The nibs are also marked 14K - Montblanc - 585 (which is a classification of gold indicating how many parts pure gold is in this metal), as well as having some decoratively swirls. The immortal design, smooth nib and piston as well as the great ink capacity make of this pen a great alternative for people who can’t write with a 149. I am definitely looking for a decade long relationship with my next pen. Since ink capacity is a concern for you -- is Pilot out of the question? It is a fantastic signature pen and feels right being pulled out of a pocket to sign important documents! Updated for 2020: Guide to Pocket Pens, When is a Fountain Pen Too Big? I personally recommend the 149 for people with large hands. I … HOWEVER. I know mine is a Fine however, since it had the little sticker when I got it. (this is a compliment). With a length of 5.3 inches capped it’s smaller than the 149 (5.7 inches capped). The build is quality. I've seen some good deals online and these two can be found for around the same price. I don't mind microscratches because this will be a daily writer. A pen in this price range definitely should not have any issues, and should write out of the box in my opinion. The downward curve on that nib lets me extend pretty far over the ink which means fewer smudges. Some might regret that this pen is not a piston filler, but honestly, given it's small size, the cartridge converter filling system makes sense. I cannot recommend online purchases for used Montblanc fountain pens unless they come from a reputable source. /r/fountainpens - A community for fountain pen enthusiasts, from the novice to the collector. Both nibs are marked 4810 - the height in meters of Montblanc and the trademarked 6 pointed star containing the letter M for Montblanc. For its success, iconic status, and market timelessness, it wins maximum points as a classic design. It's a custom medium stub nib that has great line variation. Your email address will not be published. Montblanc Fountain Pen writing sample - 145 in fine nib and 146 in medium nib. Hey there! Keep in mind that a pen purchased secondhand does not come with a Montblanc warranty, so you're on your own if the pen breaks, and it will be up to you to locate a reasonably priced pen repair person or pay Montblanc their standard charge to fix it. This 145 model is the only Montblanc I own, even though I do have two of them. You won't be disappointed. Depending on the ink, the window can seem to disappear into the sleek, simple, and elegant design of the pen. Montblanc makes nibs from 14 karat gold, and both of these pens have a two-tone configuration with a rhodium-coated inlay. I am a very happy MB owner, and end up reaching for this pen quite a lot. The one Montblanc that I have is the Meisterstuck 146 "Le Grand," the second-largest of the Meisterstuck series, following the 149 "Diplomat." Given the higher price point of the pen, all the bells... One of the most outstanding qualities of the Parker Sonnet fountain pen is one that should be present in any fountain pen of any prominence. I cannot unfortunately say that it was a great out of the box performer, but I can say that it was worth getting it to work.

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