Learn how to build a board set and how to use one. A new selective 2-way trigger for the Coon Dagger. cut vegetation. Use on 3/8” fiberglass poles. Can be used as an adjustable height set on 3/8" rods. When combined with the HAGz Spring Clip (sold separately), trappers can stabilize Body Grip Traps, providing all the same benefits of the HAGz Bracket and Footholds, with Body Grip Traps as well. We hope you love the products and ideas we recommend! New Ulm, MN 56073, Lure & Bait Making - Ingredients / Containers / Fish Oil / Urine. sure you anchor them like you were setting for coons because coons do Although it's a lot more work to chop holes in the ice, the frozen water makes it a lot easier to navigate a swamp full of cattails. under the ice. An active den will have a distinct bubble trail coming Quickview. Read our article on trapping under the ice to learn how to trap when the water starts to freeze. Can also be used under the traps as a stop to keep the trap from sliding off the rod. pocket set by going to the Basic Sets Home page and clicking on Pocket Small and non-intrusive, weighs roughly 1 oz and doesn't restrict the use of the spring eye. All Rights Reserved Anytime you make sets with footholds for muskrats, make Learn how well they work on mice, insects, rodents, bugs and other indoor and outdoor pests. Before you rush out and start trapping muskrats, read these, To learn more about specific traps used to catch a muskrat, read this article about. Small and non-intrusive, weighs roughly 3 oz. Place you bait (beaver or muskrat works good) and secure well, I wire mine down so mice, weasels, etc. Muskrat sets anywhere anytime. Jan 9, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Mackenzie Prior. Selective as being selective between a 2-way or a pull only. can be a couple feet wide. Always Attached to your Trap! Smaller traps are used to trap a muskrat which reduces the chances of a beginner injuring themselves. Email Us Receive a catalog with all the newest products WCS has to offer! Muskrat Slide Set - When a muskrat climbs out of the water to feed, they make a distinctive trail or "slide." Its here! can usually be seen as you walk along the bank of a pond or stream. As a reminder, we may receive a small share of the sale. Receive the latest news on new promotions, exclusive offers, and new arrivals. You don't need a lot of specialized gear to trap a muskrat. Will fit #1, #1-1/2, #1.75, #2 coils and also jump traps. Set. - As muskrats travel back and forth in shallow water they leave behind a distinctive runway in the mud. Secure the pole to the main tree with wire if on public land or you can nail it in on private land with permission. Trap Clips for Muskrat in Action! $35.00 each $350.00 dz. Muskrat Board Set - My preferred set to use after enough ice has formed and you can safely walk across the lake or pond. Learn how to trap a muskrat at these locations by using a foothold trap. Muskrat trapping is a lot of fun and it's a great way to learn the basics of trapping. Here is a before and after picture of a set made in a muskrat run with Muskrat Sets (The drawings and photo on this page are courtesy of James Grant Krause) ~~~~~ Muskrat sets are numerous and I can't cover them all here, but I'll try to show some basic sets. $45.75. The run Muskrat sign is easy to spot and identify. but I'll try to show some basic sets. is made by the muskrat constantly using the same path to go from one place good. Learn what equipment you will need and how to construct the set here. They're easy to trap because muskrats in general are less trap-shy than other furbearers. The muskrat board set is a great way to trap muskrats under the ice. Muskrat Runway Set - As muskrats travel back and forth in shallow water they leave behind a distinctive runway in the mud. occasionally too and they may go aways with a 110 if it's not anchored Click here for more information. Spring Run Muskrat Set -  The area where a small stream enters a larger body of water is a great place to set a foothold trap. Try them and you will wonder where they've been all your life. Why start out with trapping a muskrat compared to other furbearers?

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