Everything was going good... Pinkies screaming... Pinkies cooking...wide spread panic... you know... the usual things. Mountain Trolls have a sour distaste to Goblins and Will normally not fight to close to them. Harry and Ron arrive just in time, and throw pieces of wood at the troll. Illyana Rasputin 16. It has been noted that, in Jackson's version, light from a window falls on Balin's tomb, which the troll steps into. Trolls are a species of magical creatures native to the planet Earth (known from legends by humans). Spin-off films: Lego Video games: Lego Creator: Harry Potter | Lego Creator: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets | Lego Harry Potter: Years 1–4 / Years 5–7 From the parts of it seen through the door it seems to be a humanoid reptilian around nine feet tall. Dragons (Fire-drakes) | Violet Grimm 17. Their fingernails extend to most of their fingers, and were allegedly used to dig holes into the rock itself. The Mountain troll is easily identified from hat trolls by two things one the size whereas hat troll are lanky and tall the mountain troll is massive almost to the size of bugbears and are in fact stronger than bugbears though not as good at the arts of war the easiest way to identify mountain trolls is they always bear their upper arms as a sign of strength as proclaimed by Koom's God Banzor. Cast Members: Daniel Radcliffe | Rupert Grint | Emma Watson | Maggie Smith | Robbie Coltrane | Alan Rickman | Tom Felton | Richard Harris (2001-2002) | Michael Gambon (2004-present) | Helena Bonham Carter | Warwick Davies | Ralph Fiennes | Brendan Gleeson | Richard Griffiths | Jason Isaacs | Gary Oldman | Fiona Shaw | Mark Williams | Julie Walters | Emma Thompson | Timothy Spall | David Thewlis | Miranda Richardson | Ian Hart Some Trolls would Keep these symbols hidden, to hide that they were once slaves. I am your God, Banzor the Strong. While threatening, the trolls in The Hobbit serve as a comic element. This olog's entire upper body is covered in black plate armour, making it more menacing. In The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Stone trolls known as Tom, Bert, and William are encountered by Bilbo, Fíli and Kíli after having stolen several of the Dwarves' ponies. They appeared towards the end of the Third Age and could be found near Dol Guldur and in the mountains around Mordor. The Mountain Troll is a minor antagonist in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Dislikes Koom gets down on all fours and is staring at this bear when he knows he hears his name this time. The eyes are either grey or blue. Violent, ferocious, destructive, stupid, dense, powerful, murderous, bad-tempered Video games Snow trolls in service of Angmar, as seen in game "The Battle for Middle-earth II: The Rise of the Witch king". So Koom does what any good mountain Troll would do... Pillage! Their time with us was short, but as with all things, they have moved on beyond the common lands of Belegarth to places unknown. Most of the trolls present at the battle were killed, and the others are known to have fled. The Lord of the Rings: A Reader's Companion, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. How Mountain Trolls Got Their Names. Úvanimor | They also have very disgusting manners. Tolkien normally renders it as "troll" in his works. Professors McGonnagall, Quirrell, and Snape arrive; Professor McGonnagall orders Harry and Ron to explain what happened before Hermione steps in, claiming she went looking for the troll, because she read about them and thought she could take care of it, but she was wrong. In the "Third Age" PS2 game, these trolls have magic powers. Ainur | Other Locations: Limbo | England | Azkaban | British Ministry of Magic | Department of Mysteries, Brooms/Nimbus: Nimbus 2000 | Nimbus 2001 | The Firebolt Video games: Philosopher's Stone | Chamber of Secrets | Prisoner of Azkaban | Goblet of Fire | Order of the Phoenix | Half-Blood Prince | Deathly Hallows (Part 1 / Part 2) | Quidditch World Cup During the War of the Ring, Frodo and the Fellowship encountered cave trolls alongside various orcs within Moria. Joanna Beauchamp 15. Some legends say that a fearsome troll can be killed if a Christian says his name aloud. Sauron's military used other trolls for moving extremely heavy objects such as gates and siege towers, sometimes chaining them.

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