslide, we may not have a result in the presidential election on Nov. 3. The other issue is that we have to consider this conflict of self-fulfilling prophecy or behavioral confirmation bias that comes from all stories about Pete only being that he polls poorly with Black people. Miss Black America Ryann Richardson with presidential candidate and former mayor Pete Buttigieg. My parents worked in the federal government and the news media, so conversations in our DC-area home often touched on whatever was happening in the White House or on the Hill. The supposition was that as a privileged white man, he couldn’t know our struggle and that being gay doesn’t compare. Dive into Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Arizona, Georgia, Texas and Ohio, and sign up for The Trailer and get more states, plus more news and insight from the trail, in your inbox three days a week. READ MORE: Julian Castro’s exit is latest blow to diversity of 2020 presidential candidate field. Absentee and mail ballots are two terms for the same thing, mostly used interchangeably. Policy: Where Biden and Trump stand on key issues defining the election. He believed it was the Lord’s will. Maybe notable that Bloomberg is at 9%. He hasn’t held a national political office. My experiences as a Black American woman means that I identify with her and thus, dictates that I advocate for her. But there are definite challenges with connecting the cultural divide within an organization. Coming up: Trump and Biden are scheduled to debate one more time this fall; here’s what to know about the 2020 presidential debates. We didn't suddenly appear here. Electoral college map: Who actually votes, and who do they vote for? I am an extremely progressive voter but I’m also a pragmatist. ‘All Lives Matter’: Mayor Pete’s White Fans Share Their True Thoughts About Black Voters, In South Carolina, Charlamagne Checks Pete Buttigieg On The Topic Of Race. Twitter Reacts To Pete Buttigieg Claiming Constitution Signees Didn’t Know Slavery Was ‘A Bad Thing’, Buttigieg’s Black and brown staffers voicing concerns. So, there’s a definite name recognition advantage to those candidates. — Steve Kornacki (@SteveKornacki) February 7, 2020. Buttigieg has had several verbal gaffes regarding race. “There are many reasons. And I don’t fault anyone for reporting on Pete’s record. She’ll take a brief hiatus back home in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, before racing back to Charleston for the homestretch to Saturday’s primary. He’s also got Abe Jenkins, son of Charleston civil rights hero Esau Jenkins; and Reggie Love, President Barack Obama’s former body man, who made waves when he chose the mayor over the vice president who’d worked with his old boss; and Gladys Muhammed, the 75-year-old head of the South Bend Democrats who has loyally followed him to every early state. Or that one, either. And besides, on this Saturday night she’s working her other volunteer job. Pete released the ambitious Douglass Plan, which I advise reviewing here. I was one of the co-founders of the companies that had an employee-led diversity and inclusion task force. Murray asked anyone new to the church to stand. That may be why folks on social media appeared to be caught off guard last week during the Iowa Caucuses when a group of Black women were standing behind him at a rally in Des Moines. The sash she won in August 2018, making her the reigning Miss Black America, is back at the hotel because that outfit alone is like a giant name tag. She learned that his campaign staff is 40 percent people of color. She grew concerned that Buttigieg and black people seemed to be mentioned together in the same sentence only in regard to how badly he was doing in his polling numbers. If Pete thought he knew the Black experience he would not have built a team full of Black folks and Black women to advise him.”, “Pete Buttigieg says being gay helps him relate to the black struggle”-I’ll leave this here…again. They’re different struggles. “I read all the articles, the praise and the hit pieces, all the criticism,” she says. I value that Pete’s campaign has put forward comprehensive plans on everything from ensuring affordable and universal health care to fighting climate change and that his policy ideas are socially progressive and politically achievable. Curtis Mayfield wrote its theme song. People have long-standing relationships, and I don’t know why people think you’re going to walk away from these relationships.”. What pushed her over the edge, though, was the debate in November, when Buttigieg got a barrage of Twitter rage for saying that his experience as a gay man had helped him empathize with black people. I believe that the Democratic nominee must represent great leadership, character, and intellect. I wondered if anyone could make it all make sense again. She also liked that he seemed to be listening and trying to come to a better understanding of something he hasn’t experienced, not to figure out how to respond to her criticisms and questions. The audience peppered his speech with “mmm-hmms” and “Yes, sirs!”. Explore how shifts in turnout and voting patterns for key demographic groups could affect the presidential race. The Jackson 5 used it to make their television debut. It’s important that candidates earn Black votes and earn Black trust…If we are to scrutinize a candidate’s record in regard to his relationship with Black voters or his performance on issues affecting Black folks or his plan for Black people, my great hope and expectation is that we would do that for all of the candidates in the race.”. She read his Douglass Plan, “which is quite literally the answer to the question that black people have asked every presidential candidate for decades: What are you going to do for me?”. Today, they shouldn’t. The narrative surrounding Pete Buttigieg’s inability to catch on with Black voters has dogged his campaign no matter how much pushback there’s been against that notion. Aside from supporting Pete, I worked at Uber for years. We met at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s 2019 Annual Legislative Conference, where I commended him on being one of the few candidates I feel addresses race and equity honestly and in good faith.

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